The Unfeathered Bird

The Unfeathered Bird

by Katrina van Grouw


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The Unfeathered Bird by Katrina van Grouw

There is more to a bird than simply feathers. And just because birds evolved from a single flying ancestor doesn't mean they are structurally all the same. With over 385 stunning drawings depicting 200 species, The Unfeathered Bird is a richly illustrated book on bird anatomy that offers refreshingly original insights into what goes on beneath the feathered surface. Each exquisite drawing is made from an actual specimen and reproduced in sumptuous large format. The birds are shown in lifelike positions and engaged in behavior typical of the species: an underwater view of the skeleton of a swimming loon, the musculature of a porpoising penguin, and an unfeathered sparrowhawk plucking its prey. Jargon-free and easily accessible to any reader, the lively text relates birds' anatomy to their lifestyle and evolution, examining such questions as why penguins are bigger than auks, whether harrier hawks really have double-jointed legs, and the difference between wing claws and wing spurs. A landmark in popular bird books, The Unfeathered Bird is a must for anyone who appreciates birds or bird art.

  • A unique book that bridges art, science, and history
  • Over 385 beautiful drawings, artistically arranged in a sumptuous large-format book
  • Accessible, jargon-free text--the only book on bird anatomy aimed at the general reader
  • Drawings and text all based on actual bird specimens
  • Includes most anatomically distinct bird groups
  • Many species never illustrated before

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780691151342
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication date: 01/29/2013
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 777,915
Product dimensions: 10.40(w) x 12.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Katrina van Grouw is a former curator of the ornithological collections at London's Natural History Museum, a taxidermist, an experienced bird bander, a successful fine artist, and a graduate of the Royal College of Art. She is the author of Birds, a historical retrospective of bird art, published under her maiden name Katrina Cook. The creation of The Unfeathered Bird has been her lifetime's ambition.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments viii

A Note about Names x

Introduction xii

Part One: Generic

The Trunk 2

The Head and Neck 8

The Hind Limbs 14

The Wings and Tail 19

Part Two: Specific

I Accipitres 30

Vultures 32

Birds of Prey 35

Owls 44

II Picae 52

Parrots 54

Turacos and Others 58

Kingfishers 62

Hornbills and Allies 65

Toucans and Barbets 70

Woodpeckers 74

Hummingbirds 80

III Anseres 84

Waterfowl / Domestic Waterfowl 86

Penguins 104

Loons 114

Grebes 119

Albatrosses, Petrels, and
Storm Petrels 124

Tropicbirds and Frigatebirds 132

Pelicans 136

Gannets 139

Cormorants and Darters 144

Gulls, Terns, Skimmers, and Skuas 150

Auks 154

IV Grallae 162

Flamingos 164

Herons 167

Shoebill 173

Storks, Ibises, and Spoonbills 174

Cranes 181

Rails 185

Kagu 190

Waders 192

V Gallinae 202

Gamebirds / Domestic Fowl 205

Screamers 220

Hoatzin 223

Ostrich, Kiwis, and Other Ratites 226

Tinamous 237

Bustards 239

Sandgrouse 242

Dodo and Solitaire 244

VI Passeres 248

Pigeons / Domestic Pigeons 250

Nightjars 258

Swifts 263

Passerines 266

Index 284

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The Unfeathered Bird 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Great book ! Am taking veterinary Illustration this fall, will be devouring this and the second book of hers, that I just purchased !