Unleash Your Creative Spirit!: The Guide to Building Your Dream Life

Unleash Your Creative Spirit!: The Guide to Building Your Dream Life

by Carolina Gårdheim


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It does not matter if you are new to personal development or if you are a veteran; Unleash Your Creative Spirit could become your life’s guiding star!

This beautiful, uplifting book is filled with wisdom, inspiration, and compassion, as well as plenty of simple yet effective exercises and hands-on tips for making better use of your most powerful resource, your Creative Spirit, so that you can start living your dream life.

Simply by reading the book, your life will take a more positive direction and if you do the suggested exercises, both small and big miracles will happen.

Do you long to feel a deep sense of trust that everything in your life is unfolding as it should? Do you desire more happiness, success, and love?

Then this book is for you.

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ISBN-13: 9781504360098
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/21/2016
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Carolina Gardheim is an author, inspirer and coach with the mission of helping creative women stand up for their big hearts, beautiful souls and amazing dreams, so they can create magical lives and contribute to a better world.She is the MBA economist, who, after finding herself lying on the floor unable to move, turned her life upside-down to adapt it to her Soul, instead of trying to live up to everybody else's demands.

In 2003 she started her company Kreativ Insikt (Creative Insight). She writes inspirational books and designs a variety of lifestyle products, infused with the intention of spreading love in the world and encouraging personal and spiritual growth.In addition, she inspires through her e-courses, programs and popular events.

Carolina lives in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden, together with her husband and their two sons, where she loves to write novels that never leave her desk drawers and always win at a family game of cards.

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Unleash Your Creative Spirit!

The Guide to Building Your Dream Life

By Carolina Gårdheim

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2017 Carolina Gårdheim
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6009-8


Central Thoughts and Tools

The foundation for all personal development is the belief that we can influence our own lives. If I did not believe this and if you did not believe this, personal growth would be impossible. If that were the case, we would be mere victims of the world, its events and developments. It would be a world in which we would only be able to respond, a world with no way of controlling or influencing things.

But we are not victims. We are the creators. It is my fundamental conviction that we can change ourselves, or rather that we can change our lives by becoming more ourselves. And when we go through this metamorphosis, something happens that affects our environment and our lives. My personal belief is that we humans, through our thoughts and feelings, are co-creators of everything that happens in the world at so feel free to taste it while you continue to read.

You Feel What Is True for You

In this chapter, I will go through some basic ideas that have been important for me in my development. Think of it as inspiration. This worked for me – now it is up to you to find out how things work best for you, and how you can find the way forward toward your ideal life.

When I mention the terms science, quantum physics, or some other experiment I have read or heard about, I have (with a few exceptions) chosen not to mention the sources of these examples. I have several reasons for doing this: I have personally experienced everything in this book to be true in my life. For me, that is sufficient proof that it is true. Furthermore, this is not a scientific report; the stories of research results and experiments are included only to strengthen your belief that you can influence your life more than you think. My opinion is, therefore, that the sources are irrelevant for the outcome of your development.

Finally, the whole idea of this book is to practice relying on yourself to discover what is true and important in your life, not by asking others. You are the only source you need! If it works for you, it is true. If it does not, then it is not true for you.

It is with this simplicity that I look at life, and it really does not need to be more complicated than that.

The next sections contain some thoughts and reasoning that demonstrate your ability to influence your life in the direction you want it to go. Please read it with critical eyes: Do you think it is true or not? There are no rights or wrongs here.

Welcome to my, and maybe your, world!

Everything Is Energy – and Our Creative Spirit Creates Our Reality

We now know that everything in the universe is composed of energy, both the objects we call matter (such as things and air), and the inner space we call thoughts and feelings.

Today, quantum physics can prove that our thoughts and feelings – i.e., our consciousness – affect the smallest particles that we know of in the universe. These small particles react to the vibration our thoughts and feelings produce, and as a result, they behave the way we expect them to. This means that we can affect the energy, and we can make the building blocks of our world behave differently depending on how we think and feel.

This science suggests that we see and experience what we do because it is what we expect to see and experience. There are studies that further confirm this; they have shown that if we do not think something exists, we cannot see it. An early example of this was when the Europeans arrived to America by boat. At first, the Indigenous people could not see the ships because they could not imagine that such things could exist. The ships could sit in the bay for several days without people noticing them. It was not until the shaman began to look at the sea in a new way that the ships appeared before his eyes, and the ships subsequently began to appear for the rest of the people, as well.

An interesting aspect of this is that if a few people start to see the world in a new way, that is enough for all of us to gain access to this new approach. Calculations have been done to figure out how many people are needed for a change to take effect, and the result is the square root of 1 percent of the total number of people affected! In a city of a million people, that would mean it is sufficient for one hundred people to change their ways of looking at the world for it to affect the entire city.

This is fascinating! The "reality" that is so real to us may just be one of an endless series of possibilities; it is just the one we have currently decided to see. We would, in other words, be able to decide to see something else with each particle in our body – and the change would become our new "reality".

Scientists have also discovered that the smallest particles we can perceive in the universe can be in two places at the same time, and they can communicate instantly with each other regardless of distance. The particles can even change history through their choices in the present. And since we are made of those particles, it is not so absurd to think that we also can do this. Right?

The universe, and thus life, is still a mystery to us, but it is an incredibly exciting mystery!

The Impact on Our Own Body

Our thoughts and emotions thus carry a force that has influence over our lives. One concrete proof of this is that our bodies' internal processes, such as heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure, salivation, intestinal activity, and blood glucose levels are influenced by how we feel.

It has been shown that when cells are bombarded with negative emotions for a long time, new cells develop a difficulty in absorbing nutrients from the food we eat. They simply become less vigorous than cells that have encountered positive emotions during their lifetime. So if we think and feel negatively, our bodies will not acquire the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

Another experiment I read about many years ago demonstrated the same thing, but in a slightly different way. The hypothesis was that if rabbits ate butter every day, they would eventually have a heart attack. (I know, it was not kind to the bunnies, but it was a useful lesson for us humans in the end). Two groups of rabbits participated in the experiment: One group had butter on their lettuce daily, and the other group did not. However, in the end, there was no difference between the groups; no rabbits had a heart attack. Surprised, the researchers revised their methodology and discovered that the assistant who had been dealing with the rabbits that were eating butter had petted them every day, and the assistant who had been in charge of the second group of rabbits had not petted them. The scientists redid the experiment with no petting, and the rabbits that received the butter did suffer from heart attacks. The conclusion that can be drawn is that the love and care thus offset the negative effects of the butter. Or, if you like, the positive energy of love attracted the positive energy of health.

All in all, we can influence our bodies and our health more than we believe by what we think and feel. Fortunately, energy cannot be destroyed, but only transformed – something that happens constantly. Ninety-eight percent of the atoms in the body's cells are replaced over a period of one year. Our skin is replaced every four weeks. Yes, the whole body – every cell, molecule, and atom – is replaced within only two years. We are therefore always re-emerging as new people! This gives us great opportunities to improve the situation if we spent much time in the past on negative thoughts and feelings.

Our Creative Consciousness

The idea that everything is energy and that we can influence the world around us through our consciousness, or spirit, is revolutionary (despite the fact that it was first discovered over a hundred years ago). It contradicts everything our modern civilization teaches us about how the world is structured. Solid matter is no longer solid, and our thoughts exist not only within ourselves, but affect both ourselves and the things outside us, without us even knowing about it! But what does this mean for us in our everyday lives?

Basically, it is all about energy and energy levels. According to the laws of the universe, high and low energy cannot exist simultaneously. Similar energies are drawn to each other, which means that the energy level our consciousness sends out is the energy we will attract; the type of energy we expect to face in life is the one we will face. Note that it is not the energy of solitary thoughts and feelings that determines what we attract, but the thoughts and feelings we most engage in – the things we most focus on. It is our general outlook and experience of the world that create our lives.

The first time you hear this, it may sound odd, but it is not really that strange. Who would you rather approach, get to know, and help: A grumpy, bitter, negative person, or an open, positive, welcoming person? The former gets back what he sends out, such as suspicion and negativity. In exactly the same way, the latter receives what he sends out, such as warmth, generosity, and openness.

So there really is no hocus-pocus! Instead, think of it as something important to keep in the back of your mind at all times: The energy I send out is the one I will receive. What do I want to receive? Or think of it conversely: What energy do I want to spread in the world - love or hatred? Joy or anger? Compassion or envy?

I would say that this is the basic rule: Give the world everything that you would like to receive. Looking for love? Give love. Want appreciation? Give appreciation. Crave understanding? Show understanding towards others, and so on. It works for everything!

A good example of this is the modern experiment when hundreds of people meditated together for a few summer months in and around Washington, with the result that crime rates in the city decreased by 25 percent over the same period of time. The same experiment was conducted in Stockholm and showed similar results with respect to reduced crime rates in the surrounding area.

In another well-known experiment called the International Peace Project in the Middle East, acts of terrorism, violent crime, visits to the emergency ward, and traffic accidents were shown to decrease substantially when doctors trained in a special meditation technique to create peace in their body meditated on peace.

The inference to be drawn is that when harmony increases in one place, criminality will decrease in the same place; the energy level of harmony is simply much higher than that of criminality.

You can try this yourself: Sit down and meditate. Let the feeling of peace, love, and harmony occupy your entire body so that you are harmony. Try to keep this feeling while you try to feel hatred or fear at the same time. Yes, that is right, it is impossible!

Emotions Are the Key

It is the emotions that are the key, for they are creating the world. For example, if I want peace on earth, I need to first feel peace in my own body and enjoy the peace that already exists there. There must be no suspicion in me that there is no peace. When I feel peace in that way, the feeling creates the peace that arises. The same is true of love. When I love, no opposite feeling (such as fear or hatred) can coexist within me and around me.

"But how can I feel peace when I know that there are wars in the world?" you might ask. Peace exists on our planet, just not everywhere at all times. You can choose to feel peace within you, and when you do that, the feeling is created in your life as well as on earth. That is why it is better to be engaged in movements for a positive cause (for peace, loving relationships, safe schools) rather than against something negative (against terrorism, violence, bullying). In the former, we help bring awareness to positive values, and that alone helps increase their existence.

The challenge is that we are not used to choosing the "reality" on which to focus our attention. We have not previously been taught that it is the attention itself that creates the "reality" we will then see.

If we dare to follow this line of thought the whole way, the consequences will be staggering. Quantum physics studies in the last century have shown that it is you who creates the world you live in through the manner in which you see and experience the world, not vice versa. It can sometimes almost be too much to take in. Was it my fault, then, that I was laid off? Was I the reason behind this accident? Should I be blamed for the water leak in the kitchen that was caused by the neighbor?

How far you want to take this is completely up to you. For me, the interesting thing is that this way of seeing the world has given me far more opportunities to influence my life in a positive way than I previously thought I had. I can work actively to attract joy, love, and inspiration to my life, while simultaneously spreading these positive vibes in the world. Is this not a wonderful opportunity? Whatever you think about the cause, doesn't it seem attractive enough to at least try out? I think it is.

How Do I Use the Creative Spirit?

Many use the insight of the creative mind to gain specific things, such as a new job, a new car, a partner, or health. I love that we have those possibilities and I will write more about that a little later.

For me, the realization that our consciousness is creative has led me to constantly try to keep my energy level as high and positive as possible in order to allow it to attract more good to me and the earth. I care less about trying to micromanage specifically what the good should be.

When I talk about having high energy, I do not mean that I run around and do everything at once. To me, that is not the meaning of having high energy - that is simply rushing around. When I have a high, strong energy level, I feel good and cannot simultaneously feel stressed, since stress has a lower energy level. Read more about dealing with stress on page 136.

I keep my energy as high as possible by:

Consciously reinforcing positive feelings when I experience them, such as to laugh, enjoy, dance, celebrate, and feel how good I feel in every cell of my body.

Consciously trying to evoke positive emotions as often as possible, and especially when I feel that my energy is sinking. I do that, for example, by thinking about things that I love, smiling or laughing, dancing and moving, singing or listening to music that I like, doing something for someone else, thinking of a wonderful dream I have, thinking about something I want or something that inspires me, meeting friends, or meditating on love and gratitude or something else that I like to do, and that I know will raise my energy.

Consciously allowing negative emotions to leave me after I have received their message and done something about it (if something could be done). Otherwise, I just release them. I do not dwell on negative events and do not spend time and energy on something that I cannot do anything about. I let go and move on! Having said that, it is important to understand that this is not the same as repressing your feelings. Read more about dealing with emotions on page 18.

Additionally, I raise my energy by:

Taking care of myself and my body as well as possible, for example by eating and sleeping well, and exercising.

Doing things I love and trying to love what I do.

Being with people I love and trying to love the people I am with. If I cannot do that, I put as little energy as possible into it.

Being a person I can love and trying to love the person I am.

Being in positive and harmonious environments as much as possible. If I am not in a good environment, and cannot do anything about it, I do not put much energy into it. Read more about the influence of surroundings on page 49.

Using positively charged words, both when I think and when I talk, and both about myself and others. Learn more about the power of language on page 39.

Showing and choosing joy, love, and gratitude consciously! I really try to be aware of my choices, thoughts, actions, and words, and I always try to choose the option that gives me the maximum amount of energy.


Excerpted from Unleash Your Creative Spirit! by Carolina Gårdheim. Copyright © 2017 Carolina Gårdheim. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


To Be a Creative Spirit, ix,
An Exciting Journey, xii,
Where Is Your Journey Headed?, xiii,
The Structure of the Book, xiv,
Methodology Based on My Own Journey, xvii,
The Thoughts Behind the Book, xx,
Everything Is Energy – and Our Creative Spirit Creates Our Reality, 3,
Dealing with Emotions, 18,
Our Free Will and Happiness, 34,
The Power of Language, 39,
Choose Your Environment with Care, 49,
To Tap into the Soul's Voice, 53,
Sub-Personalities and the Maestro, 63,
Chosen Truths and Stories: You Create Your Own Reality, 69,
To Be True to Yourself, 73,
Relationships, Projections, and Masters, 78,
The World Is Good – or the Art of Having Faith in the Universe, 86,
Self-Esteem Is the Foundation, and You Can Work on It, 88,
Happiness Shows You Your Unique Path, 94,
To Create Space for the Big Questions, 98,
Meditation, 103,
Affirmations, 112,
Visualization, 118,
Working with Images of Your Goal, 122,
Conscious Presence, 126,
Life Is Now, 129,
Ceremonies: a Path to Personal Growth, 131,
Your Own Reminders, 134,
Dealing with Stress, 136,
Your Story, 148,
Who Are You Today?, 160,
Continue to Stand up for Yourself, 181,
Your Own Reminders, 182,
What Happens When We Follow Our Dreams?, 185,
What Dreams Are We Talking About, Really?, 187,
Starting the Search for Your Dreams, 190,
Your Dream Life, 208,
You Do Not Have to Know the Next Step, 216,
Your Own Reminders, 217,
What You Focus on Grows, 220,
Toolbox for Dealing with Your Own Fears and Doubts, 222,
Toolbox to Handle Others' Criticism, Fears, and Doubts, 235,
Toolbox to Deal with Perceived Obstacles Along the Way, 241,
Recharge Your Energy and Enjoy the Journey!, 248,
Your Own Reminders, 250,
Reflect: What Have You Learned?, 253,
Use the Toolbox in Your Everyday Life, 256,
Look Forward, and Enjoy the Day!, 263,
Your Own Reminders, 266,
At Last, 268,
A Couple of Words About the Author, 270,
Meditations & visualizations App, 272,
The Creative Spirit App, 273,

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