Until It's Gone: Ending Poverty in Our Nation in Our Time

Until It's Gone: Ending Poverty in Our Nation in Our Time

by Scott C. Miller


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The poverty rate in the United States has not dropped significantly since 1965. And if we continue to expect government and social services to take care of poverty without the help of individuals, nothing is likely to change. That's why the Circles Campaign has captured the imaginations of people of conscience across the United States, including educators, social workers, community organizers, faith leaders, business leaders, and politicians.

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ISBN-13: 9781929229901
Publisher: aha! Process, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 7.04(w) x 9.78(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Part I Reframing The Problem of Poverty 1

Chapter 1 Not 'Reduce' Poverty-End Poverty 3

Chapter 2 Building Circles 11

Part II Getting Our Priorities Straight 17

Chapter 3 Transformation Is Needed 19

Chapter 4 Expand Social Networks: Relate Outside Your 'Comfort Zone' 25

Part III Ending Poverty In Our Time 31

Chapter 5 Defining 'Poverty' 33

Chapter 6 Housing and the Elimination of Poverty 35

Chapter 7 Supporting Families 41

Chapter 8 Childcare Assistance 45

Part IV Be A Bolder Ally 47

Chapter 9 Eliminate Clutter to Focus Energy on Building Community 49

Chapter 10 The Concept of Enough 53

Part V Personal Stories 59

Chapter 11 Circle Allies 61

Chapter 12 Circle Leaders 65

Part VI Evaluate Options 75

Chapter 13 Changing Our Choices Can Help End Poverty 77

Chapter 14 Say Goodbye to Compromise 85

Chapter 15 Build True Financial Security to Be a Stronger Ally 89

Part VII Become The Change You Want To See 97

Chapter 16 Accept a New Direction 99

Chapter 17 Work for Social Changes to End Poverty 101

Chapter 18 Organizational Leadership Training for an Emerging New Mindset 107

Part VIII Step Onto a Spiritual Path 109

Chapter 19 Take the Larger View 111

Part IX For Our Children's Grandchildren 119

Chapter 20 Ending Poverty by 2050 121

What You Can Do Next 125

About the Author 133

Bibliography 141

Recommended Reading 145

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