Unlock the Power to Heal

Unlock the Power to Heal

by Robert Scott Bell, Ty M. Bollinger


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Recently updated in 2016 (with additional information on "cannabis cures," lung health, and ear candling), Unlock the Power to Heal is a book that should be required reading for doctors and lay people alike. Why did the authors write this book? Because there is misconception about natural medicine in today's "Big Pharma" controlled world.

For most people, genuine healing is something out of reach, like it is locked away in a safe that you are unable to open. It can be both frustrating and frightening when you realize that the "experts" (medical doctors) know very little about accessing the natural tools for health recovery, much less health maintenance. When that moment of disillusionment occurs, you have a choice to make. You can give up, because the authorities keep telling you that you can't possibly know how to heal yourself unless you have a degree and a license. Or you can recognize the truth that having a "duh"-gree or permission from the government can never replace your God-given birthright to do that which your cells know to be true.

But how do you get information that must be so valuable that it has been locked away and is seemingly unobtainable? It's all in the book. You'll learn the history of modern medicine, the basics about micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics. You'll learn how to restore your gastrointestinal tract to optimal condition, which will have a positive cascading effect on your overall health. You'll learn about health sovereignty with homeopathy and some terrific tips for treating tissue trauma.

So, buckle your seatbelts as Robert Scott Bell and Ty Bollinger take you for a tour down "medical memory lane," explain the intricacies about the building blocks of health, and provide you with the keys necessary to unlock the power to heal.

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