Unleashing The Power

Unleashing The Power

by L.J. Hutton
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Unleashing The Power by L.J. Hutton

Unleashing The Power, the concluding book of the Islands Quartet
The snows have melted and the Knights of the Order in Brychan have begun to fight back against the DeÁine. Elsewhere the men of the Order are assembling to ship out to Brychan to come to their aid, everyone aware that if they do not turn back this threat then all the Islands may fall. There is still hope but the odds against them are mounting!
For the all-powerful Abend, also, things have not gone quite as planned, and for their two leaders there are some nasty surprises in store from within their own ranks. Not least of these is the discovery that the others of the Abend have united in a common purpose without consulting them. Equally unpalatable to Quintillean and Masanae is the revelation of how inventive and what sacrifices the Islanders are prepared to make to defeat them. Can they retrieve all of their ancient weapons to use against this pestilent enemy who refuse to be conquered? And has one of them already been twisted and tainted by one of their own to orientate towards the Islanders instead of them? There is as much at stake for the Abend as for the Islanders!
Amongst the Islanders, Will Montrose and those with him are already engaging the enemy on their home territory as they reach the culmination of their quest to rescue Wistan and Kenelm. Yet the two boys aren’t the only ones needing rescuing. And Will has a plan to aid the other Islanders back beyond the Brychan Mountains, but can he get the help he desperately needs from the long-enslaved folk who have spent decades crushed by the DeÁine?
For those chosen to use the Island’s ancient weapons there are huge challenges in learning how to use them. The strange creatures created by the ancients to liaise with the weapons are willing to help, but the squints have trouble communicating without the ancients to translate for them. In this and other ways the spectral forms of the remaining ancients are often less than the help they should be, leaving the Islanders to fall back on their own experience and ingenuity. More dangerous to the success of the mission is the ancients’ tendency to always look on the worst side of situations. If the Islanders need to be united in their intent as well as their actions, then the ancients’ gloominess seeping into their weapons could yet hamper them fatally . Can the Foresters find a way to combat this? Or will the ancients let the Islanders down?
By the time the Islanders have assembled on Rathlin to face the DeÁine, there have already been casualties both in early confrontations with the Donns’ forces, and in encountering traps left behind by the Abend. Despite this all are resolved to fight on and not all is bleak – some find unexpected happiness even on the verge of battle. Come the fateful day, though, not only do they have to fight human forces but the DeÁine’s strange beasts of battle – bred and twisted from any natural form, they bring an added danger to the fight. Can the Islanders lure the beasts and their handlers away from the main force, or will they have to face them in the heat of the main battle? Will the Attacotti stand and fight with them, or will they flee and leave the Islanders to stand alone? And who is on the strange ships which come up on the rear of the battle in the wake of the new DeÁine force? Will they join with the DeÁine and utterly overwhelm the Islanders, or could they swing the battle back in the Islanders’ favour? In one long day the fate of all will be decided.
For better or worse the long journey all the characters have made is coming to an end!

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BN ID: 2940044366732
Publisher: L.J. Hutton
Publication date: 03/09/2013
Series: Islands Quartet , #4
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About the Author

I was born and brought up in Birmingham (UK). In my mid teens I suffered from exposure to Tolkien from which I’ve never fully recovered! After leaving school I did a variety of jobs until redundancy threatened, at which point I escaped to university to do the degree I’d always wanted to do and discovered Tolkien’s academic work as well. As a (very) mature student I first acquired a BA in Medieval Studies, then followed it with an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon History. Old English remains a facination and one day - when and if I ever get the time - I'd really love to learn Old Welsh. By this time anything and everything medieval had become a bit of an addiction, as proven by my ever expanding bookcases of reference works (which one day might take over the house) and visits to every castle and ruin I could find. All this, coupled with a life of avid reading of fantasy, spurred me into writing about a fictional world as a way of exploring the ideas about the bits of history which remain obscure, or how things might have turned out differently. Apart from the completed fantasy quartet set in the Islands I am also writing a historical series based on the Robin Hood legend and set very firmly in the late twelfth/early thirteenth centuries. The aim with these coming books is to return the legend to its true setting, but to tell more would be to spoil the fun...! I currently live in Worcester with one husband and several recued lurchers, one of whom shares my photo - which is nothing unusual in my life! I support Evesham Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue.

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Unleashing The Power 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Although I was a little critical in my assessment of the first book in this series, I have read the remaining three exceptionaly long ebooks in record time. I think my escape into this author's world can only be taken as testimony to how good every aspect is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago