Unfatally Dead: to thaw or not to thaw?

Unfatally Dead: to thaw or not to thaw?


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This alternative history novel begins with a mouse trying desperately to follow an ambulance occupied by a VIP being transported into a laboratory/clinic. It's Dec. 16, 1966… the day WALT DISNEY’s body supposedly was placed into cryonic suspension.

He faces a momentous decision: a contractual provision requires a review, every five years, to assess whether enough medical advances would be feasible for reanimation. Although absent for 50 years, he has not been forgotten, figuratively or literally.

This poses questions that each of us may have to answer in our own lives as we measure ourselves against the changes wrought by medical and scientific progress. Moreover, who might enjoy being the first person to be revived to a functioning life more than Walter Elias Disney?

This new science fiction and fantasy novel exposes both Disney and curmudgeon mentor, celebrated icon Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain (notorious for his way of yarn spinning) to numerous time travel and enlightening experiences – some predetermined, others not so much - all to ensure a heightened awareness of the possible pitfalls or foibles experienced herein:

  • Disney and Clemens experience San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury twice, 20 years apart.
  • They are seen by dismayed Mission Control at NASA, while on the moon.
  • They listen to famed singer Joan Baez at Woodstock.
  • They meet Steve Jobs at a garage sale.
  • Twain realizes there is more than one Mark Twain on the Bonanza television set.
  • There is a run-in with an Olympic runner and encounter an obnoxious biker with his unruly chick.
  • They have a run-in with a bank robber; visit a nightclub and an important tool is stolen.
  • And of course, they visit both Disneyland and Disneyworld with hilarious and heartwarming outcomes.
  • When they interact with modern audiovisual technology and kitchen appliances, anything can and does happen.
  • They also experience the dismay of traumatic world-changing events and the pitfalls of not following dictates set forth prior to beginning the journey.

UFD is based in part on actual events that happened to specific people and places and incorporate technological advances since 1966. Their journeys are unique, the characters endearing, and the situations have numerous unintended consequences leaving behind a trail of effects… all the way to a President’s family.

To top it off, there is a naive new soul introduced, Eepia. Her mission is to keep the two from fracturing the timeline continuum during the ensuing time travel adventures. As an assigned mentor Twain is not too pleased.

The spirit of this science fiction adventure is simply to remind us to embrace and celebrate life in the present, contemplate and examine the powerful options available tomorrow and is an alternative history possible?

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999369807
Publisher: WEDmiston Publishing
Publication date: 07/31/2018
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

1944-1989. Married for nearly 17 years to Wayne Edmiston. After graduating Chico High School she received a scholarship from Hana-Barbara Studios for an animation figure to accompany Yogi Bear. She created Boo-Boo, a delightful companion. She wrote several manuscripts, the one here -UNfatally Dead; to thaw or not to thaw? - was her inspiration, a screenplay, before she left this life way too early.

Wayne Edmiston is a fourth-generation Californian, a fifth-generation teacher, and an Eagle Scout. He served in the Air Force for almost four years, including an 11-month tour in Vietnam (1969) as a crew chief for an RF-101 Voodoo aircraft, and honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant; he is a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW.)
He earned his bachelor's degree and a California State teaching life credential at Chico State College. Throughout his teaching career, Edmiston focused on special education.
He taught both academic and vocational subjects in four of California State's correctional institutions. As a correctional educator for 23 years, he wore many hats, including acting academic supervisor, senior librarian, literacy coordinator for GED and college distant learning programs, chief GED examiner, and assistant literacy supervising Laubach tutor-trainer, and was a member of the State Planning Panel for Corrections with California Literacy for five years. He spent two more years as the community living skills facilitator for the state mental hospital at Atascadero.
Both he and his wife, Jacque, are ordained New Thought ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living and teach Science of Mind principles. They are all-denominational wedding officiants and respect all couples, including LGBTQ families and prison inmates.
Their website is OneSpiritBeachWeddings.com.
As a writer and author, the screenplay version of Edmiston's family-oriented, science fiction story, UNfatally Dead: to Thaw or Not to Thaw? was a finalist in two contests. Both the play and the subsequent, expanded book depict a fascinating time-traveling journey of two icons, Samuel Clemens (known worldwide as Mark Twain) and Walt Disney, accompanied by Eepia, a new soul.

Wayne has also written a children's book, Ellie and Her Elephant, and is working on a multi-part "thrillology" drawn from personal metaphysical experiences he has fictionalized to protect some of the characters, living or not. Other works are in progress.

Edmiston is involved with Reader's Theatre at the South County Historical Society in San Luis Obispo County, and are also screeners for the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Wayne is also a member of Coastal Dunes CWC. He and his wife, Jacque, reside on California's Central Coast with their Lhasa Apso-mix dog, Sophie.

Senior Editor and Creative Director of High-Grade Editing . Writers have told me my editing skills clarified their narrative without losing who THEY are. One said his reviewers remarked how much his writing had improved after he worked with me; another said, "You make me sound like a writer, when I didn't think I ever would."​

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Table of Contents


Prologue 1

1: The Journey Begins 5

2: Heaven 9

3: San Francisco, March 1968 23

4: More from Haight–Ashbury 35

5: Not of this Earth, 1969 39

6: Woodstock 51

7: A Soundstage Experience like no Other 57

8: Menlo Park, California, circa 1973 63

9: A Feisty Bank Heist? 71

10: Los Angeles Olympics, 1984 79

11: Disneyworld Florida, October 1986 85

12: Haight–Ashbury Redux 87

13: It’s Disco Time in a Big City 93

14: Not a Good Day for Stocks 103

15: Tiananmen Square, China 111

16: Berlin’s Falling 115

17: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride 119

18: Disneyworld and Disneyland, 2005 125

19: Hurricane Katrina 133

20: It’s Almost Time to Decide 137

21: Back on Earth 143

22: Gabriel’s Office—Again 149

23: Back and Forth 153

24: Intervention 157

25: Deciding Moments? 161

26: You Can’t Take it With You 167

Truth or Fiction? 169

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