Understanding the Five Environments For A Successful Marriage: Working Out The Life Desired Through The Environments That Facilitate Marital Growth

Understanding the Five Environments For A Successful Marriage: Working Out The Life Desired Through The Environments That Facilitate Marital Growth

by Debbie Eyalta Isaac, Allan Samuel Isaac


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Dispersed throughout "The Five Environments for Marital Success" are important strategies to enlighten and empower your deliberate amicable efforts for building a solid romantic foundation upon which you will formulate a life-style that will position you for growth and the fulfillment of your destinies together. Your adopted life-style does not have to be tied to your social-orientation, or the limitations of your predecessors. You can protect your marriage with these principles and insulate it from the curses of the previous generations, and set a new paradigm that will become a legacy for the generations that will immediately follow you. So get ready for seriously working your marriage. Here's how:- Develop the art of initiating romance in your relationship with your spouse. Discover your capacity for flexibility, and your ability to adjust to who your spouse is, though different from whom you are. Decide to go beyond your limitations and abandon yourself to the excitement of ecstatic intimacy. Dedicate your life to the progressive strengthening and expanding of the horizon of your marriage. Drench yourself with bliss of knowing that you are dearly loved and appreciated, and with comfort derived from accepting the one whom you truly love.Any marriage that does not cost you something or places a demand on your time, energy, effort, and commitment, will soon disintegrate from overwhelming boredom and romantic expiration. Every issue to be mapped out in your marriage possesses the potential to cause your relationship to get stronger and your intimacy to expand. Problem in marriage are not your worst nightmare, but are allowed in your relationship to give you an opportunity to grow in love together. Seize these moments and view them as a part of your stockpile of blessings.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/27/2011
Pages: 414
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About the Author

Dr. ALLAN ISAAC comes to us from the twin-island nation of St. Christopher-Nevis (or St.Kitts-Nevis), in the West Indies (or the Caribbean). He received GOD'S gift of eternal life at the tender age of 15, and began preaching the Gospel of eternal life through Christ at the age of 16. He is the pioneer and Senior Pastor of Rivers of Living Water Christian Centre, a Church that is based on the island of St. Kitts. He is Administrator/Dean of a Bible Institute, based in St. Kitts, Nevis, French St. Martin, and London, England.
He holds a:-
• B. A. degree in Religion, from Caribbean Wesleyan College, W.I;
• M.A. degree in Theology, from ZOE University, Jacksonville, Florida, USA;
• Ph. D in Religious Studies, from F. I. C. U, Merced, California, USA.
Allan has also lectured at Haggai Institute in Singapore and Hawaii, for several years, facilitating THE LEADER & HIS FAMILY. He has also served as a Coordinator for Haggai Institute.

DEBBIE ISAAC has been serving the Lord from the tender age of 12. She is a native from the two-island nation of St. Christopher-Nevis. She entered the ministry after marrying her husband, Dr. Allan Isaac, and has been preaching the Gospel now for the past 27 years. Together, she and her husband birthed four children, Alden and Abijah (boys) both University Graduates; Aldis (girl) has completed College, and Aldeen (girl) is completing secondary School. Debbie flows very strongly as a Prophet of God with cutting-edge accuracy. Together, she and her husband lead Rivers of Living Water Ministries International, and four Bible Institutes, based in St.Kitts, Nevis, French St. Martin, and London, England. Debbie has been a school teacher for the past 29 years, and presently holds the position of Deputy Principal of a Public Secondary School. She was also a Family Life Educator/Counselor. She holds a:-
• BSc. degree in Psychology; UWI
• Diplomas and Certificates in Teaching; UWI, CFBC
• She is a Trained/Graduate teacher.
As an anointed woman of God, she possesses a very genuine love for people who are hurting. The Lord has specially anointed her to minister to the hurting, the abused, the discouraged, and to those who desire a greater and deeper relationship with God.

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