Uncle Lightfoot, Flip That Switch: Overcoming Fear of the Dark (Third Edition)

Uncle Lightfoot, Flip That Switch: Overcoming Fear of the Dark (Third Edition)

Paperback(Third Edition)

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Is your child is afraid of the dark? Does your child cry, whine, crawl into your bed at night, or refuse to go to bed? If so, Uncle Lightfoot, Flip That Switch: Overcoming Fear of the Dark may be just the book to help turn nighttime fears and tears into nighttime fun! Previous versions of Uncle Lightfoot have been tested at four universities and found to be helpful for children with nighttime fears. The artist has given the Third Edition a new look, with 86 out of 88 pages now in color!

Michael is afraid at night (e.g., darkness, monsters, noises, burglars, sleeping alone, nightmares). His friend, Jerome, calls him a "scaredy-cat." Uncle Lightfoot, a modern-day Creek Indian, is a retired teacher who knows games that can help overcome fear. Michael's parents, his brother, Tim, a young blind neighbor, Elizabeth, and even the farm dog, Lady, are willing to help Michael play the games! During the process of overcoming his fear, Michael also learns to create shadow animals, track animals, ride a horse, calm a goat, and rescue the dog from a cereal box attack!

The 88-page children's book contains short chapters (usually only three to five pages), 17 games or activities, and playful, often humorous illustrations.

Edition 3 represents a refinement of the earlier edition that received the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) 2013 Seal of Merit Award. It is a lively, beautifully illustrated, entertaining book to help children, ages 4 to 8, deal with nighttime fears through a fictional story woven around fun family games. A 14-page Parent Guidebook is included in the Appendix.

Researchers in several studies have found clinically significant reduction in nighttime fears in children ages 4 to 8 who used earlier versions of the Uncle Lightfoot materials. Bedtime battles can exhaust fearful children AND their parents - and can interfere with a good night's sleep. Can overcoming nighttime fear be exciting and fun? Uncle Lightfoot, Flip That Switch makes a convincing case that it can be.

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ISBN-13: 9780982168660
Publisher: Footpath Press LLC
Publication date: 07/01/2020
Edition description: Third Edition
Pages: 122
Sales rank: 564,103
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

The author, Mary Coffman, is a licensed counselor who has been involved in bibliotherapy research for years. She previously assisted with research studies on fear of the dark at the University of West Florida. She was a co-invesigator on a study at Virginia Tech on nighttime fears, which was published in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders in 2015. She contributed to a study in Europe on Uncle Lightfoot that was completed in 2019. She held a number of positions in the fields of mental health and family counseling and was an adjunct psychology instructor at several colleges in the South and Midwest. At one point in her career she directed a family learning center that provided parenting and literacy programs (e.g., Motheread; Even Start; Parents As Teachers). One of her favorite activities in both mental health and education was to teach parenting classes. She remains convinced that parents are potentially their child's best teachers! Having lived much of her life in Florida and South Carolina, she now lives in Minnesota with her husband, George.

The artist, Dianne Dusevitch, has given the Third Edition of Uncle Lightfoot a "make-over," adding color to almost every illustration. She is an illustrator, author, and marketing consultant. She is the winner of national and international illustration and marketing awards and currently lives in Florida. She was the original artist for the research editions of the book. Her illustrations are child-focused and add interest, excitement, and humor to the story.

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