The United States and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

The United States and India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

by W. Norman Brown


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ISBN-13: 9780674924475
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Publication date: 01/01/1972
Series: American Foreign Policy Library
Pages: 396

About the Author

Mr. Brown was chairman of South Asia Regional Studies at the University of Pennsylvania from that department's creation in 1947 until 1966. He is retired President of the American Institute of Indian Studies.

Table of Contents

1. The Indian Subcontinent Today

2. The Traditional Heritage

3. Effects of British Rule

4. The Will To Be Free

5. The Leader of Revolt

6. The Winning of Independence

7. Hindu-Muslim Communalism

8. The Creation of Pakistan

9. Sequel to Partition

10. The Quarrel over Kashmir

11. The Birth of Bangladesh

12. Internal Political Developments

13. Political Parties

14. Social Progress and Problems

15. Population, Production, and Prosperity

16. Foreign Relations

17. Relations with the United States

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