Union Work: A Manual for Local, County, District, and State Christian Endeavor Unions

Union Work: A Manual for Local, County, District, and State Christian Endeavor Unions

by Amos R. Wells


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THIS book takes the place of '' Our Unions '' in the list of publications of the United Society of Christian Endeavor, but it is not a revision of that volume. "Union Work '' is a new book from beginning to end, every sentence appearing here for the first time. Since "Our Unions" was written, twenty years ago, Christian Endeavor unions have obtained a remarkable development, calling for an entirely new manual. An indication of this development is the present volume, which, though strictly condensed, is three times as large as "Our Unions,'' and treats many important subjects which are not even mentioned in the former manual because they had not yet been introduced in union work.

It is hoped that many unions will form their officers and leading workers into classes for the study of this book under enthusiastic leaders. To facilitate this class work each chapter is followed by a set of questions upon it, with subjects for talks, essays, and debates.

It is the aim of this book to present a picture of Christian Endeavor unions in their manifold present- day activities, to set forth the methods of work that have been found most useful, and to make manifest the value of our unions to the societies, the churches, and the community. They train the Endeavorers in many modes of co-operation and in the management of large affairs, thus furnishing to the churches for their widest interests a splendid body of skilled workers. In most communities they are the only interdenominational agencies at work along many important lines, thus drawing the churches together and doing much for the uplift of their towns and cities. This book is dedicated to the thousands of Christian Endeavor union officers throughout the world, whose deep devotion and fine ability are doing so much for the kingdom of God. May they find in these pages not only practical directions for their tasks, but the inspiration for new zeal and larger endeavors.


Boston, Massachusetts.

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