Unfettered III: New Tales by Masters of Fantasy

Unfettered III: New Tales by Masters of Fantasy


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ISBN-13: 9781944145231
Publisher: Grim Oak Press
Publication date: 03/19/2019
Pages: 768
Sales rank: 85,417
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 2.40(d)

About the Author

Shawn Speakman is the award-winning editor of Unfettered, Unbound, and Unfettered II, and the author of The Dark Thorn, an urban fantasy novel Terry Brooks called “a fine tale by a talented writer.” An avid fan of SF&F, he owns The Signed Page and Grim Oak Press while freelance writing for Penguin Random House. He currently lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and son.

Todd Lockwood 's art has appeared on New York Times-bestselling novels, industry magazines, and fantasy/science fiction games, such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. He has won more than 15 Chesley Awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award, and two World Fantasy Art Show Awards. He currently lives in Washington with his wife and three children. The Summer Dragon is his debut novel. He can be found at toddlockwood.com.

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The Power of Three

I had no idea what the future would hold when I planned Unfettered in 2011.

In truth, how could I? The present took precedence over that future. I spent every day recovering from two surgeries and six months of chemotherapy—necessary evils to combat the greater evil of cancer. Knowing I must, I fought to create Unfettered from nothing. I gave little thought to a future in publishing, of writing, or even what the next day could bring.

Now, seven years later, I look back fondly at that time, remembering how my author friends rallied to my banner. They did so again with Unfettered II , to raise money for others in similar dire straits. Now the publication of Unfettered III continues that mission. These authors contribute works of the fantastic because they believe in the power of our geek community making a difference. In short, they believe in you, the reader. It warms my heart to no end.

But as I sit here writing this introduction, I am reminded that the true power of these anthologies resides within their pages—great stories written by authors at the top of their game. And Unfettered III has both, no doubt. I never thought one day I’d publish a Shannara tale. Or a Dune entry. Or any part of the Wheel of Time, let alone a novella-sized Perrin story. Or powerful new contributions featuring gorgeously wrought prose from writers like Seanan McGuire, Callie Bates, and Naomi Novik. Or grimdark by Anna Smith Spark, Anna Stephens, and Mark Lawrence. The list goes on and on. I am humbled by Unfettered III. I think you are in for one helluva read!

That is not all though. Unfettered III is why I keep publishing and hope to do so for many years to come. I can see that future now. These anthologies are a testament to great storytelling but more than that. It shows the character and strength of our reading community—and our humanity. We rise to help others when they are down; we fight for those in need when our needs have been met.

And magic is within the words and hearts of us all.

Shawn Speakman
Editor and Publisher
December 2018

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Unfettered III: New Tales by Masters of Fantasy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
59The-Mohlman 15 days ago
An Anthology with a purpose and which provides a service. Featuring a great line up of fantasy fiction authors, including New York Times best selling author Terry Brooks, each story is guaranteed not to disappoint. I give it 5 out of 5 stars