Understanding Evolution

Understanding Evolution

by E. Peter Volpe



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ISBN-13: 9780697045461
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Publication date: 01/01/1977
Pages: 220

Table of Contents

Evolution, Sixth Edition Preface Chapter 1- Variation in Populations Chapter 2- Darwinian Scheme of Evolution Chapter 3- Heritable Variation Chapter 4- Mutation Chapter 5- Genetic Equilibrium Chapter 6- Concept of Selection Chapter 7- Selection in Action Chapter 8- Balanced Polymorphism Chapter 9- Genetic Drift and Gene Flow Chapter 10- Races and Species Chapter 11- Cataclysmic Evolution Chapter 12- Adaptive Radiation Chapter 13- Major Adaptive Radiations Chapter 14- Origin of Life Chapter 15- Molecular Evolution Chapter 16- History of Life Chapter 17- Emergence of the Human Species Chapter 18- Deciphering the Human Genome Chapter 19- Microevolution, Macroevolution, and Punctuated Equilibria Chapter 20- Natural Selection and Social Behavior Chapter 21- Cultural EvolutionEpilogue

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