Understanding Islam in Indonesia: Politics and Diversity

Understanding Islam in Indonesia: Politics and Diversity

by Robert Pringle

Paperback(New Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780824834159
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press, The
Publication date: 06/30/2010
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 224
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Table of Contents

Introduction 7

A Note on Terms and Spelling 11

1 How Islam Arrived 17

The Terrain Where Islam Settled 17

Indonesia's Hindu-Buddhist Era (Sixth to Sixteenth Centuries) 20

The Pioneers of Islam 23

Burgeoning Trade and Religious Globalization 24

Was There a Race with Christianity? 27

The Dynamics of Conversion 29

The Potent Role of Islamic Mysticism 32

Indonesia on the Eve of Dutch Rule 36

2 Islam under Dutch and Japanese Rule (1629-1945) 39

From Dutch Company to Dutch Colony 40

Islam and Anti-colonial Warfare 41

The Padri War (1821-38) 42

The Java War (1825-30) 43

The Aceh War (1873-1912) 45

The Sagacious Advisor: Snouck Hurgronje and Dutch Islamic Policy 46

Unintended Consequences of Sugar and Prosperity 52

Nationalism and Reformist Islam 54

Islam and the Idea of Indonesia 58

The Final Days of Dutch Rule 60

Japan Sets the Stage for Independence 61

3 Sukarno and the Roots of Islamic Marginalization: 1945-1966 65

Into the Maelstrom 66

Seven Words that Won't Go Away: the Jakarta Charter 68

Madiun: Betrayal from the Left (1948) 70

Darul Islam: Betrayal from the Right (1948-62) 72

The Election of 1955 75

The Outer Islands Rebellion (1958) 77

Failed Coup and Bodies in Rivers: The Trauma of 1965-66 80

Summing up the Sukarno Era 84

4 The Suharto Era: Islam Repressed, Islam Resurgent 85

The Man and his Methods 86

Early Days: The Repression of Reformist Islam 89

The Hindu-Buddhist Revival 91

Economic Growth and Islamic Expansion 92

Reformist Islam Radicalized 96

Reformist Muslims and Democracy 99

The Urbanization of Traditionalist Styles 100

Faces of Suharto-Era Islam: Four New Players 101

Nurcholish Madjid 102

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir 104

Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) 105

Amien Rais 106

Suharto and Pancasila 107

Suharto's "Greening": ICMI and the Military 108

The End of the New Order: Chaos and the Transition to Democracy 111

5 Islam Organized 114

Islamic Institutions - the Two Big Ones: Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama 114

The Muslim Educational System in Outline 119

The Pesantren System 121

A Garland of Pesantren 125

Gontor, the "Modern Pesantren" 125

Pabelan and Vocational Education 126

Hidayatullah: A Bugis Variant 127

Wealthy if Weird: The Strange Case of al-Zaytun 127

Pesantren Daarut Tauhid: The Kiai as TV Personality 128

The Sufi Brotherhoods (Tarekat) and Mysticism 128

Islamic Authority in Indonesia 132

Sharia and the Fatwa Phenomenon 133

Muhammadiyah, NU and the Gender Struggle 139

6 Communal Conflict and Violent Islamic Extremism 143

Violent Regional Conflict, 1996-2005 145

West and Central Kalimantan 1996-2001 145

Maluku and North Maluku 1999-2004 146

Central Sulawesi: Poso 1998-2007 150

Common Causes of Local Conflict 152

Aceh, East Timor and Papua: Three that Don't Fit the Pattern 154

Aceh 154

East Timor 156

Papua 156

Violent Extremism: Laskar Jihad and Jemaah Islamiyah 158

Why Terrorism Waned 161

7 Islamic Extremism and Democracy 165

Intimidation and Vigilante Violence 168

Extremism by a Thousand Cuts? Local Sharia Law and Stealth Tactics 174

Ballot Boxes and Pollsters 180

8 The Resilience of Diversity: A Summing Up 184

Indonesia's National Mythology 185

Javanese Not-Quite-Hegemony 191

Summing Up 192

Further Reading on Islam in Indonesia 200

Glossary 205

Indonesian Political Parties 212

Index 214

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