Universal Awareness: Insights for Igniting the Power Within Us

Universal Awareness: Insights for Igniting the Power Within Us

by Gini Ruhlman


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In her latest work, Universal Awareness: Insights for Igniting the Power Within Us, author Gini Ruhlman reveals how our mindsets and belief systems are molded from the things we see, hear, or have been taught. She encourages us to distinguish our truths from fact and how imperative it is for us to seek direction for our personal lives rather than allow others to do it for us.

Ruhlman addresses fear and control and the damaging consequences they have on us. We are empowered with the ability to create positive or negative results in life. With Wisdom and unconditional love, we can learn to use that power to grow, inspire, avoid conflicts and create peace.

Finding our truth and living it defines our greatest challenge, marking our critical, invigorating turning point to embrace a truly meaningful life. Gini Ruhlman takes on this substantial task recounting insights drawn from her direct spiritual encounters and heartfelt and deeply moving journey. Explaining to her readers in clear terms how to discover this breakthrough for themselves. Gini motivates her readers to embrace the positive, transformative, and joyful possibilities for a meaningful life as they discover their true path. I highly recommend this important, refreshing, and gratifying read.

John T. Chirban, Ph.D., Th.D.

Harvard Medical School

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ISBN-13: 9781475979916
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/22/2013
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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Insights for Igniting the Power Within Us

By Gini Ruhlman

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2013 Gini Ruhlman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4759-7991-6



The Beginning

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it himself." Galileo

Who are we and what on earth are we doing here? This is the million dollar question for many. "Universal Awareness" was written to enlighten our thoughts with some possibilities that will provide insights for us to consider. To bring awareness, not force beliefs or viewpoints on others.

We all have definite mindsets. Our very thoughts originate from things we've seen, been taught or have read. We develop our beliefs based on this. We create mental pictures and formulate them into what we choose to believe whether they are true or false. The same thing occurs when groups of people see, read or are taught something. Hence Religions are born.

Organizations of various interests as well as countries that form united fronts all build their foundations on certain belief systems that have been shaped by images and ideas from these sources. Any kind of institution can be birthed from mindsets that have a common thread. The problems enter when these structures are established and then bind others by creating creeds, promises, oaths, pledges and a host of others things.

Unfortunately when religions function with certain prejudices and beliefs everyone is to adhere to, they are functioning as God for everyone else. We especially do this when we dictate the destiny of others that do not conform to our doctrines of belief. When someone does not agree with our dogmas we simply tell others the person teaching different concepts is deceived, never considering we may be the one in deception.

This is a manipulative way of getting others to trust what we teach is truth and any opposing view should be rejected. It is a form of fear on many different levels. The degree of hostility and anger will expose the amount of fear we possess and the lack of trust we have in a Divine Intelligence greater than our minds to lead others into truth.

Whenever an individual is impacted by fear or control, those implementing this have not yet realized our mental images and die-hard beliefs can be inaccurate or mistaken when it comes to factual evidence. We must humble ourselves by allowing each individual to seek explicit direction from our Divine Source rather than assuming to be the superior source receiving communication from God's mouth to our ear. No human is the direct channel possessing all explanations and understanding for everyone. A finite intelligence cannot compete with infinite intelligence.

Enlightenment from God is in the awareness of the beholder. Usually what we are aware of is what we have been taught to believe. The only problem with this is that it causes us to only go in one direction and we leave no room for our understanding to expand or consider the possibility that God doesn't see things the way we do. His observation is far greater and higher than ours. When I see things thirty thousand feet in the air, it is very different from the way I see things on the ground.

We must be very careful when it comes to closed-mindedness because Divine Intelligence may be trying to reveal greater knowledge and understanding to us but we refuse to open our minds because they are already made up. They are filled with those things we have seen, read or been taught.

We need to allow God to be God and let each individual discover their own direction and assignments in life. God is very capable of guiding everyone on an individual basis. It is there for the asking. We do not have to be fearful when consulting Divine Wisdom because I trust fear is not God's M.O. (modus operandi) as some may want us to believe, that's a man-made mode of operation.

I do realize there are many people who do not embrace a belief in God and I would hope those individuals would not base that decision on certain mindsets from others or concepts that I believe have misrepresented a Source with Divine Intelligence. If anyone believes that God created us, then we must know a Divine Intelligence does not make junk. If we originated from a Divine Being we certainly would acknowledge we came from a Source of Excellence. When we realize this, it will revolutionize our life.

It is my strong impression that anyone who states we are less has not yet realized the depth of Divine Love this Source of Spirit encompasses. We must be careful of the image created for us when man makes God in his image because that blemishes everything else.

Once we are awakened to the understanding that we were created in the image of God, we begin to realize and awaken to who we really are. I sincerely believe when we do not grasp the magnitude of this wonderful revelation, we become a dysfunctional society. We need to be extremely cautious and avoid using God as a punishing stick. That image has caused untold damage on our planet and is born out of fear and depictions without understanding.

These impaired images or mindsets create all sorts of dysfunctional behavior on earth. Once they are imbedded in a mind it can cause individuals to create all types of erroneous concepts. The problem is many of these notions are seriously dangerous and harmful to others.

One of the worst experiences I feel anyone goes through while living in this world is losing a loved one through violence. This is an area most difficult for me personally when helping those who feel they cannot find understanding regarding the reasons people commit violent acts. I only know that love has truly evaded these individuals. It saddens me to realize they never reached or understood a true "God Connection".

I believe many people have no desire to make a "God Connection" because they have been given some ungodly image of a Being who punishes us every time we make a mistake or poor choice. This is one of the worst descriptions of God I have ever heard.

I was taught that "God is Love" but He is also a God of justice and that is why we must be punished. I do not agree with that concept because unconditional love is not based on behavior, conditional love is. Our chastisement comes from the "sowing and reaping" of our own decisions. It is a built-in system in our universe. Unfortunately many times the innocent are victims of those who made very harmful decisions. This is why we are not robots on this planet and by an act of our own will must learn to choose love over hate, otherwise the harm continues. For this reason we cannot blame God.

I believe we were all instructed in the beginning but decided we wanted things our way. You can instruct a child not to play with matches and warn them of the consequences, but they still want to test it themselves. We seem to love testing the waters ourselves and sometimes it entails learning things the hard way. It appears we do that well.

Faith is the confidence that there are much greater things beyond and we will indeed discover the full and clear reasons things happened as they did. I can almost hear that voice say, "How did that work for you? Did you learn anything?" This is the words of a Father who really knows unconditional love.

I believe with all my heart we have a Spiritual Father/ Creator who loves us beyond our wildest comprehension, we just do not fully understand how Perfect Unconditional Love fully operates and in our finite minds things seem to appear so awful in areas on Planet Earth, but the truth is, we do not know the whole story ... yet!

From a great deal of digging down deep I discovered those harsh impressions of God stems from superstitious roots that have been passed down for centuries. I once embraced those perceptions until the love for truth became greater than fear. I also would think these harsh impressions would be an insult to a Divine Intelligence who is Perfect Unconditional Love.

Negative images imprinted within our minds create thoughts that can become very damaging to us. For instance, anyone being teased, bullied or told they are worthless, unlovable, or otherwise, is a serious offense because it is tremendously damaging.

I strongly feel this is one of the main causes of individuals going on a rampage. Negative, degrading words and actions toward others are not only harmful to individuals, but toxic and dangerous to the innocent ones that become victims of those people whose energy has been channeled into the lower vibrations where negative actions become detrimental and in some cases extremely destructive.

It is important to be sensitive and kind toward others because we never know when a word or action will plant a seed in the mind of a person causing poisonous effects. True Divine Love does not lead or speak to a person to do evil deeds to another.

Man may have said or written violent acts were inspired by God, but I strongly believe that is an erroneous interpretation. Man is capable of a very fertile imagination with the ability to lead others into fear which in turn can gain control over them, and what better validation than to say, "God told me to tell you this." Test the spirit, if the root is fear-based then we know it's man-based. If the root is unconditional love-based we know it's God-based.

The unconditional love-base does not include those instances when people use words associated with love to lure others into sexual activities against their will or any form of deception. This is not from the root of God's love, it is a counterfeit to deceive and manipulate others. We must be very careful when someone says, "If you love me you'll do what I ask." Perhaps we should reply, "If you love me, you won't ask."

Seek Divine Wisdom and discernment in all things. If unconditional love is the root, we will do the right thing by others. To realize we are made in the image of God means we know how to act and treat others. When we awaken to this truth, there will be no striving. We simply live in a way that will reflect who we are, the sons and daughters of God.

When Christ said, "He who has seen me has seen the Father" this gives us the perfect key to the character of God. He professed to emulate this Divine Being. His message concerning this Divine Source was always one of love toward everyone, not hatred, condemnation nor violence. Turning over a few tables to make a point by no means harmed anyone or defined violence.

It is imperative for us to take the time and ask God to reveal these things that have been hidden from us. We must first release any fears that bind us along with a desire to allow Divine Wisdom to guide us toward truths that we may have been unwilling to consider because we were taught otherwise.

We must be very careful to check out the real truth of how old or ancient writings were composed and gathered as well as the motive of man when writing and putting them together. Divine Source allows man the "free will" to say and do things whether their motives are pure or not. It is up to us to search and be guided toward the facts.

The facts we know are many of these Spiritual Leaders or what some call Masters were indeed historical figures and it is up to us to discern what they taught verses what man said they were teaching. If I only knew one thing that was imparted, it would be the phrase "He who doesn't love doesn't know God, for God is Love." Understanding this insight along with discovering the meaning of unconditional love will provide us with one of the greatest keys to transform the world we live in. Anything less than this kind of love is where I believe everything else originates such as hate, greed, jealousy, deceit, and all manner of harmful destruction and influences.

Could it be possible we are here on this planet to see the contrast and choose which energy we want to continue in. Love is the highest vibration. Hate and fear are the lowest. Perhaps the very vibrational levels we choose to function in will determine where our spirit or energy exists from here. It is something to think about. After all, how can light and dark or love and hate reside together and exist in peace.

We may want to explore man-made systems attributed to God which teach that certain phrases or obligations will secure eternal existence. I find it very important to measure these teachings alongside unconditional love, and ask if God's love fits certain actions, judgments or mindsets within these doctrines. It saddens me when I meet people who tell me they attended fellowships advocating God's love and acceptance only to find some of the meanest unforgiving people on earth.

This certainly makes one think when our body dies and we are left with spirit or energy, does it have a magic wand following us replying, "poof! I am extracting those characteristics of being mean, judgmental, unforgiving, and all other negative traits." Otherwise, we consist of who we really are retaining our "free will." Is it a belief system that transforms us or is it putting on and living in the Christ Mind (consciousness) that transforms us?

We may also ask ourselves if a Divine Intelligence would create beings in its image and then inspire them to destroy those images because of different races, beliefs or countries they live in. If we believe God operates from unconditional love and profess we too function from this center, our actions will reflect God's image otherwise we reflect the image of a manmade God and perform in that likeness.

This brings us back to those individuals affected by violence. I do feel there is a Divine Intelligence with the knowledge and understanding of "why" all these things happen in our life while being here on earth. I don't know all the answers to the "whys" and "wherefores", but something deep within my being perceives it is for a greater purpose. I believe we are all made in the image of God to learn unconditional love in order to prepare us for boundless things beyond. What this involves can lead us to a self-discovery that is beyond what we see and feel with these physical eyes and body.

My inquisitive nature of trying to understand this place we live has led me to a life-long search since I was a little girl. I also had a deep desire to love others as God did, the unconditional way. Suffice it to say that ambition can cause us to face a good deal of diverse types of suffering, pain or sorrow. I must state if I did not experience these things, I would never have been capable of writing this book. It has been a lifetime journey learning and understanding a considerable amount of life on earth.

I would like to take a moment and share a bit of humor along my life lessons. During one period in my life I experienced a great deal of suffering through a situation involving a person who was doing things that were very harmful and hurtful to our family. This made me so angry I could not see straight. At the time I was working in the film industry and met someone who has since become a lifelong friend.

During this occasion we were on a film together and I would arrive on the set with a fiery Italian fury (which I am still working on). My friend Tory would say to me, "now surround this person with God's Light and bless them in God's Love." This really did put things in a different perspective for me and I found I had great peace of mind whenever I would follow his suggestion.

This advice helped me a great deal until the day I came on the set after this individual had done something appalling. Tory saw the fire in my eyes and began his speech regarding "God's Light." I was so angry that I told him to "Take his Light and shove it where the sun don't shine" (well, I may have said it stronger than that, but this is the nicer version). To this day we still laugh about it every time we think of it.

When we get that angry, we are not very rational and when we are in that state it is extremely important, and I do mean important, to draw from Divine Wisdom or call a friend and vent, because it is at those times we are capable of doing something we may deeply regret. Trust me, my thoughts of what I wanted to do was anything but godly.

Thanks to Tory and friends like Midge and Nancy (sometimes it takes three friends), I calmed down and let reason come back to me. It was then that I learned how dangerous and harmful emotions can be if we do not take control over them. I am thrilled to be able to say I now look at that individual as one of the best teachers I have ever had on the planet. I truly learned the lesson about unconditional love from this person.

Christ gave us all the tools we would ever need to turn this world around for peace and harmony. He imparted principles in living a way of life that all could embrace. He never started a religion from them, man did that. This is why religion can kill, but the spirit can bring life. He stressed the "God Connection". He never stressed the religious connection. As a matter of fact, the religious ones wanted him destroyed.

Man's ego is a very serious matter to consider. The teachings of the Masters were never meant to be a religion, they were meant to be a way of life. How many religions and religious people have started wars and destroyed people on so many different levels in the name of God? I find many "blame" God for everything, but we seem to forget that we have "free will" to do as we please or we would be robots. Unfortunately the will of some do not have the best intentions toward others. This is one of the reasons why we have suffering on earth. No one seems to be exempt from it.

None of us experience every kind of pain or suffering there is, but no matter what an individual's pain may be, pain is pain. How can we measure someone's pain and say my pain is worse than yours? We may feel that our personal experience is far more tragic than another and believe others are clueless to the depth of suffering we experience, but that belief does not make it a fact.

When we are in pain from losing a pet verses someone who lost a loved one, we feel there is no comparison. What we need to be understanding about regarding others is that some people have pets in their lives that they deeply love and feel loved by. In these cases we cannot minimalize their experience verses ours because we cannot measure pain in a person.

Excerpted from UNIVERSAL AWARENESS by Gini Ruhlman. Copyright © 2013 by Gini Ruhlman. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc..
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Table of Contents


IMPORTANT NOTATION....................     ix     

INTRODUCTION....................     xi     

CHAPTER ONE The Beginning....................     1     

CHAPTER TWO Buy the Truth And Sell it Not....................     17     

CHAPTER THREE Love Drives out Fear....................     29     

CHAPTER FOUR Fear and Misconceptions....................     41     

CHAPTER FIVE Walking in Light....................     49     

CHAPTER SIX Peace of Mind....................     57     

CHAPTER SEVEN Conflicts, Attitudes and Personal Beliefs...................     63     

CHAPTER EIGHT Energy in Willpower....................     69     

CHAPTER NINE Life on Earth....................     81     

CHAPTER TEN World Peace....................     87     

CHAPTER ELEVEN Truth Verses Fact....................     93     

CHAPTER TWELVE Live and Let Live....................     101     

EPILOGUE....................     105     

REFERENCES....................     107     

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