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Unburying Hope

Unburying Hope

5.0 4
by Mary Wallace

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Detroit has been in a economic death spiral for decades, overlooked and abandoned. Celeste loves her home city and is fiercely faithful to it. But with her job in jeopardy, neighborhoods abandoned around her and the rise of drug related crimes, she finally contemplates moving. She falls in love with a wounded Iraq War veteran fighting his hidden addictions. When she


Detroit has been in a economic death spiral for decades, overlooked and abandoned. Celeste loves her home city and is fiercely faithful to it. But with her job in jeopardy, neighborhoods abandoned around her and the rise of drug related crimes, she finally contemplates moving. She falls in love with a wounded Iraq War veteran fighting his hidden addictions. When she finds the courage to follow her dreams to Hawaii, the possibility of healing comes with the arrival of the vet’s recently discovered daughter.

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The moving story of a woman holding on to romance while trying to save her troubled lover. An ambitious work, Wallace's debut novel tackles difficult subjects, including a soldier's hidden scars from battle and the devastation of a hometown spiraling into economic disarray. Celeste grew up on tales her mother told her about Detroit being "the doe-eyed, fresh-faced belle of the nation's ball." However, as Celeste reached adulthood and the economy collapsed, her city "declined into a gaunt, overlooked old woman whose stringy hair was sown with weeds." This dark backdrop sets the scene for an even bigger struggle when she meets Eddie, an Iraq War veteran whose overwhelming PTSD makes for a rocky relationship. As Celeste continues to fall for Eddie, hoping to cure him of his dark moods, she begins to suspect that there's more to him than what she sees. Suspicions of him having an affair as well as dealing drugs begin to grow when she thinks she spots Eddie buying drugs from a nurse. Celeste's concerns for her failing town and her secretive boyfriend come together when she learns that drug trafficking is at the heart of Detroit's destruction. Yet she becomes even more determined to carve out a life with her boyfriend, although it means leaving her hometown and friends behind as she and Eddie relocate to Hawaii. Eddie chases his dream of opening a dive shop and reconnects with his young daughter, Rosalinda, while Celeste is forced to choose what will ultimately make her happy. Celeste's tendency to lose herself in the people around her makes her a sympathetic, likable character, and her story, usually told in a straightforward manner, also features twists that take surprising and touching turns. Her complicated relationship with Eddie makes for an original romantic tale that's timely and memorable. A bittersweet tale that highlights the sacrifices people make for love, and at what cost.

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Mary Wallace lives in Northern California. She is an early adopter and has blogged and written on tech innovation, social justice and contemporary issues for an international audience. An alum of Squaw Valley Community of Writers, she has written three novels and is working on a romantic series through time. She loves raising her three kids and has put the bumper sticker 'One People, One Planet, One Future' on each of her cars through the years. She believes that there is more that unites us than that divides us and hopes for a future energized by love instead of fear. Science is discovering that the heart sends more messages to the brain than vice versa. Here's hoping for a kinder, gentler human race...

Readers can contact Mary via her website, www.marywallace.com and can connect with her thru her website at Facebook at "Mary Wallace Author", Twitter at @marywallace, Pinterest and other social media sites.

She is available for Skype or Google Hangout Book Club meetings.

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Unburying Hope 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story has a certain sparkle which makes it stand out from all the other romance stories I have read through this year. The author has done a marvelous job of creating this enchanting environment with almost lifelike characters. When I read a book and start falling in love with characters in the story, that's when I know that its well written. The main characters blended into their environment seamlessly creating an awesome and easy story to read. Hats off to the author. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A modern love story many of us can relate to in a number of ways. This captivating novel has clearly reached the standard of a potential classic, I enjoyed it all the way through to the end. Certainly not just a romance novel,  this story brings everything to the table with brilliant spats of humor along with a beautiful and totally fascinating story line. I recommend this book to every romance novel enthusiast who yearns for a good book to dive into.
Pipersayshello More than 1 year ago
Sweet, Very Moving & Beautiful A friend recommended this book to me and said she absolutely loved it, so of course I had to see what the fuss was... and I am glad I did. Unburying Hope is a beautifully poignant romance novel that captures the heart and sends you on a charming journey of two people who have their own hurts and problems, but somehow find the hope of love in a world were hope has lost a bit of its meaning. Celeste and Eddie's romance is sweet, beautiful, heart rending and moving, pulling the heart strings as you watch them try to find a connection and keep it through life trials. The book runs the gamut of emotions, making you laugh out loud one moment and having you tear up the next, but it leaves you feeling as if you've walked right alongside Celeste and Eddie as they took the road to true love.  The writing is lush with detail and emotion, authentic in sea of less than real romance novels, and wondrously enchanting. Ms. Wallace is a talented writer who makes you feel the love between the two main characters and makes you root for them to find that fabled happily ever after. Overall, this was a wonderful and entertaining read that was well worth my time.
EDL85 More than 1 year ago
Mary Wallace’s “Unburying Hope” goes beyond the romance genre to blend tragedy, family, and the devastating effects of war into its love story. Its main character, Celeste, grows up in the decaying city of Detroit; her days are repetitive and her emotions seem muted. Then she meets Frank at work, and he teaches her how to dress; she also begins leaving graffiti with her own personal message across the abandoned homes and buildings of the city. The slow flowering of her emotional life leaves her heart open to Eddie, who has returned from Afghanistan and dreams of opening a dive shop in Hawaii. They connect, and after some tragedy and surprises she follows him to Hawaii to help him live his dream. However, Eddie has more than a few secrets, and Celeste’s love and trust is tested by their relationship and by the turns their life journey takes.  Celeste is a well-rounded and likeable character, and while Eddie is not always likeable, you understand why he’s not and forgive him for it. One of the best and most touching parts of the story, to me, was Celeste’s gradual bond with Rosalinda and the fragile family they form. The supporting characters—Frank, Malia—also give the story interest and occasional comic relief. I’d recommend this novel to readers who enjoy multi-faceted romance that offers real emotion along with its escapism.