by C.J. Barry

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ISBN-13: 9781426892349
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 10/03/2011
Series: Unforgettable , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 612,982
File size: 889 KB

About the Author

C.J. Barry grew up reading science fiction novels, comic books and her brother's Cracked magazines. In high school, a creative writing teacher told her she should be a writer, but she decided to go to college instead. In college, a writing professor told her she should be a writer, but she decided to be a computer programmer instead. A husband, two cats and two kids later, an adult education teacher told her she should be a writer. She finally gave in, and after selling the first novel she ever wrote, decided that all those teachers were right. Eight books later, she continues to bring her unique blend of high adventure, witty humor and sizzling romance to her work.

C.J. has won numerous awards for her novels, and is a member of the Romance Writers of America. By day, she works as a web developer. By night, she dreams up adventures and pens the books she was destined to write.

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Staring down the wrong end of the gun, Tess MacKenzie realized something she hadn't thought was possible: This lousy day could get worse.

""You heard me, lady. Hand over the cash. I know you just got paid.""

Tess tore her eyes away from the gun to the face of the man pointing it at her. The back alley of Sonny's Bar and Grill was a stupid place to be alone at 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday night. Stupid, dark and smelly.

You never knew what kind of vermin you'd find crawling around. The two-legged variety she stared at now was proof-positive. She squinted at her assailant in the faint moonlight. All she could imagine was a beer keg on legs—and even that was a compliment. She wondered how he'd got so round eating with just those half-dozen teeth.

She forced a casual smile. ""Sorry. Sonny said it was a slow night. He couldn't pay me and the band until tomorrow.""

Keg-on-legs snorted. ""Nice try. I saw Sonny hand ya the money, honey. Now it's mine."" His few teeth glinted as he smiled.

Tess glared at him. Damn it, she needed that three hundred bucks. The rent was due, the recording studio was holding her CD hostage for payment and her car was on its last legs.

But hey, it could be worse. She could be getting mugged by a filthy little varmint in the back alley of the tackiest gin joint in upstate New York.

""Are you gonna hand it over nice-like, or am I gonna hafta come get it from you?""

Tess shuddered at the thought. There was just enough light to see the filthy hand holding the gun, and she didn't need that hand any closer.

Grumbling, she reached into her purse to get the cash from the night's gig and vowed that this was the last time her manager was going to book something in the middle of God's country. She didn't care how desperate they were for money; from now on, she was sticking to radio appearances and recording studios.

Her hand struck something hard and cold. Hair spray. She paused. It could work. All she needed were a few seconds to duck around the side of the building and head for the all-night diner across the street.

Slowly, she wrapped her fingers around the cold metal and found its top. She swallowed hard and yanked the canister out of her bag, pushing the nozzle and aiming for the mugger's head.

Keg-on-legs jumped back, grabbing at his face where the spray stung his eyes. Tess spun and ran wildly, with Keg-on-legs swearing and stumbling behind her. He recovered quickly and moved faster then she could have imagined on those stubby legs.

Damn. She'd thought she would have more time. Oh God, don't shoot me.

By now he was cursing behind her, calling out in precise, disgusting terms just how much trouble she was going to be in when he got his hands on her.

Tess rounded the corner of the building and ran right into a big man who caught her in his arms.

Yes! Help had arrived.

""He's got a gun!"" she gasped as she glanced up into the stranger's face. If she hadn't been so pumped up with adrenaline, she would have fallen over. Wow. What good-looking cavalry. The man was tall and gorgeous with a killer smile.

Keg-on-legs rounded the corner right behind her and skidded to a halt, aiming his gun with both hands at first Tess, then the stranger. Breathing heavily, he shouted, ""Don't move, I don't wanna kill nobody. I just want the money.""

The stranger eyed him thoughtfully. Tess couldn't pull her gaze away from his shadowed face, so calm and relaxed. Didn't he realize there was a gun pointed at him? Her eyes widened. She'd almost forgotten—there was a gun pointed at her, too.

""Would you like me to neutralize him, sir?""


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Unearthed 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my third book in this series and I LOVE THEM ALL! Best part is even though there are recurring characters in each book, they can be read as stand alones. Hot aliens, strong women, excitement and fun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
talina333 More than 1 year ago
The book was so good I had a hard time putting it down. Can be read on its own or with the rest of the series.. C.J.Barry wrote each to stand on their own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ToReadPerchancetoDream More than 1 year ago
Unearthed is a fast, fun, romping space adventure. It's space opera in a good way. Tess is the fiery-haired heroine who is abducted by the devastatingly handsome alien Cohl. Only Tess can save Cohl's father and his planet. The story is written with an upbeat pace that kept my attention. The characters are engaging and quick-witted. I loved Cohl's robot bodyguard! Wish I had one of my own! This is not a high brow science fiction novel. Don't look for minute details on quantum space theory or black holes. This is a feel good space adventure romance that doesn't take itself too seriously. Grab a copy and enjoy the ride. Thank you Carina Press and Netgalley for allowing me to review Unearthed.
Butterfly-o-Meter_Books More than 1 year ago
The overall rating for the series is 4 butterflies. I had a great time reading these books, I had fun, I got a healthy dose of smutty galore, and I was very, very glad I got a chance to read them. If I were to say what genre they'd go in, since people are always big on tags and stuff like that, I'd think these are romance with a sci-fi-ish twist, and not the other way around. There is a lot going on in each book, and there's a whole universe weaved for them, but I feel the main element is the romance. So I'd disagree with some reviews I read up on Goodreads, that slightly bash them for not being solidly sci-fi. I don't think they were meant to be; and I don't think I would have liked them more if they would have been, honestly. Buuut then again I'm not a sci-fi buff, I just like the occasional sci-fi because the book was very well written and the writer is very talented, not because of that genre. Anyways. Unearthed (UN-Forgettable #1) Now, if I were to talk about them book by book, the first one was more like 3,5 then a full four. I liked the writing, the mood, the world, but I can't say I liked both the characters that much; Cohl was cool, and Tess was funny, but I didn't love either of them. What I really liked, in all the books (maybe a little less in the 4th though), was the chemistry between the the characters. I mean, it was right there, intense to smoldering, on a case by case basis. And it was hot as hell in space, I can tell you that! I will admit to the fact that the first and the last book in any series always benefit from less of my willingness to commit emotionally; the first one needs to really win me over for the rest of them, and the last one I approach with one foot outside the door, more or less, anticipating the separation and all that. So, there's always that.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Unearthed is a wonderful book to start with if you're just picking up C.J. Barry. It is the first book in a series, but can stand perfectly well alone. I usually read paranormals, but recieved a book from C.J. & absolutely love it! The imagry in this book is wonderful! Everything is very visual and well described, you really get the 'fly on the wall' sensation. The author makes good analogies that not only help you understand what is going on, but also provide clues later on in the book. My FAVORITE aspect of Unearthed was that I believed everything could actually happen. All the futuristic aspects are well thought out and explained in detail which makes everything believable. Unearthed is a wonderful story that will keep you turning pages all night until the amazing ending. Every chapter a new twist comes that you weren't expecting. There are amazing battle scenes and hot romance scenes. Even if you don't enjoy futuristic, Unearthed is well worth the time!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tess MacKenzie and her band were finally becoming well known. Their CD would soon hit the shelves. By the weekend, Tess should no longer have a money problem. But Tess wonders if she will live until then. She is rescued from a mugger only to be kidnapped by the man who rescued her. Could things possibly get worse? The answer is YES! The man who kidnapped her is an alien named Cohl, an extremely handsome alien at that. Even though Tess hates him for abducting her from Earth, she can't help but be attracted to him and understand why he did it. ...................... Cohlman 'Cohl' Trae Salle's home planet, Yre Gault, is in another quadrant of the galaxy. His father, Montral, has been kidnapped by a group called the Traka-Nor. They live on the northern hemisphere of the planet Trakas. The Traka-Sou reside on the southern hemisphere. The two hemispheres are ruled by brothers and are at war. Rommol, the leader of the north, holds Montral ransom. Cohl must locate and collect the Demisian Amulet to be exchanged for his father. Legend states that the amulet gives the possessor the ability to control their enemy. It is hidden in a secret chamber somewhere on Demisie, a planet that supposedly did not exist. Tess's voice is needed to unlock the amulet from its chamber. Only her voice has the exact range, pitch, and quality needed for success. ................... It all sounds bad, right? It gets worse, much worse. Cohl has yet to tell Tess who he really is and what dangers they must go through simply to reach the amulet's chamber. ........................... ***** The more I read from this author, the more I love her. Barry has an astounding talent for sucking in her readers and holding onto them tighter than Super Glue. And this is the first of the 'Un' series. I've been reading them out of order, so I can tell you that you honestly do not have to read these in order to understand or enjoy them. Each one is a stand-alone tale. I can hardly wait to dive into the next. *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
Life is moving along rather bumpily for Tess Mackenzie. She does not have very high hopes. Plans for a singing career is heading in the right direction, she has her Darth-Vader in fur tomcat to love, her car is still running - barely - and she just was paid. Then Mr. Ugly-Mugger steps in her path demanding her money, and suddenly, life spins out of control. Fortunately, just as things are starting to get distressing, Tess is rescued. He is tall - very tall - dark and handsome. Oh, boy is he handsome! He is everything a woman could dream about - only one draw back: he is alien and he just kidnapped her! Tess knew with her luck there HAD to be something wrong with him! Now hurtling through space, Tess awakens to a new sense of reality. Aliens DO exist - great they are Hunks in Space instead of ET or the Worm Men from Men in Black. Still, Tess is not too thrilled with the adventure. She has a cat to feed and a career on the edge of taking off, and while sexy space aliens bring to mind all sorts of questions, she would just as soon be returned to terra asap! Cohl Travers, the sexy alien in question, has no intention of doing as Tess asks. He explains he abducted her for a reason - to save his father's life. He is a seeker, a finder of lost treasures (sort an Indiana Jones in space!). On a planet near to his, two brothers rule and war for control. One faction asked Cohl to find an amulet famed to bring peace and power to a ruler. He refused, so they kidnapped his father and are holding him hostage until Cohl delivers the lost treasure. Only, finding the amulet is just half the problem. He must have a singer with a precise pitch and quality of voice to sing a song to release the amulet from where it is magically held. And Tess is that singer, the only one in the whole universe with the perfect voice. Grudgingly, Tess finally agrees to help with fetching the amulet, but without Cohl telling her how dangerous the trek could be or that if she fails to sing the song precisely it will result in her death. Oh, well, leave it to a male to neglect 'small details' such as your life hanging by the thread. Nice to know some things do not change even though you are flying through space. However, Tess soon comes to realize the biggest threat is to her heart! Tess is so charming, so 'down to earth'. She does not want much, just to get back to her cat and her singing career, but she cannot stop herself from being drawn to Cohl. Budding hopes of a romance are nearly dashed when she learns Cohl is a runaway prince from the planet near the warring one. But the heart does not listen. Cohl regrets he is forcing Tess to help, but has little choice with his father's life in the balance. But kidnapping Tess brings a lot of complications. The opposition has found out he is going for the amulet and will do anything to stop him, including kidnapping and killing Tess. Worse, he is feeling really guilty for taking Tess from her life. And despite growing attraction, an attraction he fears is love, he will not stop until his father is freed, risking his life and Tess' in the quest. Tess' and Cohl's adventure is so charming, so steamy, one of those that linger in the mind and heart long after the book has been put down. Ms. Barry shows a brilliance for humour and timing, an uncanny ability to add that touch to a tense situation without it slipping over into farce. She creates strong characters that leap off the page and takes your hand, pulling you into a super adventure, fraught with space aliens, personal robots with an attitude, tense battles, and a quest that rivals the search for the Holy Grail. Barry, a first time author, shows control, a strong voice and the magical ability to conjure marvelous characters. She 'sees' her alien worlds so she is able to make the readers see them, experience them as well. Unearthed is first class romance, but it is also first class SCI-FI.
Guest More than 1 year ago
UNEARTHED is a wonderful futuristic romance from a great new author. Being a writer of futuristic romances myself, I¿m delighted to see more authors in the genre, especially when they¿re as talented as Ms. Barry is. UNEARTHED is packed with action and adventure, steamy sensuality, and pure fun, yet Ms. Barry manages to delve into the deeper emotions of her characters. Tess McKenzie is a spunky earth woman who is kidnapped and spirited away to distant planets, all because her voice is the perfect match as a key to free up a magical amulet. Cohl Travers, the man who abducts her, is sinfully handsome and sexy, but also a man of honor and duty. Together, Tess and Cohl blaze a trail across the stars, battling the evil Traka-Sous and Traka-Nors, in a race to save Cohl¿s father and his home planet. Laced with wondrous adventures, intriguing new worlds, and beautiful love scenes, UNEARTHED is UNforgettable. Buy it now, read and savor it, then put it on your keeper shelf so you can read it again and again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
CJ Barry is a refreshing, new author! I can't wait to read other books from her. Unearthed is fast-paced with lots of twists and turns with a good plot. Thanks CJ!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Songwriter and wannabe singer Tess MacKenzie is heading home having just been paid when some street punk accosts her demanding she give him her money. Refusing, she sprays her mugger with hair spray before running for her life. In her haste to escape Tess barrels into another person Cohl Travers.

Talk about jumping from the pan into the fire, Cohl abducts Tess. However, this is not your simple kidnapping as this is a real alien abduction. Cohl believes that Tess contains the voice that will save his world Speculator. Though she cannot accept that she is no longer on earth and that she has the singing talent to save a world, Tess aggress to perform, but of course there are a few preliminary steps like risking one¿s life to find the amulet that her song will activate. However, kidnapping is becoming away of life for her, as thugs on Speculator abduct her. For the good of his world as much as for his heart, Cohl follows in hot pursuit.

Living up to her homonymic last name, C.J. Barry provides an exhilarating science fiction romance that readers from both genres will enjoy. The story line is loaded with action, plenty of humor and romance, and makes Speculator seem like an unearthly but genuine orb. The lead couple is the ultimate star-crossed lovers and Tess is an intrepid Pauline, as peril seems to be her middle name. Though at times the tale turns cartoonish, fans will savor this delightful novel.

Harriet Klausner