Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c.78AD

Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c.78AD

by Jean Prieur du Plessis

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Universal Gateway of Enlightenment: The 2nd coming of Jesus as Lord of the World in c.78AD by Jean Prieur du Plessis

Universal Gateway of Enlightenment is backed by serious reseach. It is however presented in the form of a very endearing, and most readable Historical Novel. It is a 1st century adventure and travel story that starts in heaven and ends back in Kashmir at the 2nd coming of Christ, known in Sanskrit Holy Scripture as Avalokitesvara.

The book deals with the thesis that Jesus did not lie when he said he would return within a particular time frame, and after certain events would occur. He did in fact return on time, and in the East, exactly where he said he would first appear. Based on solid scholarship and self-evident truth that anyone can observe today, this book proves that Christians are being misled—Christ came, exactly as he had promised.

Iesous’ sponsors and benefactors, the Three Wise Men from the East, were easterners. This book follows Iesous’ travels East and West. We meet poignant characters; to mention one, Mari from Magadha in Eastern India. She becomes his foremost student, chief teacher and travel companion.

Iesous’ 2nd coming, as the glorified World Saviour, was announced in Sanskrit Scripture, accepted by the 2nd 4th World Council of Buddhism in c.75AD. He was hailed as the Son of the Father in Heaven, Saviour of all sentient beings. He teaches Humility, Simplicity and Compassion. He speaks of an all-benevolent Father in Heaven, who is not the Creator. The Creator is beyond our comprehension. He teaches that souls are reborn as spiritual beings.

This Christ-like figure, entitled Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit language, is deeply venerated by almost two billion easterners throughout South East Asia. The largest statues in the world, are of the Lord. The book is aimed at a general audience. Therefore, it is written as an historical novel, backed by academic notations on the book’s website. 

This is a good news book. It brings peace and beauty to present day, and apostate Christians. It validates what Hindus always knew. Buddhists are happy to hear that we also now see the light and Atheists find Iesous teaching about deities, and the true purpose of life and the simple ontology of our existence refreshing, even moving.

Jesus’ ministry was a huge success. During the 1st century, enormous reformations took place in major religions where he worked: Buddhism (Mahayana), Hinduism (Bhagavad Gita movement) and Judaism (Christianity).

The Lord and hosts of spiritual beings who work for our enlightenment and rebirth, are present with us. The West now sees the light, of the lightning that struck in the East. The Light, is now visible in the West (Jesus: Mt 24:27)

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About the Author

Jean was born and raised in Africa. He lived and worked on several continents. Jean is a lifelong student of mysticism and spirituality, earning academic credentials for studies in Christian Theology and World Religions. Further studies in Buddhism, the Upanishads, Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita, and other Vedic Scriptures continued for many years, and is ongoing. Jean describes himself as a pneumatologist at heart (student of spiritual matters). He is a professional teacher of spirituality, and author of several academic-style books and novels.

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