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Unexpected Love: Seasons of Redemption, Book Three

Unexpected Love: Seasons of Redemption, Book Three

4.7 4
by Andrea Boeshaar

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Nurse Lorenna Fields always took her job at Chicago's Lakeview Hospital seriously, determining never to become personally involved with her patients. Then a mysterious man with eyes like onyx is admitted after a shipwreck on Lake Michigan. He has lost his memory and sight. Renna feels a special kinship with this man and dubs him Mr. Blackeyes. Soon the two


Nurse Lorenna Fields always took her job at Chicago's Lakeview Hospital seriously, determining never to become personally involved with her patients. Then a mysterious man with eyes like onyx is admitted after a shipwreck on Lake Michigan. He has lost his memory and sight. Renna feels a special kinship with this man and dubs him Mr. Blackeyes. Soon the two build a strong trusting friendship, and Renna shares her faith in the Lord. But she dreads the day her patient will recover. His memory will take him away from her to family and friends now forgotten, and his regained sight will reveal a secret about herself that Renna has been trying hard to hide. But someone else besides Renna doesn't want "Mr. Blackeyes" to remember the past...and may not allow him to live to see the future.

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Seasons of Redemption , #3
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In addition to writing, Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar speaks at writers’ conferences and for women’s groups. She has taught workshops at conferences such as: Write-To-Publish American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Oregon Christian Writers Conference, Mount Hermon Writers Conference, and many other writers’ conferences. Andrea is also co-founder of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) organization. For many years she served on the advisory board and was also CEO of the ACFW.

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Unexpected Love 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
richardblake More than 1 year ago
Andrea Boeshaar combines the elements of strong character development, believable dialog, a positive Christian message, and with a plot which includes compelling suspense in "Unexpected Love," the third in the series "Seasons of Redemption." Worlds apart socially, Nurse Renna Fields and Captain Brian Sinclair find themselves in a quandary of emotional uncertainties. Sinclair is admitted to Chicago's Lakeview Hospital, a victim of amnesia and blindness after a miraculous escape from a shipwreck on Lake Michigan. Sinclair, a self centered, women's man, has lost all memory of his two children, his widowhood, and a thriving business. Renna Fields, a dedicated Christian nurse is put in charge of his care. The setting is in 19th century Chicago. Throughout the healing process Renna and Captain Sinclair find themselves drawn to each other. Renna fears that when his sight returns Brian will be repulsed by her birthmark. Sinclair taken by the warmth, concern, and character of Renna asks himself, "How can a man like me win the heart of a woman like Renna?" Andrea Boeshaar's plot is driven by her characters. She is skilled at bringing them to life on the page as they grow in character through the series. I was pleased to Brian grow in his character and values since his introduction in "Uncertain Heart" book 2 in the Seasons of Redemption series. "Unexpected Love" is a story of redemption and second chances in the midst of tragedy, of a forgotten past and an uncertain future. Boeshaar's writing just keeps getting better.
mrsred49 More than 1 year ago
Lorenna Fields is a nurse back in 1866 and lives in Chicago and she had nursed in the civil war and saw everything, so nothing bothered her. One of her patients was a man that had been found in the water and he or no one else knew who he was. If you have read the first book you will know who he is, but Lorenna (Renna) as she is called from her on out, called him Mr Blackeyes. Renna got very attached to her patients and the other nurses didn't like her because of that, but she could not help it, she prayed for them and helped them in ways that she would want to be treated if she was them. She got attached to Mr. Blackeyes and felt sorry for him, as he could not remember who he was and he was blind also. As Mr. Blackeyes begin to get some of his memory back another man came on the scene that was looking for him and wanted to get even with him. Mr. Blackeyes was being called a pirate by Renna as she cared for him since he was so mysterious. Her father had started going to see him at night and to read to him from the Bible, so he gave his heart to God and from here on out he was a changed man, even though he had done some bad things in his past. Renna's father and mother brought him to their house for a while until his memory came back, then they carried him to his home where his children were waiting for him as his wife had died and they were to be raised by a friend as stated in his will if anything happened to him. As the story progresses and Brian Sinclair (Mr Blackeyes) starts to remember who he is and Renna has a secret that she does not want him to know, strange things start to happen and it is all concering Brian. Someone hates him and is after him. Can't wait until the next book comes out to see what happens in this series. This book was sent to me free from Strange Book Group in order for me to review.
BookReviewsByMolly More than 1 year ago
When you find an author that you absolutely love, love, love, you want ALL their books for your bookshelf. And that's just the kind of author that I've found in Ms. Boeshaar. Unwilling Warrior and Uncertain Heart were fabulous additions to this Season of Redemption series but, in my honest opinion, I feel like Unexpected Love outshines them both. It's full of meaning and depth and takes the reader on a roller coaster ride back into Historical Chicago, and ends up at unexpected emotional feelings along the way. Through Ms. Boeshaar's seasoned and skilled hand, this novel, as with her previous novels, comes to life. Picking up where Uncertain Heart let off, Ms. Boeshaar brings us back into the life of Captain Brian Sinclair, the wealthy store owner who showed no love for anyone but himself and used so many people in the past. Ms. Boeshaar brings us into the life of Lorenna "Renna" Fields, the nurse who prayed for and took care of "Mr. Blackeyes" after a tragic boating accident left him with amnesia and blind. But, what of the feelings God's put in Mr. Blackeyes' heart for Renna? Can it be love, something he's NEVER experienced in his life? And, what of the birthmark on Renna's beautiful face? Can God show her, through her Mr. Blackeyes, that she's beautiful just as she is because her love for God and others shines from the inside out??? As I got to know both of these sweet characters, who were by far my favorite ones yet, I learned the answer to these questions and so much more. God poured His love through Ms. Boeshaar's words, into this book and truly captured me. With a touch of secrets and mystery this 3rd installment is highly worthy of 5 stars and recommendation! By the end of the book you'll be anxiously awaiting book 4!!!
snidbits More than 1 year ago
Lorenna Fields is a nurse and feels a special burden when a man rescued from a shipwreck is brought in. She gives the man the nickname "Mr. Blackeyes" because of his dark, onyx-colored eyes. The man has amnesia and is rendered temporarily blind as a result of the accident. Lorenna is unexplainably drawn to him and begins praying for his recovery. Once he has gained back his strength and some of his memory returns, Mr. Blackeyes stays with Lorenna and her parents until he makes a full recovery. It's there that he finally remembers who he is and what really happened to cause his ship to wreck. Lorenna cares for her pirate but is scared for when his sight returns. What will he think when he can see her? Though Mr. Blackeyes has a secret what will he think when he learns of Lorenna's? This is book three in Boeshaar's "Seasons of Redemption" series. I haven't read the first book, "Unwilling Warrior" but I have read book two, "Uncertain Heart" and enjoyed this third installment much better. I felt things were a little rushed in book two but since Richard and Sarah's story continues, you already have a knowledge of them and their background. I love the twist Boeshaar includes in the book. I had wondered how some of the pieces fit together and was relieved when it finally made sense. I liked that my questions were answered from "Uncertain Heart."