Uneven Exchange

Uneven Exchange

by S.K. Derban


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Like fire and ice, Alexandra Callet's life runs hot and cold.

At the age of thirty-three, Alexandra owns a stunning home and a successful interior design company. But she is in love with her business partner, Jake Taylor, and he doesn't even seem to realize she's a woman. She should be on top of the world, but instead she feels dragged down by the void in her heart. Hoping for answers, she decides a trip to Mexico might soothe her soul.

Jake Taylor only pretends to be a confirmed bachelor.

Jake has been entranced by Alexandra's determination and exotic beauty since the moment they met, but she has no idea how he feels. He considers confessing his love, but fears jeopardizing their friendship and business. He's caught in a web of pretending he doesn't care, and doesn't see a way out of it.

Alexandra is recruited for a dangerous mission.

Following her trip to Mexico, her resemblance to a member of an assassin's family leads Alexandra to be recruited by the DEA. Her training leaves her distracted, and her business begins to suffer. Jake notices her sudden change, and feels her slipping both personally and professionally beyond his reach. Should he finally take the chance...before it's too late? After all, he has nothing to lose.

However, when Alexandra returns to Mexico for her mission, things go terribly wrong.

Will she be able find the strength to fight and escape the peaceful haven that has now become her prison? Or will Jake lose Alexandra forever...

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ISBN-13: 9781680582673
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: 08/26/2015
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.77(d)

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Uneven Exchange 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Only-A-Little-While More than 1 year ago
Uneven Exchange by S.K. Derban is the perfect combination of intrigue, suspense and romance...a perfect read for a weekend get-away! This book captures the reader's attention from the first chapter and spins a tale of love, strength and perseverance from that point forward. The main character, Alexandra Callet is an independent business woman who, due to her resemblance to an assassin's sister, is asked by the Drug Enforcement Agency to help with a case. As the story unfolds, additional vibrant characters emerge to sufficiently entertain and engage the reader. The training that Alexandra goes through to go undercover is actually very informative, as I had no idea of the involvement behind the scenes of such an assignment. While I am sure this only touched the surface of what it would really be like to take on such work, there is enough detail to seem realistic and hold your attention. What I like most about this book is the continual line-up of interesting and unique characters with enough development of each one to feel a level of connection that goes beyond the surface. That is difficult to pull off in a short novel like this, but Derban does it. The sense of "what will happen next" is a dominating feeling throughout the read and therefore another excellent job by the author. Finally, while this is not officially labeled a "Christian" genre book, the author has definitely utilized her platform to point to Christ through some of the thoughts and actions of the main characters. There are several times in the book where they pray, read the Bible and reference their reliance on Christ for strength and wisdom. It's not overbearing...just a hint of grace and wisdom poking through...I loved that. Uneven Exchange by S.K. Derban is a wonderful book to throw in your suitcase and read on a weekend get-away or.....simply step outside into the shade of your own backyard and travel with the crew to Mexico! You will definitely enjoy this read!!
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
Uneven Exchange by author S.K. Derban was a fun, fast-paced, novel that had me reading late into the night. We have 33 year old Alexandra who is a successful business woman, but really wants something more out of life. What she wants is a relationship with Jake Taylor, her business partner. Jake has no clue to Alexandra’s feelings, and even though he is in love with her too, he has not acted and pretends to love his bachelor life. So Alexandra deciding to move on receives an interesting proposition from the DEA. They need her to go undercover in Mexico posing as a certain drug cartel’s sister. She eerily resembles Daniela, so wanting a little adventure in her life she goes for it. As she trains undercover telling no one, she has found an outlet for herself, and actually starts to really feel like Daniela. Jake, on the other hand has no idea what is going on. We meet a whole host of characters, especially getting to know the team that Alexandra works with. We are also treated to all of their points of views which were really neat as we were given a fuller picture of what was going on, personally and professionally. This is a high stakes game they are playing and the DEA has left out a few details themselves that Alexandra will soon find out about. Filled with spies, danger, and threads of different romance stories, I am really hoping Mrs. Derban writes more with these characters as I would enjoy catching up with them. I received a copy for an honest review from iRead Book Tours and the opinions are my own.
wifetoalineman02 More than 1 year ago
It is a heart thumping read My very first time to read the author's writing. I LOVED this book Uneven Exchange by Ms. S. K. Derban. It is a heart thumping book to read. I LOVED reading suspense or mystery. This book never fails me. I cannot put it down. It is so suspense. My heart never stop to beat faster. The scenes seem like so real to read. Druglord and undercover is the main exciting scenes. It makes you breathless. My first time to read a book like this that the main character has perfect resemblance to a certain person. I can imagine the Mexicans and undercover that I can watch in the news while reading this book. It is so good. The book is funny too. It has also romance. I highly recommended it. I am looking forward to read the author's next book. Disclosure: I received the paperback copy of the book in exchange of my honest review.
SherreyM More than 1 year ago
Despite its categorization as suspense, S.K. Durban has developed a lighthearted approach to writing this beautiful and intriguing book. Uneven Exchange tells the story of Alexandra Callet, a talented interior designer. Alexandra is feisty, beautiful, energetic and in love with her business partner, Jake. Jake appears to be unaware of Alexandra’s feelings; and likewise, Alexandra has no idea Jake has feelings for her. Durban has created a most unusual premise on the romance side of Urban Exchange. Most contemporary romances have the characters falling all over each other and pursuing the other party. Not so in this gentle portrayal. Enter the suspense side of this well-written and developed book. The way in which Alexandra takes the place of a look-alike in Mexico and sister of an evil drug lord shows her strong and gutsy side. DEA agents spotted Alexandra’s “twin” looks while she was vacationing in Mexico, and immediately realized they could easily train such an intelligent woman to take the place of Danielle. The pace and intensity in this phase of Alexandra’s story easily create a few nerves for the reader, but it wouldn’t be suspense without the nerves, now would it? Eventually, having kept everything under wraps with Jake, Alexandra becomes the sole focus of his feelings and emotions. Especially when he can’t contact her at the number she left for him. But has he waited too long to tell her of his feelings? If you want to know the outcome of a great read and one with plenty of twists and turns, enter the giveaway below or purchase a copy of Urban Exchange. I know that this is not only my first S.K. Durban read, but it also won’t be my last. FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of Uneven Exchange from the publisher via iRead Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review. Opinions expressed are mine.
MeezCarrie More than 1 year ago
An intriguing premise, a strong heroine, and an organic faith are the strengths of Uneven Exchange by S.K. Derban. The action ebbed and flowed – sometimes gritty, sometimes fast-paced, sometimes a bit bogged down in dialogue. The romance angle seemed a little flat to me, perhaps because I never really engaged with Alexandra and Jake as a couple. Or really with Jake at all until nearly the end of the book. While they said they had a lot of emotion for each other, I didn’t actually get that impression from their scenes together or their conversations apart, again until nearly the end of the book. It didn’t take away from the book for me; it just didn’t add anything to it, in my opinion.The book does suffer a bit from stilted dialogue and too much time spent on rather adolescent ribbing between DEA colleagues (it was amusing at first… but it got old after a while), but overall Derban presents an entertaining suspense novel with a couple of unique twists. (I received a copy of this book in exchange for only an honest review.)
SeasonsofGrace More than 1 year ago
This book had a totally different plot than any other book I have read. It was quite interesting. More thriller and suspense than romance, it still included a bit of fuzzy feelings. I wasn't extremely impressed with the cover though. It seems to have a paranormal look and in my opinion doesn't necessarily reflect the books content. The main character Alexandra is an interior designer. When she draws the attention of the DEA because of her looks, she begins a new side job in secrecy. Her assignment is to become a dangerous assassin's sister not simply in looks, but actions ,mannerisms and words, so DEA can catch him. As much as she hates deceiving her partner Jake, she figures she is doing it for a good cause. Jake has always been the love of her life, but he doesn't seem to reciprocate her feelings. Extra work will keep her mind of him. Her upcoming trip to Mexico must be kept a secret at all costs if it is going to work. Jake, Alexandra' s partner has had feelings for her for as long as he can remember, but wants to give her space, and its afraid to ruin their amazing relationship by attempting to take it a step further. But when Alexandra begins to change, he is not sure what to do next. He only knows he doesn't want to lose her. But it's it already too late? I thoroughly enjoyed this book exception of a bit of mild language, which is not normally my choice of reading. The story kept me interested and waiting to see what would happen. It wasn't extremely predictable, and included several twists. I am not sure I would consider it Christian fiction per say, but Alexandra does have a deep faith in God and relies on Him to get her through. I wouldn't recommend for young readers for to some mild violent content. I received this book from ireads in exchange for my honest opinion.
Catherine_Carrington More than 1 year ago
This is one of the rare books that kept me wanting to read until the end. This is such a wonderful thriller. The characters are well developed and perfect. Alexander is in love with her business partner but she does not think he sees her the same way. Alexander is recruited for a dangerous mission in Mexico to bring in a dangerous assassin by the DEA. Things go wrong and Jake is worried that he may lose her forever. The one thing I love about this book is that it does use some Spanish which gives the book the feel. For those like me who do not know Spanish, don't worry the author gives the translation or something that helps the reader to understand what they are saying. As previous said, Alexander is a great character. I LOVE LOVE LOVE strong female characters. As a female it is nice to read a book where the female is not "the damsel in distress' so to speak but also have their flaws. This describes Alexander. I also love Alexander strong faith in God. This is a Christian fiction book. I also love that it is a clean read. There is no sex screens or bad language. To me this makes the book even more enjoyable. This book has everything including romance, mystery, action and so forth. I am so glad to been able to read this book. This book is one that no one will regret reading. On Goodreads, the rating is 4.5 out of 5 and Amazon it has 4.6 out of 5. I have no complaints with this book. I give it a full 5 out of 5. I loved it. Great writing S.K Derban. I look forward reading more from you. I received this book from iReads Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.
lilacqueen75 More than 1 year ago
Uneven Exchange really takes a reader on an experience of suspense, romance, and adventure. I love reading books about people going undercover, but I know for sure that I wouldn't last in a situation where I had to do it. Alexandra is noticed in Mexico as a dead-ringer for Daniela, the sister of a wanted assassin. She is approached by the DEA to go undercover to help them catch this guy...and she agrees to help. The characters are written in a realistic way, but I wondered at times why Alex wasn't more scared or nervous. She did display those emotions, but I would be a complete wreck--she has more composure than I would, especially when she was caught in a very intense situation. I like how she immerses herself into everything she does--no halfway with her. I liked how normal Kevin, the DEA SAC, is. He's married with a family, but has struggled with an emotional connection in the past. He's not the perfect leader, husband, or father, but he strives to do his best. Jake, Alex's business partner, doesn't realize what he has until it's gone and I loved watching him do what it takes to find it again. The suspense is really intense at times, but I felt a little disappointed with the climax of the story--it was a bit of a letdown after such a strong purpose. I liked the ending, but felt that a few strings were left unraveled--I'm not sure if it's open for a follow-up story or not. All in all, I really enjoyed it. Content: mild religious elements (one character likes to pray and study scriptures, but it's not preachy); mild violence (an attempted rape, kidnapping, etc--not graphic); mild romance (kissing, vague talk of sex and a fade to black scene between a married couple). *I received a copy through iReads Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite things in a book is a strong female character. Alex certainly fit that. Not only was she strong in her faith in God, she was strong in her belief that she could infiltrate a known terrorist with only a short time of training. While there were times she questioned what was going to happen to her, she never faltered in doing what she felt was right. I did feel like her ties to some of the other characters was off. They were supposed to be close friends and yet the chemistry seemed off in some way. The mission was the main storyline. I felt like there were parts left unfinished, maybe that was the plan. There were also times that I found the storyline jumping from point to point. There were a few characters I felt got a little more page time than needed and they just dragged the story on. There was a couple romance storylines also but I felt like they were added to the book just so that it would fit into a broader list of genres. I enjoyed reading Uneven Exchange. If you are looking for a book about a strong in faith woman going from interior decorator to DEA agent this is the book for you.
Pervin More than 1 year ago
Thriller with a hint of romance Uneven Exchange is truly an exciting & engrossing read penned down by S. K. Derban. Alexandra Callet, a successful interior designer, bears resemblance to Miguel Santiago’s sister, Daniela. She has been recruited by the DEA to aid them to capture Santiago; a dangerous assassin; and bring him back to the States to put him behind bars. Further the story unfolds Alexandra’s adventurous escape from Santiago’s hacienda back to San Diego following his capture. The action moves along quickly and the story, romance, mystery kept me enthralled all the way till the end. I really like the ending of the book and I found it to be very well done in the way the author has informed the readers of where all the main characters are subsequent to bringing the assassin to justice. Brilliantly developed and wonderfully executed, this book is one that deserves attention from fans all over
RedPolishedFrog More than 1 year ago
Uneven Exchange is a breath of fresh air for such a busy day living like mine. The story is catchy and easy going-how womans life has changed since she takes part in a dangerous mission in Mexico and how this decision turned her life upside down. The author takes you straight into the world of criminals and criminals along with the emotional impact between the heroes. Its an interesting easy readable story that takes both your mind and soul to an interesting trip along with the heroes. The heroine Alexandra acts as most of us women would - brave,bold and absolutely magnetic. Its definitely a book I can recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an adventure story intermingled with true love. When Alexandria turns out to be a look alike of the sister of a wanted man the DEA sends her undercover to help them catch Miguel Santiago. Alex cant tell friends or family what she is doing. Is Alex getting into a danger she can get out of? Will she and Jake finally reveal their love for each other? This was a fun book to read; it included danger, love and moments that made you laugh. I loved that there wasn't a slow page but the story moved right along. I felt connected to each character and they fit well in the story. Reading this book left me feeling happy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is really not a romance as much as an adventure/thriller. The plot is an interior designer is seen and looks just like an assassins sister. The DEA recruits her to pose as the sister so they can take down the assassin. Secretly the designer is in love with her parner but cant tell him. Hes in love with her but doesnt say anything either. This is all secondary to the plot of getting the killer. There are too many side characters that arent fleshed out and a couple of plot points that arent really resolved. Sometimes the conversations seem tedious and not necessary. Also the Christian theme of God watching over it all and having a hand in the outcome seems to be just thrown in. Overall it is an interesting plot twist, but needs some editing and tightening. The dialogue is tedious at times and not always really relevant to the story.