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Everything around us is changing. The professions are changing, our needs, our way of life, business models , investments and ultimately the things we use as money.

Right now we already live in the beginning of a new era. An era that will bring ultimate distraction to the unprepared but it will also give everything to the ones that are prepared.

In this book, we will reveal to you the truth without any fear but with all our passion. In this book you will learn about :

- How to take your future in your own hands! (Control of your life and your finances)

- The one and only business model that will survive and thrive. The business model that anyone can easily use to acquire not only financial independence but also freedom of time to live the life of a happy and free human being!

- The one and only investment that not only will protect you, your family and your wealth from any crisis, but it will also bring you unimaginable purchasing power in the near future!

- The history of money! What was, is and will always be money for humanity!

- How exactly the banking and monetary system works and how exactly transfers your time, energy, talents, wealth and freedom to your government and the banking sector!

- What is really happening in Greece, how is it happening and most important, WHY is it happening!

- Why soon the Greek crisis will cover the planet cause in reality it is a world crisis that just started in Greece!

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ISBN-13: 9780028011554

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