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Understanding and Treating Alcoholism

Understanding and Treating Alcoholism

by Jill Littrell, Littrell


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Understanding and Treating Alcoholism

There seems to be an abundance of "factual" information regarding alcoholism; what causes it, who is most susceptible, how it affects its victims, and how it should be treated. However, a definitive source of data supporting — or refuting — the numerous and diverse positions was never available. Thus, the goal of the author is to provide professionals with a solid understanding as to which "factual" statements about alcoholism are actually supported with evidence, and some of the empirically validated ways to proceed with treatment.

Major methods of treatment are reviewed, and empirically based approaches are compared and contrasted with one another. Different and sometimes new focal points are explored, such as the disease concept of alcoholism, family members of alcoholics, personality characteristics, and effects of alcoholism exclusive to women. Also notable is the nearly unprecedented look into the impact of alcohol on all types of mood and behavior, rather than just on aggression — a topic long since exhausted. A comprehensive review of literature, complemented with critiques of research, this two-volume set is a thorough, informative source of reference for anyone who seeks to further their knowledge of this often misunderstood, yet unfortunately all too common phenomenon.

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ISBN-13: 9780805808711
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/28/1991
Pages: 296
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Table of Contents

Volume 1. Contents: Part I:The Treatment of Alcoholism.The AA Perspective. AA Oriented Treatment and its Differences from Empirically Oriented Treatment. Research-Based Treatment. Personality Characteristics, Personality Types, Tests. Outcome Research. Part II:The Family (Characteristics and Treatment).Traditional Perspectives Concerning the Family. Empirical Findings on Family Characteristics. Treatment of the Family Members. Volume 2. Contents: Part I:Heredity in Alcoholism; Research Methods, Bottom Lines, and What It Might Mean.Twin and Adoption Studies. What Else is Inherited Along with Alcoholism: Studies of Familial Association. Are There Types of Alcoholics Whose Drinking is More Likely to Be Inherited? Longitudinal Studies. What Are the Characteristics of Relatives of Alcoholics? Integrating Theories. Part II:Physiology.Acute Effects of Alcohol. The Long-Term Impact of Heavy Alcohol Consumption. Addiction. Drugs Used in the Treatment of Alcoholism. The THIQ Hypothesis. Part III:Cognitive and Attitudinal Factors in Drinking and Alcoholism.Social and Cognitive Factors in the Drinking of the General Population. Cognitive and Social Predictors of Alcoholism. The Impact of Alcohol on Mood and Behavior.

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