Unleash Your Creativity: Leave Fear, Live Free, and Love Your Work

Unleash Your Creativity: Leave Fear, Live Free, and Love Your Work

by Michael R. Hogan


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Unearth Your Buried Creativity, Understand its Enormous Marvel and Unleash It to Live a Whole New Life!

Do you remember the time you had a creative spark? A spark you felt would help you get out of the cycle of mundane and normal to live life the way you wanted? Find that spark again. Live life like you never have before.

There must have been a time in your life when you would have thought about taking the path less travelled. Explore a business idea that you believed in? Start a venture in something that you had a penchant for? What happened to those thoughts and those dreams?

Did bills, fear of financial stability, or maybe just other peoples' many opinions get in the way of those thoughts? Did you suppress, bury, or even condemn those thoughts to "fit in" with society? You might just have missed your opportunity to live life on your terms.

Enormous and unparalleled success only comes to those who exude love and commitment to their purpose and passions. If you don't have those feelings, it is never too late to rediscover creativity, to reignite a spark that will transcend your life to a more fulfilling, rewarding, and exciting life.

Message Monday's Unleash Your Creativity is a book written to let you understand the power of creativity from a myriad of perspectives. The book lets you first understand how you may have lost or cast aside your creativity, how you can overcome fear and uncertainty to bring it back to life, and how you can practically unleash its power to change your life.

Written with nothing more than the intent to help you invoke your creative confidence, you will realize why and how you must give yourself a shot at a different life, a life that you will love and cherish in full, unlike now.

Part 1: The Journey of Creativity

The author weaves a fictional story that will help you understand what creativity is and how it affects whether you will live your life to its fullest potential, or not. You will understand how creativity is a life value as opposed to just a colorful train of thought!

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ISBN-13: 9780998228532
Publisher: Michael Hogan
Publication date: 09/10/2017
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.26(d)

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