Unforgettable Journey:A World War II Memoir

Unforgettable Journey:A World War II Memoir

by Stanley Stanley Huff


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His letters start in March 1944, when he was an eighteen-year-old on his way to basic training at Fort Eustis, Virginia--but his story begins with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the dramatic changes that swept the nation.

Mr. Huff writes a memoir that is crafted like a sweeping novel. The reader experiences the hard work and tediousness of combat training; the close confines of the military ship as 14,000 men of the 97th Division are transported across the Atlantic Ocean to Le Havre, France; the shock and dismay upon witnessing the human and material destruction already caused by the European conflict; experiencing the brutal realities of front line infantry combat; and the frustrations of being sent halfway around the world for six months of occupation duty in Japan.

Historical information and the author's reflections on the War are interspersed throughout the book, providing a thoughtful and humane backdrop for the story he wishes to share.

These authentic letters provide a genuine account of what military life was like during World War II. Mr. Huff does not dilute the words he wrote over fifty years ago; rather he offers them as a true testament to the way it was.

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ISBN-13: 9780970198006
Publisher: Bridgeford Press
Publication date: 03/01/2001
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Part IThe Home Front
1Pearl Harbor3
2Patriotism Replaces Isolationism6
3Economic Miracle9
4Waiting to Go13
Part IIThe Army Stateside
5Army Innocence21
6The Real Army At Last26
7Combat Training: Rain, Mud, Snafus31
8The 97th Infantry Division38
9Fun in the Sun--Camp San Luis Obispo52
10San Diego Interlude--Camp Callan67
11Camp Cooke71
12A Christmas Furlough88
13Hurry Up and Wait94
Part IIIThe European War
14An Atlantic Cruise to France107
15Europe at Last: A Brief Tour of France112
16Springtime in Germany118
17Picking the (Ruhr) Pocket128
18One Down, One to Go139
19Farewell for Fifty years156
Part IVThe Japanese Occupation
20The War Ends at Fort Bragg169
21West to the Far East179
22After the Sunset--First Impressions189
23Matsuyama--The Fruits of Victory198
24Konosu--No Substitute for Home219
Part VReflections
25War and Its Myths241
26The Fortunate Ones246

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