The Undercurrent

The Undercurrent

by Robert Grant


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The deed was done, and she was joyous that the doubt which had harassed her in her weak moments-whether she was ready to renounce her ambition to help in the great work of education for the sake of any man-was solved and merged in the ocean of their love. Doubtless Emil was not perfect, but she adored him. No one had even hinted that he was not perfect, but she had made up her mind not to be ridiculous in her rapture, and to look the probable truth squarely in the face as became an intelligent woman. She knew that until recently he had been only a clerk with Toler & Company, lumber merchants, and that he had just started in business on his own account. He was dependent for support on his individual labors, but she had in her own name the nice little nest-egg of five thousand dollars, realized from the sale of the family homestead at Colton, the country town, ten miles distant, from which, an orphan, she had come to Benham a year previous.

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Robert Grant (January 24, 1852 - May 19, 1940) was an American author and a jurist who participated in a review of the Sacco and Vanzetti trial a few weeks before their executions.Grant was born to a Patrick Grant (1810-1895) and Charlotte Boardman (Rice) Grant (1821-1882) in Boston, Massachusetts on January 24, 1852 and was a descendant of Edmund Rice an early immigrant to Massachusetts Bay Colony. He attended Boston Latin School and graduated from Harvard University in 1873. At one point in his college career he was publicly reprimanded for missing chapel on 22 occasions.He received the first Ph.D. in English granted by Harvard in 1876 and a law degree in 1879.

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