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What happens when two commitment-phobes fall for each other?
Becka Sherwood has one man in her life, her best friend and roommate Dave. That is exactly how she wants to keep it. Becka has no problem casually dating. It's once things get serious that she bails. To Becka getting serious means trusting someone, and she has zero interest in making that mistake again.
What about Nate is different?
Nate Parker doesn't want a girlfriend but can't seem to keep his mind, or hands, off of Becka. Problem is, he can't handle the idea of her being with anyone else either. Will Nate admit to himself there must be a reason he can't seem to stay away from her?

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ISBN-13: 9780988771338
Publisher: Carey Heywood
Publication date: 02/04/2013
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.66(d)

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Uninvolved 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not the best book I've read lately. There was too much narration and not enough interaction between the characters. It seemed as though the story should have been longer but the author tried to cram it all into 165 pages.
MelodieRamone More than 1 year ago
Uninvolved is the second novel by author Carey Heywood. It is the story of two people with unresolved issues of the heart who meet by chance and together weave a web of confusion that draws many people in and causes everyone misery. Does this sound like a downer? Not really. The main characters are people we all have known, people who have been hurt and built up defenses to avoid ever being hurt again. Yet they are lonely, desperate almost for companionship, and are terrified when they meet their perfect match. Thus they act out and play games to avoid commitment, they make mistakes, they reach in different directions and come up empty handed, guilty, and more confused than they began. Until one fine day dawns the idea, "Hey. I'm miserable. Maybe I'm doing something wrong." Uninvolved is a tale of growing up and letting go of fears and preconceptions that are not only no longer necessary, but that are holding us back from our destiny. Ms. Heywood again tells a story with a deeper meaning than just the words themselves and does so with flair
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was an okay story with the makings of a storyline that could have been great. People are flawed and real and the characters revealed that however the shaping and handling of the story as it progressed was weird and the timing of the story just plain awful. Becka's actions with Kyle ruined the likeability of her character and made her unenderable. Also, with the character of Nate. His side of the story was never presented in an understandable way so his actions were just cruel and he was seen as mean and unlikeable. If the main heroine and hero of a story are not likeable why care what happens to them? It made the book hard to want to finish. The pace was slow and never went where the story could have went. Then at the end nate miraculously comes to his senses for no rhyme or well explained reason and she excepts it like a dishrag with no backbone. The ending was like a nascar race hurried and the story suffered. It was a great storyline with a potentially wonderful story to unravel but not used properly. I was left baffled at the squandered opportunity. Too bad I could see so much more that could have come out of these characters. Kinda sad.
RomanticReadingEscapes1 More than 1 year ago
This book is not a dreamy romance or a girl meets the man of her dreams and they fall madly in love and live happily ever after sort of book.  This is a very realistic story of how relationships sometimes really are when you have two commitment phobic people.  The back and forth affair, the teasing, the leading on, the one-sided attraction.  Love doesn't always hit each person at the same time; if it did, then life would be perfect, wouldn't it?  But life isn't perfect and neither is love.  Uninvolved gave me a similar feeling as when I read Avoiding Commitment but without the degree of angst.   Carey Heywood has captured the truth in the workings of love and relationships in real life with Uninvolved.  Becka's immaturity was evidenced by the childish game of spin-the-bottle and stowing of an empty beer bottle that belonged to Nate.  At first I thought this made Becka seem pathetic, but then I realized that it was just her maturity level, and only validated why Nate referred to Becka as "Kid."  My anger toward Becka's desperation for Nate was off the charts, but then I realized that this is exactly how it is in real life sometimes.  In the end, I grew to like Becka again, and after getting Nate's full story, I grew to like him, too.  Do we get a happily ever after for these two commitment phobics or for Becka and Kyle?  Well, there is a happily ever after, but you will have to read the book to discover just who is happy and who is not. *wink*