Unspeakable Truths

Unspeakable Truths

by Alice Montalvo-Tribue


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ISBN-13: 9781500957414
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/16/2014
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.10(d)

About the Author

Alice Montalvo-Tribue lives with her husband and daughter in New Jersey. She has a bachelors degree in communications and is currently working on her masters degree. She spends most of her free time reading, writing, and when the weather permits lounging out on a beach.

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Unspeakable Truths 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
Unspeakable Truths by Alice Montalvo-Tribue is the first book in her Unspeakable Truths series. It is a touching, somewhat melancholy story with a happily ever after that makes all the angst and pain throughout worth it. Everly and Tyler were in love. Everly and Tyler got married. Then Tyler died, and the real story begins. Four years later we begin seeing how little Everly has moved on and how poorly she has handled the loss of her husband. When his best friend, the best man from their wedding, arrives back in town Everly's smooth existence gets VERY turbulent. Luca opens Everly's eyes (albeit against her will at first) to just how little she has moved on in the four years since Tyler died. She is very resistant to change and was definitely the subject of my mental stranglings throughout the story. I was very frustrated with her wishy-washy-ness and wanted to slap her into action many times but Luca was so patient and kind. A beautiful love story. Highly recommend this. There is a follow-up story that is very sliding-doors like that you can and should read AFTER this one... Unspeakable Lies.
micharch More than 1 year ago
What an interesting premise.  Everly thinks she has found for forever with Tyler but things are not meant to be.  Four years later Luca enters into her life again and she still blames him for Tyler's death.  When all of the lies and deceit come out and Everly has to face them, she doesn't do such a great job of dealing with it.  Everly was pretty self-centered and stuck on her own feelings throughout most of this book.  She may have been book smart but her head was definitely in the clouds a lot.  Luca finally gets her to start living life again and getting out of the house.  When they find themselves finally falling in love, Everly needs kid gloves and Luca has great patience with her.  Tyler's father makes a threat against Luca and Everly decides to be noble and sacrifice her happiness in order for Luca to keep his job.  Luckily her friend Morgan makes her world right again by taking things into her hands and setting about making things right.  The ending was good and it was nice to see  that Tyler really had hoped that they would both be happy in the end and find the life they were finally living.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW I could not put this book done. I got a sample of the first two chapters in a book I just got finished reading. Had to go buy this book so I could find out what was going to happen next. Just buy it, you will be happy you did. A real love story !
Blamjam More than 1 year ago
“Everything I ever learned about fairy-tales was a f***ing lie"...and with that Everly’s life was knocked off its axis. She lost her husband, Tyler within hours of getting married. Crushed beyond belief, Everly is trapped. She is trapped in her past, trapped in her grief, trapped in her loneliness and trapped in a hatred for the man who had a hand in taking her husband’s life. Enter Luca. The man who bears the brunt of Tyler’s death, the man who has now bounced back in to Everly’s life, and the man who loved Everly enough to let her go. It has been four years since Luca has been back in town. Now that he is here, he is ready for the future and his future is forgiveness...and Everly. Everly is not prepared to see Luca again. She is not prepared for the feelings she has for Luca and just how she could ever let go of her first love. This was another beautiful story from Alice Montalvo-Tribue! I loved the real emotion of this “enemies to lovers” story. You feel Everly comparing Luca to Tyler and how she battled internally on letting go. We have all felt the need to bury our pasts and be able to move with our futures, sometimes damaging that ability along the way. Everly wants desperately to write a new chapter to her story, but the guilt of moving on is crushing her, her guilt holding her hostage. Luca is also crushed by guilt of not being able to change the past of unspeakable truths. Will the love of her life trump her true love?
Brit-Gosik More than 1 year ago
Advance readers copy (ARC) provided for my blog for an honest review Thank you Title: Unspeakable Truths Author: Alice Tribue Series: No Release Date: September 16th, 2014 Rating: 3.50 stars Genre: Contemporary Format: eBook Your wedding day is supposed to be the most happiest, the most memorable day of your life, it's the day you look back on the most. But for Everly, it's the most heartbreaking and the most tragic & devastating day because the man she loved, her best friend died a few hours after. In everyone’s life there are moments in time, events that define you, instances that affect you in such a way that they alter the way that you think, the way that you choose to live your life. For me losing Tyler is the thing that defines me because when he died he left a gaping hole in my heart so large that nothing could ever fill it. This was a story that just tugged at your heartstrings, made you so emotional that you cried. I enjoyed it but I didn't love it as much as I wanted too. And the main reason for giving it 3.50 stars was the missing connection I had felt with the characters. I was just needing a little more from the story that I got out of it. But it was written beautifully and it was also my first book I've read by Alice Tribue and not my last by the way. Can I say how broken I was just by reading this novel. It was something different, something fresh not normally the new adult novel that you read these days and it was good. And Luca can I say he was just added to my book boyfriends list. God he was drop dead gorgeous that man had total sex appeal
preppea More than 1 year ago
Pain, Romance, Passion, Despair UNSPEAKABLE TRUTHS delivers a little of everything—pain, romance, passion, despair—the whole gamut of emotions and the believability behind it to pack a solid punch. Everly loses her husband way before his time and blames her husband’s best friend for his death. Luca takes the blame to protect his best friend and leaves town and everyone he loves. But four years later, he’s back and he’s not willing to let Everly continue to waste away in a sea of sadness and suffering. He knows he’s the last person she wants to see, but if no one else can get through to her, he’s determined he will. Everly is horrified to realize that once she stops hating Luca, she might actually like him.  I loved every second of Luca and Everly together. When Everly was with Tyler at the beginning of UNSPEAKABLE TRUTHS, even the way Everly described him and their love story felt somewhat superficial and face value; but with Luca it was raw and unbridled. The two saw each other at their worst and still couldn’t deny their growing feelings for each other. Luca was caring and romantic and sweet, but he was also no-nonsense and opinionated. He wouldn’t just let Everly walk all over him no matter how long he’d loved her. The story alternates perspectives between Everly and Luca, though Everly narrates the majority of the story. I could feel the darkness that weighed Everly down and though it was emotional to read, it didn’t bring me down or make me want to stop reading. The love scenes between Everly and Luca were daring, bold, and steamy. The only thing that kept me from giving UNSPEAKABLE TRUTHS the full 5 stars was that for me it dragged on just a touch in the middle, but then the end picked up the pace again.  UNSPEAKABLE TRUTHS was a 4.5 star read for me and yet another great story by Alice Montalvo-Tribue. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read by her and love that her stories are all so different yet share an ability to combine sadness and romance for an altogether amazing story. **Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.
SavannahJ More than 1 year ago
Heart-wrenching, thoroughly intense that’s the way I can describe Unspeakable Truths. 7 beautiful stars  Everly Philips and Tyler West just got married. They had a lovely wedding, their dream life is expecting, Tyler will go to a prestigious Law School in order to pursuit his way as a successful lawyer and take the reins of his father’s firm. Everly is going to study Law too, but she doesn’t feel a real passion about that. They met in their freshman year at the college and have been inseparable since then, Tyler is apparently the perfect boyfriend: honest, faithful, kind, attentive, lovely, etc. When they’re going to go in their honeymoon, Tyler needs helping to his best friend, it’s a quickly thing but he never will come back. In least of 24 hours, Everly becomes in a widow. For years later, she is secluded in her dreamed house, living in the shadows of a life she won’t have. Luca Jensen was Tyler’s best friend, he met Everly before Tyler and told him about her, but he didn’t a move on her and the rest is history, Tyler made his way and got the girl. Luca took a step back of Everly because he always felt like the second best man. Later she blame him of his husband’s murder and he took it, he moved and spent four years away from his family but now he’s back and doesn’t want take a step aside anymore. Will they have a second chance for their love? Since I started to read Unspeakable Truths I was captivated for the sad story of Everly, her sorrow, loneliness, the destructive way she takes after her lost and the writing style of the author. Sometimes the feelings were so intense I had to put my kindle away and go to my happy place, but no matter what my thought always came back to UT.Both characters were beautifully written. Everly’s evolution is slowly but real. She doesn’t know how start her life again, how to deal with the secrets she discovers. How could she being angry with her husband if he’s dead? She needs understand his reasons, accept them and forgive him all by herself, but it won’t be easy.Luca is such an amazing character, he has many layers, he’s a great friend with Tyler and Everly, a good son, impressive lawyer, a twisted, steamy love, I love when he’s strong with Ev, when he challenges her, but he also supports her in all sense.The story is pretty intense, always keeps the reader immersed in the events, mysteries, heartbreaking moments, threats, recovering paths. I didn’t want the story ended, I mean it.