Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect / Edition 4

Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect / Edition 4

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Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect / Edition 4

Every ten seconds a child is being abused or neglected. But while child abuse and neglect are not new, the problem has become monumental in today's society. But why? Perhaps we live in a more violent society, or maybe the child protection system is not working. This book explores the issues surrounding abuse and neglect from several vantage points, addressing both the problems and the possible solutions that are crucial to the proper protection of our children This book provides a comprehensive overview of child abuse and neglect. It covers recognition, case management, and treatment for abused and neglected children, adding real-life vignettes to bring the statistics to life. It details the history of child welfare, an overview of families that are both functional and dysfunctional, and contrasts healthy child development with development hampered by abuse and neglect. Every type of maltreatment is discussed, from neglect and physical abuse to emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. The book concludes by providing a discussion of prevention, along with a consideration of the future. Social workers, psychologists, social services professionals, and educators.

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ISBN-13: 9780205287802
Publisher: Viacom
Publication date: 06/02/1998
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 435
Product dimensions: 7.08(w) x 9.17(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

Each chapter ends with "Summary," "Exploration Questions," "Activities for Applied Learning," "Suggested Readings," and "References."


1. The Maltreatment of Children from a Historical Perspective.
Children as Property.
Child Labor.
Sexual Values, Attitudes, and Exploitation.
The Incest Taboo.
Recent History of Helping the Abused and Neglected Child.
Child Protection Today.

2. The Family: Roles, Responsibilities, and Rights.
The Definition and Function of the Family.
The Family as a System.
Minority Family Systems.
Family Problems and Dysfunction.
The Family and Child Maltreatment.

3. Maltreatment and the Developing Child.
Developmental Stages.
Developmental Differences.

4. The Neglect of Children.
Neglect Defined.
Causes of Neglect.
Problems in Intervention.
Neglected Children.
Neglectful Parents.

5. The Physical Abuse of Children.
Causes of Physical Abuse.
Psychopathological Categories.
The Abused Child.
Abusive Parents.
Domestic Violence and Other Abuse Within the Family.

6. The Sexual Abuse of Children.
Two Groups' Approaches to Child Sexual Abuse.
Definition of Child Sexual Abuse.
Types of Sexual Abuse.
The Progression of Sexual Abuse.
Incidence of Sexual Abuse.
Profile of the Abused Child.
Degree of Trauma.
Profile of the Perpetrator.

7. Incest: Familial Abuse.
Incest as a Problem Today.
Who Is to Blame?
Father-Daughter Incest.
Father-Son Incest.
Mother-Daughter Incest.
Mother-Son Incest.
Brother-Sister Incest.
Homosexual Sibling Incest.
Incest with Uncles, Grandfathers, and Cousins.
Why Incest Stops.

8. Extrafamilial Sexual Abuse, Misuse, and Exploitation.
Sexual Abuse Outside the Family.
Sexual Misuse and Exploitation.

9. The Emotional and Psychological Maltreatment of Children.
Emotional and Psychological Maltreatment Defined.

10. Intervention: Reporting and Investigation.
Culturally Sensitive Intervention.
The Intervention Process.
Assessing Aspects of Risk.

11. Intervention: Case Management and Roles of Other Professionals.
Case Management Considerations.
Other Professionals Involved in the Intervention Process.

12. The Legal Response to Child Abuse and Neglect.
The Legal Rights of Parents and Children.
Types of Court Intervention.
Juvenile Court.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Juvenile Court.
Criminal Court.
The Media and the Court.

13. Treatment: Physical Abuse and Neglect.
Preparing to Provide Treatment.
Providing Treatment.
Treatment of Physically Abusive Families.
Family-Centered Services.
Treatment of the Child.
Treatment of the Parents.
Other Family Treatment.
Treatment of the Siblings.
Treatment of Neglectful Families.

14. Treatment: Sexual Abuse.
Issues Surrounding Treatment.
Assumptions about Treatment of the Sexually Abusive Family.
Treatment Models.
Treatment Methods.
Treatment of Specific Family Members.

15. Foster Care as a Therapeutic Tool.
Problems with Foster Care.
Alternatives to Foster Care.
Therapeutic Potential in Foster Care.
The Role and Importance of the Natural Parents.
The Role of Foster Parents.
Other Placement for Abused or Neglected Children.

16. The Social Worker and the System.
A Day in the Life of a Protective Worker.
The Role of a Protective Social Worker.
Does the System Work?
Looking Toward the Future.

17. Adults Abused as Children.
Society's Misconceptions.
Reasons for Adults' Disclosure.
Residual Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect.
Effects from the Neglecting Family.
Effects from the Physically Abusing Family.
Effects from a Sexually Abusing Family.
Effects from Extrafamilial Abuse.
Treatment of Adults Who Were Abused as Children.

18. Prevention.
Prevention Efforts in Schools.
Prevention Efforts with Families.
Prevention Efforts by Professionals.
Prevention Efforts Within the Community.

19. Toward a Better Tomorrow.
Changes in the Helping System.
Changes in Society.
Facing a New Era?
Research Needs.


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