Unprotected Love

Unprotected Love

by John F. Rooney

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Unprotected Love by John F. Rooney

A serial killer is on the loose stalking and murdering young male hustlers and depositing their bodies at New York City riverside locations. The predator displays his prey by reverentially laying out each body like the deceased in a casket and decorates them by placing wrapped condoms in their mouths.
Lieutenant Denny Delaney, the celebrated detective who brought down the dreaded terrorist, Felix the Cat, heads the NYPD special ops squad investigating the homicides.

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ISBN-13: 9781617923043
Publisher: Senneff House Publishers
Publication date: 02/15/2011
Series: Unprotected Love Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 206
File size: 879 KB

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Unprotected Love 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
M_R_Shah More than 1 year ago
John F. Rooney's Unprotected Love is an action-packed roller coaster of a crime thriller, which is similar to his other novels, Nine Lives Too Many and Clawed Back from the Dead-among others. Rooney implements a panoramic, detail-rich writing style that brings his characters and storyline to life. Unprotected Love will delight all crime/noir novel aficionados as the main character, Lieutenant Denny Delaney-the detective in Rooney's other books-is back to hunt down a serial killer who viciously strangles gay male hustlers. The killer's M.O. involves dumping his victim's bodies in isolated locations, placing wrapped condoms in their mouths and laying out the bodies as though they were in a coffin. The plot is filled with betrayal from the least expected sources and constant danger in Delaney's life. Renowned for capturing Felix the Cat-in terrorist thriller Nine Lives Too Many-Denny enters the world of hustling and finds himself genuinely concerned about Tim, a hustler who fears he is potentially on the serial killer's hit list. From mysterious e-mails to Denny's wife, Monica, to frequent conflicts in the New York Police Department, Unprotected Love is filled with chaos in Time Square. When Jake Sigman, a celebrity family-friend, becomes a suspect in the homicides, Denny's suspicions soar to a whole new level. There's clearly something fishy going on, and Denny will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it. While the primary story revolves around unearthing the serial killer, Rooney's Unprotected Love rotates around subplots of sexual vulnerability, terrorism, and riveting secrets that when combined, allow Rooney to explore and examine real-life issues such as one's sexuality and the impact of unprotected sex (e.g. HIV/AIDS). Imbued with twists and turns along every corner, Unprotected Love is full of surprises as the action takes flight, permitting the reader to see the extravagance and ambiance of New York City from the eyes of Lieutenant Delaney. Unprotected Love is a must-read page-turner that'll keep you on the edge of your seat from the first word to the last.
KeyWestConchCritic More than 1 year ago
Len Williams "The Key West Conch Chowder Shouter" Serial killers continue to fascinate readers in the way an animal predator in a nature documentary devours our attention and repels us. In John F. Rooney's crime novel "Unprotected Love" a group of young male prostitutes have fallen victim to a killer who stuffs a condom in their mouths and places their bodies at riverfront spots. Denny Delaney, the NYPD detective who made a name for himself as the pursuer of the terrorist Felix the Cat in "Nine Lives Too Many" and "Clawed Back from the Dead," has been given the assignment of nailing this serial killer. The case tears at his heart because it gets him personally involved with one vulnerable hustler named Tim. The rich theater district milieu is again captured by the author because it is in the Broadway haunts that Denny and his wife Monny spend their spare time. Real bars, restaurants and plays are named. Delaney also gets involved with the FBI interrogation of a suicide bomber who has idealized Denny as a terrorist-tracker. Others are trying to reignite interest in Felix and inflame the public. Blogger Monny Delaney gets some frightening e-mails that threaten her existence, and a nasty columnist focuses a barrage of invectives on Denny. I think readers will enjoy getting involved in this new Delaney book. It gets deeper into the detective's psyche than previous efforts, and he is evolving into a fully-rounded character creation. I highly recommend this book.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Author John F. Rooney's "Denny Delaney" series revolves around a detective who has faced many issues over time on the printed page. Having difficulties with alcohol, terrorism, and other oddities in his life and career, Denny Delaney has become one of the most celebrated cops by the populace, as well as the media in New York City. One of the most famous capers he foiled was the hunting down and killing - not once, but twice - of a horrific terrorist named Felix the Cat, who was scaring Denny's beloved city to death. Denny works with the NYPD Grand Central Detail which was set up after 9/11. It is a special ops division that investigates things like art thefts, celebrities involved in crime, and pattern homicides - which are killings that follow a certain pattern that, in this case, thrusts Denny into the path of a serial killer. When he and his partners - Rich Walters and Terry Kerrigan - are called to a hideous crime scene, they're left to investigate the life of a young man working as a hustler in the City, who has been left by the river with his hands crossed over his chest, and a wrapped condom in his mouth. Having seen all types of crimes and bodies, Denny is a little thrown that this particular crime is getting under his skin. The corpse reminds him of a serene body lying in a casket - the scene looks almost respectful, as if the killer is somehow mocking the dead. When Denny and his crew find out that this is not the first young man to die in this "pattern," they have to face the fact that they definitely have a serial killer on their hands. As the story delves into the dark world of hustlers and johns, Denny has to immerse himself in an education given by two members of the Special Crimes Unit. He finds out information on many famous people, like Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams, who held court at various "seedy" locations during their lifetimes. Denny also meets with a writer now living in a nursing home, who possesses all the facts of the john/hustler world from the past. Unfortunately for Denny, he needs to learn far more about the present state of things, as he finds himself following a killer who is not only "sick and twisted," but quite obviously has a point he wants to get across. Although the character of Denny Delaney is extremely interesting - a man with more issues, interests, and ideas than the entire population of NYC combined, his conversations become a little long at times which slows down the story. With a serial killer the plot should always be exciting and fast-paced, yet a 'bad guy's' POV doesn't even come into the story until page sixty-four, and the discussions about the world of hustling and johns "back in the day" are repetitive (first with two officers, than with a writer, and so on). In essence, the real 'star" of this novel is New York City. The wonderful scenes that completely celebrate the history, architecture, and life that makes this remarkable City one of the most impressive and exciting cities in the world, are a huge part of the novel, and will make the reader wish that they could hop a plane and join the action. Quill Says: A well-written story that presents a "new" crime instead of the Law and Order-type books that are flooding the market but, in the end, this is more of a learning experience than a fast-paced serial killer novel.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
John F. Rooney is fast becoming one of the best crime/thriller novelists before the public. He is a master at creating characters so pulsatile they nearly jump off the page and stay in memory long after the novel is completed. He has created a series of novels that deal with a celebrated detective Lt. Denny Delaney and this current book UNPROTECTED LOVE puts him in the spotlight again - on the trail of a serial killer. Another topic Rooney has no difficulty incorporating into his novels is the world of gay men: one of his strongest novel is called THE RICE QUEEN SPY that unveiled a through understanding of the life style, manner of walking and talking and speaking and acting out in the gay world. And in this novel - probably his finest to date incorporates all of the above and more. Denny Delaney is drawn into a series of murders of male hustlers who all die by the same obsessive compulsive mode: strangulation, placed in a funerary position on the docks of the New York riverside, each with a packaged condom in the mouth. Denny's curiosity is peaked as a detective, but there also is a sense of caring for these victims that is a bit beyond his usual response to murder victims. He becomes involved in the investigation, even incorporating his wife Monny's input as a computer blogger, visits old cronies who add information about the hustler/john scene, and finally is contacted by a young hustler Tim who not only adds to the information gathering aspect of Denny's investigation, but make s deep impression on Denny, an impression and experience that awakens a few lights in Denny's libido. There are many 'co-stories' that occur to keep the contemporary story alive, including the usual timely discussion and discovery of a possible suicide bomber, some sub rosa in-house police disturbances and secrets, and a lot of fast paced action that makes this one of those novels to complete in an evening. Rooney is a fine, mature writer who is unafraid to explore some territories other writers shy away from and does it with great skill. We can only expect more from his gifted pen. Grady Harp