Under the Dog Star

Under the Dog Star

by Sandra Parshall


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ISBN-13: 9781590588802
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Publication date: 09/06/2011
Series: Rachel Goddard Series , #4
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Sandra Parshall grew up in South Carolina and has worked as a reporter on newspapers in South Carolina, West Virginia, and Baltimore. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, a long-time Washington journalist, and three cats. www.sandraparshall.com

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Under the Dog Star 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Marilev More than 1 year ago
UNDER THE DOG STAR is Sandra Parshall's fourth novel in her Rachel Goddard- Tom Bridger series. These books get better and better. A pack of feral dogs roam the Virginia community of Mason County, killing livestock. Rachel and her friends want to capture the dogs and rescue them, but when a man is killed, supposedly by one of the dogs, a group of vigilantes begins to hunt them down. The family of the murdered man presents one mystery after another, and Tom suspects a group of men have brought back illegal dog fighting. The entire community is involved in the events that rise to a suspenseful pitch until the murderer is found and peace is restored.
techeditor on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
You won¿t have to wait a chapter or two for something to happen in Under the Dog Star by Sandra Parshall. It¿s full of suspense from beginning to end. And the suspense doesn¿t take long to become edge-of-your-seat.Rachel is a veterinarian. She lives with her boyfriend, Tom, a police captain. Both are involved with a problem in their county¿a pack of feral dogs is roaming at night onto private property, sometimes injuring or killing livestock. Rachel wants to capture the dogs along with Animal Control. She knows that they were people¿s pets, many of them stolen recently from backyards. Tom needs to stop some of the citizens from killing these dogs before Rachel can do that.It isn¿t long before a man is killed by a vicious dog. But Tom knows this was not a dog from the pack. This was a murder by dog. In other words, some person instructed the dog to attack. And those who blame the feral dogs need to be convinced of that.Tom suspects that the vicious dog is part of a dog fighting ring. But he needs to find it before he can confirm it.Because the murdered man¿s own dog was with him when he was attacked and is now hurt himself, Rachel makes house calls to attend to his injuries. During these visits, she sees how dysfunctional that family is and worries, especially, for the welfare of one young adopted daughter. During Tom¿s investigation of the murder, he, too, notes this and becomes frustrated with the uncaring attitudes of all but the youngest child.And now Tom, as I said, a police captain, makes a deal with an attempted murder and vandalism suspect. I think this book needs a prosecutor. Under the Dog Star is the fourth book in a series about Rachel. Because I haven¿t read the first three (yet), I can¿t say when Tom becomes part of the series. But I can tell you that, in this book, Tom is as much a main character as is Rachel, maybe more.I was very pleased with Under the Dog Star. If the only thing I can criticize is the lack of a prosecutor, you can be assured that this book is a great read, suspenseful cover to cover. I recommend it.Sandra Parshall sent me this book. But if it wasn¿t good, I would have said so. This is an honest review.
BookDivasReads on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Under the Dog Star by Sandra Parshall takes the sultry dog days of summer and adds in a healthy dose of intrigue around missing dogs, a pack of feral dogs, rumors about dog fights, and a wicked killing. The action takes place in rural Virginia and the mysteries are investigated by veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Goddard, and her significant other, Deputy Sheriff Tom Bridger.The veterinary clinic has a wall filled with pictures and notices of missing dogs. There are numerous sightings of a pack of feral dogs that are attacking livestock. Now a local doctor, the owner of the local hospital, has been killed and the killing appears to have been committed by an animal, possibly a dog. It doesn't help matters any that Rachel and her assistant, Holly Turner, are trying to rescue the "feral" dogs. During these hot and sultry dog days of summer, residents are fed up. Their fire is fueled by the notion that the pack of dogs attacked and killed Dr. Hall. Dr. Hall's eldest son, Ethan Hall wants results and he's decided those results include hunting and killing the feral dogs. But as Rachel and Holly begin to trap these dogs, they come to realize the dogs aren't necessarily feral but starving. They've attacked local livestock in order to feed, nothing more. But what's behind the missing dogs and is it possible that the killing of Dr. Hall was actually murder? Was the good doctor killed by an angry ex-coworker or unhappy patient or patient's family member? Is there a link between the murder of Dr. Hall and the rumored dog fights? Rachel and Tom do their best to learn the answers to these questions while maintaining personal safety and building their relationship.There's a lot of drama as well as mystery in Under the Dog Star. Rachel gets involved in trying to salvage the lives of the adopted children of Dr. and Mrs. Hall, while racing to beat the clock and rescue the wild dogs before they are hunted down. Under the Dog Star is a quick-read mystery filled with interesting characters and tons of action.
gloriafeit More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth entry in Sandra Parshall’s Agatha Award-winning series, which brings back Rachel Goddard, veterinarian in Mason County, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where there has been a rash of mysterious disappearances of family pets from all over the area, posters of which cover the walls of Rachel’s animal hospital. At the same time, reports have been coming in of a pack of feral dogs attacking ranches and homes at night, stealing eggs and killing chickens, threatening the safety of the homeowners and the local farmers’ livestock, and causing somewhat of a panic among the citizenry. Some of them are up in arms, literally, and want nothing more than to form hunting parties, rifles at the ready, to find and kill the animals. Rachel has other plans: She is setting up a sanctuary, where she can house the animals and try to get them to bond again with humans, rather than the other members of the pack. The stakes suddenly escalate in fast and furious manner when a local man is viciously killed, and when it appears that an animal is to blame, those already planning to hunt them down become crazed. But Chief Deputy Sheriff Tom Bridger, with whom Rachel has been living for the past month, sees the evidence as pointing to a human killer who uses a trained and vicious dog as his weapon. The powerful novel details some very real horrors and ugliness in our society [a hint of which was provided in real life by football player Michael Vick]. The ensuing investigation and chase becomes more and more complex: The victim was not without enemies, outside of and perhaps within his own household, which includes several adopted children and not a small amount of animosity. The author has created some beautifully drawn characters, who come vibrantly alive in the hands of a terrific storyteller. The suspense mounts to very high levels as the tale draws to an end, much too soon. I loved it, and it is highly recommended.
DAinNY1 More than 1 year ago
This riveting and intense-moving tale took me on a ride that I did not want to get off. The brutal death of their father leads to several suspects as Tom seeks to find the killer among them; meanwhile Rachel is trying to save the wild pack of dogs and gets tangled in Tom's investigation. This captivating novel is the best one thus far in this gripping series.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Mason County, Virginia feral dogs apparently ripped the throat of Dr. Gordon Hall. However, deputy sheriff Tom Bridger has doubts that a wild pack murdered Hall; he believes a human handler had his or her canine kill the victim as a part of an illegal dog fighting operation. However proving his assertion and finding the real culprit appears impossible though he looks closely at the dysfunctional family of the victim. The outraged locals plan to hunt down the packs even as dog-napping has arisen in the county. At the same, Tom's girlfriend veterinarian Rachel Goddard and her assistant Holly Turner try to prevent the canine massacre from occurring while their clinic wall has been posted by Missing Dog pleas. They end up in the middle of Tom's investigation while the local dog fighting ring chief watches them carefully in case they need to join Hall. With a nod to the Michael Vick conviction, the latest Rachel Goddard amateur sleuth (see The Heat of the Moon and Broken Places) is a superb thriller that focuses on animal abuse inside of a strong whodunit. The story line is action-packed with a strong mystery, but it is the description of the maltreatments of animals, whose images at times overwhelms the heroine, her assistant and the readers, and will remain in our memories long after the climax. Harriet Klausner