Unmasking Catholicism: What Hides behind the Modern Public Image?

Unmasking Catholicism: What Hides behind the Modern Public Image?

by Mary Ann Collins



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Unmasking Catholicism: What Hides behind the Modern Public Image? by Mary Ann Collins

Leading Protestants are turning into Catholic apologists. Pentecostals and charismatics are being drawn to Catholicism by Catholic mystics. Rome's ecumenical strategy is working well.

Official documents from the Second Vatican Council show that Rome's goal is to bring all Christians back into the Catholic Church. The Vatican wants to undo the Protestant Reformation.

Unmasking Catholicism reveals what is hiding behind Rome's modern, ecumenical mask. It presents complex subjects in a clear, straightforward manner, which is easy to understand. It confronts troubling issues with compassion and objectivity.

This book is thoroughly documented. In addition to source books, it gives references to hundreds of Internet articles and pictures. You can check them out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Come explore the world of Catholicism, where grace can be "merited," and people atone for their sins by doing penances. We will travel through history and meet some fascinating people (both good and bad). And we will look at some official Catholic documents that show a surprising side of the Catholic Church.

If you used to be a Catholic, there is an appendix that was written just for you. It will be a balm for your soul.

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Publication date: 11/17/2003
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Unmasking Catholicism 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is easy-to-read and packs a lot of information into an economic use of words. Much of the information contained herein is not unique to this book, but would require extensive online searching to bring it together. Mary Ann has done all the work and put it in a condensed format that draws the reader into her heart. She has written with passion and compassion and a real desire to tell the truth and honor God. Biblical references are included along with comparison passages and the reader is encouraged to check them out. Some would call this 'Catholic Bashing', but since the information comes largely from Catholic sources, those charges would be unfounded. This book will break the heart of anyone who is, or has friends or relatives who are, in the Catholic Church and who is interested in its true nature. The gentle approach to proclaiming the truth is in contrast to the harshness of the truths themselves. There are many things that are 'right' with the Catholic Church, but the underlying principles by which it operates are destructive to those who are caught in its deception. This book exposes the church's seamy side to the truth of God's Eternal Word and Catholicism is found wanting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Today's ecumenical movement has drawn many Protestants and Roman Catholics together under the belief of sharing a common faith, but underlying this movement is a lack of familiarity with the history and official doctrines and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. Many Roman Catholics assume that all the doctrines, dogma, and traditions of their church are based on the faith of the Apostles and the Bible. Many Protestants assume that Roman Catholicism is just another valid form of Christianity. Much of the language used by both sides sounds the same, but the definitions, beliefs, applications, and perspectives behind this language are anything but the same. Many Roman Catholic teachings remain out of view for the average church-goer and mass-attendee, but 'Unmasking Catholicism' uncovers and documents a great deal of this information and presents it in easy to understand language, unlike many books covering this subject matter. Whether or not this is your first exposure to this subject matter, you'll want to read it from beginning to end and keep the book as a handy quick reference. Reading this book will put you ahead of most professing Christians, who never take the time to thoroughly examine the most important question in life: 'How do you hope to get to heaven?' There is nothing more important than determining where you will spend eternity. I urge you to read 'Unmasking Catholicism', praying first to the Lord to lead you into all truth.