Unlocking the Secret of the Erev Rav: The Mixed Multitude in Jewish Kabbalah

Unlocking the Secret of the Erev Rav: The Mixed Multitude in Jewish Kabbalah

by B.R. Levy


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Unlocking the Secret of the Erev Rav: The Mixed Multitude in Jewish Kabbalah by B.R. Levy

Warning: This book could change the way you see the world.

The mysterious group of people called the 'Erev Rav' have stayed hidden in the shadows of Jewish history for more than three millenia. For the first time, this book pieces together some of the deepest sources from the Jewish kabbalah, and some of the most mysterious commentaries on the Jewish kabbalah, to paint a picture of the Erev that's complex, engaging and occasionally disturbing.

In these pages, you'll find the answer to questions like:

  • Who are the Erev Rav?
  • How are they really connected to Judaism and the Jewish people?
  • Why have they got such a bad name in Jewish orthodox circles?
  • How do they behave?
  • Why are they still a problem for the Jewish people, and Judaism, even in our modern times?
  • How are they connected to global redemption, and the coming of Moshiach?
  • What can we do, to meet the challenge they pose to Jewish life and Jewish spirituality?
  • What role could Jewish meditation have to play in solving the problem?
  • What clues can be found in Breslov books, that transform the whole picture?

'UNLOCKING THE SECRET OF THE EREV RAV' combines a hearty helping of the deepest secrets of the Jewish kabbalah with a dose of Jewish inspiration and a pinch of Jewish meditation, to create a true, modern-day mystery thriller about the Jewish people.

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ISBN-13: 9789657739129
Publisher: The Matronita Press
Publication date: 09/04/2016
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.35(d)

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: A Brief History of the Erev Rav
Chapter 2: Why Have the Erev Rav Traditionally Been Such a Big Problem for the Jewish People?
Chapter 3: How the Erev Rav Behave
Chapter 4: The Erev Rav and False Leaders
Chapter 5: How Reincarnation Solves the Problem
Chapter 6: Rebbe Nachman's Lesson of 'Azamra!'
Chapter 7: The Message of the Water Castle
Chapter 8: The Link Between a Lack of Compassion and a Lack of Daat
Chapter 9: Pulling it All Together: What's Really Going On With the Erev Rav
Chapter 10: A Practical Solution for the Erev Rav Problem
Chapter 11: The Last Word

Appendix 1: The Physiology of the Human Brain
Appendix 2: The Main Character Traits Present in Serious Mental Illnesses, Such As Personality Disorders

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