Understanding Jonathan Edwards: An Introduction to America's Theologian

Understanding Jonathan Edwards: An Introduction to America's Theologian

by Gerald R McDermott
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Oxford University Press, USA
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Understanding Jonathan Edwards: An Introduction to America's Theologian

Jonathan Edwards (1703-58) is widely recognized as America's greatest religious mind. A torrent of books, articles, and dissertations on Edwards have been released since 1949, the year that Perry Miller published the intellectual biography that launched the modern explosion of Edwards studies. This collection offers an introduction to Edwards's life and thought, pitched at the level of the educated general reader. Each chapter serves as a general introduction to one of Edwards's major topics, including revival, the Bible, beauty, literature, philosophy, typology, and even world religions. Each is written by a leading expert on Edwards's work. The book will serve as an ideal first encounter with the thought of "America's theologian."

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ISBN-13: 9780195373431
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 12/05/2008
Pages: 248
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Table of Contents

Important dates in the life of Jonathan Edwards
INTRODUCTION: How to Understand the American Theologian, Gerald McDermott
1. Edward's life and career, Kenneth Minkema
Alternative viewpoint, Chris Chun
2. Edwards and revival, Harry Stout
Alternative viewpoint, Willem Van Vlastuin
3. Edwards and the Bible, Doug Sweeney
Althernative viewpoint, Wolter H. Rose
4. Edwards and biblical typology, Tibor Fabiny
Alternative viewpoint, Gerald McDermott
5. Edwards and aesthetics, Sang Lee
Alternative viewpoint, Katalin Kállay
6. Edwards and literature, Wilson Kimnach
Alternative viewpoint, Anna Svetlikova
7. Edwards and philosophy, Miklos Veto
Alternative viewpoint, Magdaléna Sevcíková
8. Edwards and world religions, Michal Valco
CONCLUSION: Edward's Relevance Today

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