Under Her Authority

Under Her Authority

by L.T. Shade

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Sleeping with the enemy is never a good idea, especially when she’s your boss.

No one tells Shane Williams what to do. His world. His rules—which is why he ran away from home at eighteen to pursue his dream of making a name for himself outside of small-town Georgia. Ten years later, he is one of the hottest creative directors on the east coast and the majority shareholder in a digital media firm in Charlotte. Handing over the business portion of his company to his trusted friend and business partner and keeping his true identity as the founder a secret has its perks. But Shane is about to find out one of its flaws.

At the expense of her relationships, Rosemary Berkowitz has always done what it takes to succeed. Being a female leader in an all-boys tech field has made her tougher than nails. She may be a sweet country girl, but, underneath her innocent exterior, Rose is a boss with an iron fist. She never backs down from a challenge, and, when she wants something, she goes after it full force.

No matter how sexy his smile is, the attention of a tattooed bad boy is the last thing Rose wants. After a club outing with her best friend turns into a steamy night with a mysterious stranger, Rose wants nothing more than to move past her one-night stand—however amazing it was—and continue to mend her broken career. Little does Rose know that fate has other things in store.

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ISBN-13: 9781786511317
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 02/14/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 221
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About the Author

Emerging author, Lauren Shade, known by her pen L.T. Shade, lives in tropical Miami, Florida. When she’s not writing, she spends her time reading, watching really cheesy romantic comedies, overdosing on Cuban coffee, and hanging out with her amazing partner and her American Cocker Spaniel, Albie.

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Copyright © L.T. Shade 2017. All Rights Reserved, Totally Entwined Group Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

The scent of lemon oil that had been perpetually scrubbed into the wooden fixtures and peach cobbler so sweet cavities were forming in the back of Rose’s mouth already, invaded her senses even before she could fully open the creaky screen door.

Her grandma’s house, so old that it had its own soul and nestled in the dense woods fifty miles outside of Charlotte, had always smelled the same. Or it could have been that Rose’s grandma had cooked her favorite dessert and got up from her rocking chair long enough to wipe down the wood only on those seldom occasions Rose came to visit.

The corners of her eyes beaded with tears as she took in the den’s familiar layout.


She rejected the thought immediately. North Carolina had stopped being her home a long time ago. But, even as she resolved to this, Rose explored the den with a warm sense of nostalgia. Raising her nose toward the kitchen, she hunted for the source of the tooth-aching smell of baked peaches. Nobody made peach cobbler like her grandma.

“Well, I’ll be! Is that little ole Rosemary I see?”

Rose half-grinned when her Aunt Helen came into view, throwing her arms out and shaking her bosom as if it were the 1990s and she was back on a late-night Las Vegas stage. She puckered her lips against Rose’s cheek, encasing her in a smothering embrace.

For the briefest moment, Rose reverted to a little girl again, her cheeks burning the same shade as her auntie’s cherry-painted mouth at the unwanted attention.

“Hey, Helen,” she wheezed. It was hard to breathe when a pair of watermelon breasts were crushing her lungs. Oh, Christ. Isn’t this bad for them? What if they pop?

A hint of laughter bubbled up Rose’s throat as she imagined her auntie’s boobies deflating like tires blown out. A consequence of moving back home, the friendly, if not a little unnecessary, reception would be practice for what was to come. Not bones crushed by bags of silicone, Rose hoped that wasn’t in her future, but hugging, lots of hugging. Too acquainted with Houston’s mind-your-own mentality, Rose preferred it over North Carolina’s boisterous hospitality, so she was thankful when Helen loosened her arms.

“Oh, bless my heart! The last time I saw you, Rosey, you were about knee-high.” Catching Rose’s cheeks in a pinch, Helen squealed. “Aren’t you as pretty as a peach?”

She nodded her reply, watching with horror as the room flooded with family members she’d not seen in forever, some whose names she didn’t recall.

* * * *

Later that day, Rose sat on her grandma’s back porch, taking in the outdoors. She was drunk on sweet tea, cobbler and compliments of how she’d changed into an attractive young woman.

The crickets, making their music, had her recalling the time she’d gone camping with Simon. Then Rose remembered why she was in Ellenboro to begin with. Her ego, ballooned from her family’s praise, deflated. The reality check smacked into her. The scenic mountains changed from majestic to foreboding. The sky, spotted with fall colors like melted crayons, wasn’t magnificent but melancholy. A leaf spinning loose from its dying branch was the same vibrant hue as the hair Simon had tangled his fingers in the day she came back early from her business trip to surprise him.

“How you figure Simon’s gonna like being all by himself in that big ole house?”

Rose craned her neck. Her momma’s arms were folded in their I-got-something-serious-to-say manner. This talk had been bound to come sooner or later. Her momma’s favor of Simon was no secret. Rose sat up, wishing her sweet iced tea would evolve into something with a little more kick because her gut was churning with the kind of nervousness she couldn’t will away. Rose despised lying to her family, especially her momma. The woman had a built-in lie detector that sniffed out untruths better than police dogs uncovered hidden drugs.

“Simon and I talked.” Rose looked off into the woods, unable to face her mom as she spun the fabrication she’d practiced on the plane ride. “He’ll be all right. He knows my move is temporary. This directorship is good for my career.”

“Rosemary Louise Berkowitz.”

She cringed, smart enough to know full names meant trouble.

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re hiding something from me?”

“I think that’s the peach cobbler you ate making your stomach feel funny.” Rose gave her mother a look of sympathy. “I ate too much, too, but I swear Grandma has gotten better at making it. Is she using new sugar or something?”

“You wouldn’t be tryin’ to avoid your momma’s question, now, would you?”

Sniff. Sniff.

“Did your accent get worse while I was away?” Rose asked.

Her momma’s expression turned sour like she was sucking on a Warhead.

“I’m joking, Momma.” Rose shuffled her way into her mother’s arms, having missed the way they draped around her back. “I missed you and your accent,” she said, chin wobbling and her eyes filling with watery affection. Rose had missed her momma in general, but never enough to come back to this place.

“Don’t know why. All you have to do is speak and you’ll hear it.”

“Don’t worry about me. Simon and I are fine.”

She pulled away to give Rose a once-over. “Where’s your engagement ring?”

Shit. “I left it in my luggage.” It didn’t even convince her. “You can’t wear jewelry through TSA nowadays.”


Rose exhaled, relieved when she heard the saving bell of her best friend’s voice.

“Rose the Queen has arrived. Where are you?” the familiar voice called.

She clapped her hands together, rejoicing. “Olive is here.”

Leaving her mother’s inquisitive eyes behind, Rose raced indoors.

The second Olive’s and her gazes connected, she nudged her head toward the front entrance, praying her best friend could decipher the plea.

Holton’s voice permeated the kitchen. “Well, ain’t that just a sight for sore eyes? Ms. Olive Wayward has found her way to my doorstep.”

Before Rose could question where her brother’s voice had come from, he zoomed past her in a gust of wind. Two strides later, Olive’s feet were off the ground and her chest was mashing to Holton’s. Olive giggled and slapped his shoulders, asking to be put down, but she wasn’t asking that hard.

Rose rested her hand on her hipbone, her suspicions rising like the Holy Ghost himself.

It was no secret that Holton had harbored a crush on Olive for about as long as their friendship had been, but she’d never thought he’d act on it. Rose and Holton had had that talk—the talk in which she’d told her brother it was a bad idea for him to pursue Olive because if anything went wrong between them, an almost life-long friendship might be ruined.

He kept his word, right?

The enthusiastic squeeze he smothered her best friend with made Rose reconsider.

He was hugging Olive like he wanted to seal their bodies together permanently, and she seemed cozier than normal. Setting her back on her feet, Holton smiled all shy-like. Rose scoffed. She didn’t know what he was acting timid for. That boy didn’t have a shy bone in his body.

“Sorry. I got carried away, but it’s hard not to when you’re the sexiest thing I’ve seen on this side of town since—”

She cut off her brother’s flirtatious talk. “Can I have my best friend back now?”

On cue, Olive ducked past Holton and found Rose, looping an arm with hers. “Let’s get our happy asses to Charlotte. We’ve got plans tonight. Drunk plans.” Olive always knew what to say.

“You have no clue how good that sounds,” Rose said.

Everyone hugged and waved their goodbyes, and afterward, the three of them walked down the driveway to Olive’s red Mini Cooper—bright red, like Jessica’s hair. Rose’s stomach flip-flopped as the images of Simon and her co-worker slammed into her.

Holton’s voice pulled her out of her Houston bedroom. “See you later, Olive.”

Did he just wink at her friend? Holton nodded and smiled Rose’s way, answering her question. It was a weird twin-telepathy thing they had. He almost always knew what she was thinking and vice versa. She didn’t like what was on his mind one bit as he mapped out her best friend’s tank top like the pervert had never seen breasts in his life.

“How about, ‘See you later, sister, who I haven’t seen in forever, and whom I’ve missed more than anything in the world’?’”

Holton smiled and encircled her in his Hulk arms, nudging Rose against his chest. Grinning, she sniffed Old Spice. He still used the same wash that he had since he’d been a boy. Some things never changed.

“Bye to you, too, Cookie Monster. I’m glad you’re back. ‘Bout damn time. Remember, I’m coming to visit you tomorrow to help set up your furniture. Eight a.m., sharp.”

Rose groaned, a brooding and irritated sound. “Why so early?”

Tomorrow was Saturday. She started work Monday. Rose wanted all the leisure time she could get. She was still tired from traveling, for crying out loud.

“No can do. I got work at eleven.”

How her brother had become a law-abiding policeman was beyond her comprehension. This was the same guy who’d smoked a joint before every final during his senior year of high school.

“Love you, Holt.”

“Love you, too, Rosey. Have fun tonight, ladies.” He straddled his police motorbike. “No drinking and driving, ya’ hear? Don’t wanna have to handcuff you.”

“Yes, Officer Berkowitz,” Olive yelled back.

Rose rolled her eyes but grinned.

She didn’t realize how much she had missed her brother until he’d cranked up his motorcycle and pulled away, leaving nothing but dust and dirt at his tail.

“Since when did you start flirting with my brother?” She yanked the seat belt over her body, eyeing Olive as her friend did the same.

“Since when did he become hotter than Hades? Did you see those muscles? Had me sweating like a whore in church.” She wiggled her eyebrows.


Her friend’s smile was too generous for her to be angry with. “I’m kidding. You know, Holton is… He...” Olive raised her chin, concentrating on swerving out of her parking space. Clearing her throat, she changed the conversation. “Wanna talk about Simon?”

The sound of his name sent pain zigzagging down her front. She’d forgotten Olive was the only one who knew the truth about her abrupt relocation.

As they began to drive, Rose stared out of the window, mesmerized by the giant trees smearing into one as the car flew past them. At this speed, the forest had no definition. It was nothing but a dark, never-ending shadow at Rose’s side.

Houston didn’t have this type of nature, at least not where she used to live, smack dab in the middle of a flat-bedded ranch. The air, filtered with pine cones and acorns, smelled fresher and somehow crisper as she inhaled. This was it, the beginning of her new life. Did she want to start it by reminiscing about her past?

“Let’s not spoil the night,” Rose said, her tone as resigned as the final look Simon had given her before pulling off his ring. “But, just in case… Until we get to Charlotte, can you talk about everything that has happened since I saw you last?”

Sometimes Rose’s mouth had a mind of its own.

“I can do that.” Olive reached over to Rose, offering her fingers a hug. “What do you want to hear about first? How my bomb-ass sex with Firefighter Dan ended and I’ve been going through withdrawal for over a month or how Kate got knocked up by her ex-boyfriend and asked me to plan her baby shower, even though she’s only like three weeks in? I don’t know how she is going to raise a baby when she can’t even subtract. I’m telling you, Rosey, there needs to be some psychological tests or somethin’ people have to ace before getting permission to bring life in the world.”

It went like that for about an hour, her friend going on about things Rose would have found interesting if she weren’t so focused on how badly her heart ached, before Olive pulled her Mini Cooper into a complex named Green Oaks Townhomes.

Gathering some luggage, Olive helped Rose haul her bags to the apartment.

“Time to get ready. I bought you something cute.” Olive smiled, a sly twinkle nestling in her eyes, giving Rose the impression that she wouldn’t like what was coming.

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Under Her Authority 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
At first I didn't think I was going to like Shane, but boy was I ever wrong. I just loved the way he was with Rose. She definitely deserves someone like him in her corner. My heart just goes out to Rose. She has somethings to work through. Rose needs someone who can ease her pain she has inside and Shane may just be what the doctor ordered. It has heart, but it brings the heat as well. I laughed and cried while reading this one. All the characters are great. I was sucked right into this book. Shane and Rose make this book and loved reading their journey.
sweetpotato101 More than 1 year ago
I’m blown away that Under Her Authority by L.T. Shade is a debut novel! It takes the office romance and a one-night stand plot line and turns it on its head. Thoroughly engaging, this romance delivers to the nth degree. Until recently, Rose had followed all the rules. She didn't want to follow the rules anymore. She wanted to break them. Disillusioned by her life in Texas, Rose Berkowitz flies back home to North Carolina with a five-year plan and a new job as Marketing Director for a startup. Her last weekend of freedom is dedicated to letting her hair down and picking up a hot guy. Only the guy she finds is so far away from her desired down-home country cowboy that she can get. And Rose just can’t look away. Shane Williams is out for a night on the town when he meets a blonde that rocks his world. Right before she disappears never giving her name, that is. But fate changes plans and when Shane has to be on top of his game, his relationship with Rose makes him anything but. Can they both make things work Under Her Authority? I’ve read quite a few office romances recently, but I have to say this one stands out above the rest. It was just so original! The southern charm was as refreshing as sweet tea and the quips, banter and sexual tension were all tart as the lemon garnish. Rose is full of surprises! She’s definitely an independent person, and she expects a lot of herself and the people around her. I loved seeing a strong woman in a position of leadership. She’s newly single and has cemented her goals. She'll use her position at Lambda and move on to something bigger and better. It’s fun to see how fate complicates this vision for her. Rose doesn’t expect to fall in love with her job. She’s sidelined by how her plans are changing and the catalyst for all that is in a package of muscles and tattoos. Shane is used to throwing aside the rules and he designed his life to fit that vision. Only Rose likes the rules--lives by them--and as Shane’s new boss, Rose requires it of him. It increases their chemistry tenfold, and bold, confident Shane meets her step for step. Shane is smooth and suave, dominant but still achingly real and so sweet. I just loved these two together. The fireworks are there from the very first moment, and they are absolute dynamite! Under Her Authority was an absolute gem of a find for me, and I’ll be on the lookout for more from this delightful author. Five Dazzling Debut Stars!
Missy_BookgasmsBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Oh man, one of my favorite storylines is the old one-night stand that turns into something so much more like it’s a long lost friend’s brother or a coworker at a job that starts in a few days. This is the predicament Rosemary “Rose” Berkowitz finds herself in… her hot AF nigh with a sexy stranger just so happens to be one Shane Williams—resident bad boy hottie and now Rose’s employee! Shane’s used to being the man in charge… he’s not one to give in to authority, especially one packaged so deliciously as Rose. She’s his dream woman, but he’s forced to keep his feelings in check because Rose isn’t willing to go down that path with him again… her body is, but her mind is not! I loved the give and take between Rose and Shane. They’re both super strong willed and it was really fun watching them try to stay apart. The challenge of working together—with Rose as Shane’s boss was a fun twist too, especially because Shane doesn’t like to take direction. Some of their snarky banter was laugh out loud funny. All in all, I greatly enjoyed L.T. Shade’s debut! Under Her Authority is fun, smart and very sexy.
Mommaleena More than 1 year ago
Lady Fate What a great book for a debut novel and author! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. A sexy playboy meets his match with a tough workaholic that can hold her own, even against him. However once they’re together everything and everyone disappears. Rose tries hard to stay away from Shane, but fate keeps pushing them together. They have their ups and downs throughout this steamy HEA love story, along with some major decisions to make. But I liked the complete package! Due to sexual situations and adult language this novel is recommended for readers 18 and older! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book via Tasty Book Tours for an honest blog tour review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Who's playing who? Under Her Authority is as sensual as it is thrilling. Control is the ultimate prize and power, secrets and seduction are the name of the game. Shane is a cutthroat businessman with a will of iron and a heart to match. Rosemary is his equal in every way. Game On. Forget foreplay. This cunning duo is in for the fight of their lives in and out of the bedroom. L.T. Shade must have read my mind. For me, a strong personality and a complicated journey are an appealing combination. She delivered both with a heaping dose of emotional baggage. WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER.