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Understanding Game Application Development: With Xamarin.Forms and ASP.NET

Understanding Game Application Development: With Xamarin.Forms and ASP.NET

by Vincent Maverick S. Durano

Paperback(1st ed.)

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ISBN-13: 9781484242636
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 01/21/2019
Edition description: 1st ed.
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Vincent works as a senior software engineer in a research and development company, focusing mainly on web and mobile technologies. He is a nine-time Microsoft MVP, three-time C# Corner MVP, CodeProject MVP, Microsoft Influencer, DZone MVB and a regular contributor at CodeProject, CsharpCorner, Microsoft TechNet Wiki, AspSnippets and Xamarin. He also contributes at the official Microsoft ASP.NET community site where he became one of the all-time top answerers with All-Star recognition level (the highest attainable level).

He authored a few e-books for C# Corner: GridView Control Pocket Guide, ASP.NET MVC 5: A Beginner’s Guide and is now working on a new book entitled ASP.NET Core 2: A Beginner’s Guide.

He runs a blog at, created a few open-source projects that are hosted on Codeplex and GitHub. He also developed VMD.RESTApiResponseWrapper.Core and VMD.RESTApiResponseWrapper.Net NuGet packages.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter Goal: An overview of the book and topics to be covered including tools and framework installation guide.

No of pages 15

Sub -Topics

1. Background

2. What is a Working Memory?

3. What You Will Lean

4. Development Tools Download Resource

5. Installation Guide

6. Prerequisites

7. Five Players, One Goal

Chapter 2: Getting Started

Chapter Goal: To present game objective, application flow, preparing the workspace and database setup.

No of pages: 20

Sub - Topics

1. Game Objective

2. Application Flow

3. Creating the Workspace

4. The Required NuGet Packages

5. Setting Up a New Database

Chapter 3: Configure Data Access and API Endpoints

Chapter Goal: To configure data access for handling CRUD operations and as well as defining the necessary API endpoints.

No of pages : 15

Sub - Topics:

1. Integrating Entity Framework

2. Setting Up a Data Access

3. Implementing CRUD operations

4. The Web API Endpoints

5. Enabling CORS

Chapter 4: Building the Mobile Application with Xamarin.Forms

Chapter Goal: To build a mobile that allow users to register and login into the app. To implement a simple game to test how sharp their memory is and to be able to sync their highest scores/level in real-time in the database.

No of pages: 30

Sub - Topics:

1. Creating the Mobile App Project

2. Implementing Platform Specific Services for iOS and Android

3. Setting Permissions

Chapter 5: Deployment and Installation

Chapter Goal: Deploy and install the mobile app in real device.

No of pages: 10

Sub - Topics:

1. Android

2. iOS

3. Output

Chapter 6: Building a Real-time Leaderboard

Chapter Goal: To provide a website that displays user rankings in real-time using ASP.NET MVC and SignalR.

No of pages: 15

Sub - Topics:

1. What is ASP.NET MVC?

2. What is ASP.NET SignalR?

3. Integrating ASP.NET SignalR

4. Adding a Middleware

5. Adding a Hub

6. Adding an MVC Controller

7. Adding a View

8. Output

Chapter 7: Pushing Your Code to GitHub

Chapter Goal: To provide summary of what was learned from all the chapters, source code and other resource references.

No of pages: 13

Sub - Topics:

1. Github Repository and Source Code

2. References