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Unseen: Believing the Truth, Understanding the Lie

Unseen: Believing the Truth, Understanding the Lie

by James Q Campbell, James E Campbell
Unseen: Believing the Truth, Understanding the Lie

Unseen: Believing the Truth, Understanding the Lie

by James Q Campbell, James E Campbell

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UNSEEN returns to some of the foundational and critically important teachings of the Early Church in a very practical fashion. It explains how we work. It illustrates what causes our hearts and minds to function properly and why we so often seem to work against ourselves. Every believer knows these things, and you can expect UNSEEN to make what you already know more usable.

This book is not a bunch of things you need to do but a very personal way of understanding what God is doing. As well, it uncovers many reasons for discrepancies in modern Bible translations. You may discover you already know everything necessary to live like God has planned, and that it is easy.

In fact, you will probably realize you know too much and decide to ditch some of what you have been taught. We believe you are about to discover (1) new pieces to the puzzle of your life, (2) how some of what you know is hurting you, and (3) how to cooperate with God so that He can live His life in you, with you, for you.

Many have longed for the results of knowing the message of UNSEEN. You are about to discover a new life, which has always been yours and you probably didn't even know it.

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ISBN-13: 9798985005400
Publisher: Unseen, LLC
Publication date: 09/27/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 430
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About the Author

I began writing this book about 25 years ago. At the time, I had begun to acquire an attitude of disdain for the King James translators and those who have come since. As God began to unveil His heart and mind to me, I became angry at both Him, the Church, and translators. Why had they hidden such simple and easy knowledge? My family laughed saying God hadn't hidden anything but had been working to cause us to see it. Of course, they hadn't seen what God had begun to show me either, but neither did they feel slighted by Him. They just watched in amazement as my life began to change, usually for good, but occasionally not so good. Yet, even the bad times always turned out to be good. Later, my oldest son joined me in writing Unseen and began to undo some of the attitude it conveyed. In the last few years, my thoughts have changed dramatically. I now stand in awe of all the translators I so disliked. What the KJV translators comprehended as well as many who are alive today is now utterly amazing to me. In Unseen we explain many places where they display a misunderstanding of what God said, as well as how and why it was missed, but just because translators have misinterpreted something doesn't mean that their interpretations are not true statements. It is just that often, God's words tell us far more than we have realized. Unseen seeks to help believers understand more of what God means while not rejecting any truth they have learned from the interpretations of others. Just because something is a mistranslation does not mean it isn't true. For instance, the phrase by Peter, "Casting all of your cares or anxieties upon Him," is not a translation but an interpretation of the result of what Peter was explaining. This rendering fails to give us important information if we are to experience what Peter was writing about. Embedded in the original Greek is the understanding of why we have anxieties and exactly what we are casting on the Lord, as well as how to do it. How in the world can you cast your feelings on the Lord if you don't know exactly what is causing them? Without greater understanding, it is very difficult to know how to accomplish what Peter is interpreted to be saying.

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