Until You Find Me

Until You Find Me

by Amber Hart

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“Beautifully written and refreshingly different, Until You Find Me gripped my heart from the very first line.”—New York Times bestselling author Cora Carmack

In this steamy, electrifying novel, Amber Hart pushes contemporary romance to its wildest limits as a young woman travels halfway across the globe—and discovers the place where her heart belongs.

Raven has no idea what to expect when she travels to Africa in search of answers about her family’s past. A twenty-year-old college student from Michigan, she’s never seen anything like the beautiful, treacherous jungles of Cameroon. But nothing takes her breath away like Jospin. As soon as Raven meets the charismatic and intense young hunter, she’s instantly hooked.
Clever, rugged, and fearless, Jospin makes his living from the perils of the jungle. But falling in love with Raven could be the most dangerous thing he’s ever done. The heir to a powerful poaching empire, he holds the key to unlocking the secrets of Raven’s legacy. If she asks the wrong questions, his answers could get them both killed. And yet each and every moment spent holding Raven in his arms is worth the risk.
Raven’s getting closer to the truth. Jospin’s at the point of no return. Their chemistry is out of control, and when they forge a bond that goes beyond blood, desire will take them into uncharted territory.

Praise for Until You Find Me
“Fabulous . . . Until You Find Me [is] a meaty, stick-to-your ribs stew of a story where opposites attract is not an easy, toss-away cliché. . . . Hart writes with full commitment to stirring our senses, thoughts and imagination. And there is nothing to disappoint the expectation, except waiting for the next book.”USA Today
“Beautifully and dynamically written, this series opener from Hart is sure to be a hit. The language and complexity are rich and wonderfully demanding. And the suspenseful ending will leave readers desperate, oh, so desperate, for more!”Library Journal (starred review)

“If you think the jungle is hot and dangerous, wait until you meet Jospin. He and Raven turn up the heat to scorching and burn the jungle down!”—Lisa Desrochers, USA Today bestselling author of A Little Too Far
“A beautiful, unconventional story that takes you to the jungles of Africa to fall in love, Until You Find Me contains the perfect balance of angst, thrills, and page-turning appeal.”—K. A. Tucker, USA Today bestselling author of Ten Tiny Breaths
“Wonderfully unique and utterly unputdownable, Until You Find Me is a breath of fresh air. Each page is sexier than the one before.”USA Today bestselling author Lauren Layne

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780553391589
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/11/2014
Series: Untamed , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 1,136,022
File size: 705 KB

About the Author

Amber Hart is the author of Until You Find Me and Captured by You, as well as the YA romances Before You and After Us. She grew up in Orlando, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, and now resides on the Florida coastline with her family. When not reading, she can be found writing, daydreaming, or dipping her toes in the sand.

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Until You Find Me: A Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - I am a collection of broken pieces. Stars! I absolutely loved this book, if you are looking for unique characters, in an unusual setting, with a writing style that borders on lyrical, then you are really going to enjoy Until You Find Me. Amber Hart is a new author on my reading list, but after reading the first part of Raven and Jospin’s story I am pretty sure that won’t be the case going forward. She is different where everything else looks the same. I didn’t really have any expectations going into this book, the synopsis offered something completely different, the characters aren’t your average young twenty-something’s, and the setting; namely the Cameroon Jungle is certainly not somewhere I have visited in person or my imagination before. Raven is staying at the Heart for Habitat Gorilla Sanctuary, trying to come to terms with, and ultimately understand why her father dies. Dealing with her grief, a vicious gorilla attack that has left her scarred and scared, as well as trying to understand just what it exactly was that kept her dad from her life, and from missing her childhood years. You can kind of see where parts of this story is going to go as it develops, Jospin epitomizes everything Raven shouldn’t want, and Raven is everything that Jospin should avoid, but it is so beautifully written that you can’t help but get lost in their adventure. With them both keeping secrets from each other, and knowing only the basic background information, their time together focuses purely on the now and the stolen moments that they manage to spend with each other, as well as the unique circumstances that they find themselves in. ”It seems I’ve grossly underestimated your determination.” This book is full of suspense, surprising twists and a really good plot line, the diversity of the characters and the location that everything takes place in offers a refreshing and unusual read. I am a total sucker for animals in my book so Leahcim the gorilla and Raven's interactions with him, added even more enjoyment to my overall reading pleasure. Great news is, I have the second part of this couples story lined up to read next, Captured by You promises to be as exciting as its predecessor, what with the tables turning on pretty much everything Raven and Jospin have been through together, and their lives in general so far. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was an absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review.
Lara-IT More than 1 year ago
I really loved Until You Find Me. This book is original, sweet, intriguing and its characters are really interesting! At the beginning Raven's motives to go to Cameroon aren't quite clear even to her - more so since she seemed to hate everything about it - but, in the second half of the book, we finally start to understand the plan Raven's dad put into motion asking his daughter to reach him in Africa. Still it's not like that in the meantime I was bored by the plotline: Raven's and Jospin's relationship was pretty engrossing after all! Those two really are something together...even when I couldn't think a way they could remain together if/when the truth came out, I was rooting for them! The end was so bittersweet...I can't really wait for the sequel!! I also loved the interactions between Raven and Leahcim, how could I not?! Leahcim felt so real in my mind, his expressions, his gestures...so sweet! I'm really curious of his story and of why he seemed so interested in only Raven, how that sums up to the main storyline. As for all the other unanswered questions and unresolved situations, I'll have to wait. I hate it! Still I'm really, really happy to have read Amber Hart's novel, even if it pain me to wait for the happy ending I want...there will be a happy ending, right? RIGHT??! Oooooookay, I get it: I'm starting to repeat myself. At last, I'd like to thank the author for the chance to read her book through NetGalley and I hope she appreciates my review and that'll be an incentive to write and release the sequel sooner ;D
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
Until You Find Me is an electrifyingly exquisite thriller that will run away with your heart and keep you on the edge-of-your-seat. This story touched my heart in a very remarkable way than any other book ever has. It drew me in with its raw pain, held me captive by its ravishing passion, and won me over with its stunning beauty. This is not just another romantic suspense story. It is a soul-searching journey of two disillusioned and hurting people who find themselves locked into an existence that they no longer recognize. Pulled together by fate, they much decide if their unusual yet powerful love is strong enough to outlive the lies and secrets that surround and bind them. When the heart finds its over half, God help those who stand in its way. Raven has lived her whole life with a gaping hole in her heart where her father should have been. She longed for the day when he would stay with them and just vacation to his work in Africa. This dream faded a little more with each passing year until it disappeared entirely. With the tragic passing of her father, she is left in terrible pain as she tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. In an effort to discover the truth that she knows is within her grasp, she travels to her father’s workplace in the heart of the jungle to find the pieces of her heart that her father took with him. What she discovers throughout her journey is so much more than she ever expected. Not only does she learn the truths that her father longed for her to unearth, but the passion that drove her father transforms her heart and brings her to life in the most unlikely of places. Jospin should have turned her away when he found her on his property. He should have closed his heart off to her when he saw the same broken spirit and searing pain deep within her eyes. He should have done a lot of things differently, but he didn’t. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t block her out or turn her away. She touched his heart and soul like no other person ever had, and he couldn’t stay away no matter how much he knew her life depended on it. It was useless because he was hooked and like an addict, his heart demanded his Raven fix. Did fate truly command the destiny of these two star-crossed lovers, or would they forge their own path in life? Would their love be strong enough to stand up against the raging torrent that threatens to tear them apart forever, or will it be ripped to shreds and disappear forever just like her father? The blurb of this book and its breath-taking cover really caught my eye for some reason, and I am so glad that it did. I was truly blown away by this stunning masterpiece. The story wasn’t diluted with strong undercurrents of personal mantras, but it gently and sincerely offered a heart-wrenching view of life in the jungle. To view this world through the eyes of a broken person allowed for truths and facts to be conveyed in a very non-threatening but powerful way. The characters of Raven, Jospin, Clovis and others breathed life and heart into this incredibly brilliant story. The connections that were created and especially those that had always been silently binding both Raven and Jospin left my mind reeling with astonishment and awe. The wonderfully wicked twists and turns that came along kept me second guessing myself and left me utterly speechless. My heart was so caught up in this gripping and emotional story that I ended up reading it in one sitting. I simply couldn’t get enough of it, and I truly hated to see it end. However, I can’t wait to see what happens next because there is no way that Raven will give up so easily on everything that she has come to discover and love about her jungle. This is the first book that I have read by Amber Hart, and I promise you that it will not be the last. It is her gentle yet influential soul that spoke to me and captivated me from the very first word. I have to feel a strong and compelling connection to a story otherwise it doesn’t hold my attention or my heart like this one did. I am still feeling the effects of this story even now, and I know that the next part will create an even stronger link to my heart. There is so much promise and endless potential in Hart that I am very eager to watch as she continues to unfurl her wings and show the world what truly lies in the depths of her soul. This part of her heart truly blew me away, and I can’t thank her enough for having the courage and the determination to show us the magnificent treasure that she truly is.
LoriLovesBooks More than 1 year ago
One of the best I've read all year.  This book was so good and so unique among the New Adult genre that I am not sure I can do it justice.  I really loved everything about this book.  It begins with Raven being attacked by a gorilla in the jungle of Cameroon.  She has come to Cameroon at her father’s request.  He founded a gorilla habitat to save and rehabilitate gorillas that are shot by poachers or abandoned when poachers kill the parent.  The 20 year old college student can’t understand why her father asked her to join him for the summer.  Now she may never know since he was recently attacked and killed by a gorilla, himself.     This book is told in dual points of view.  Jospin was born and raised in the jungle of Cameroon.  He lives close to the jungle and hears the screams of someone in trouble.  When he sees the beautiful blond haired girl who has been attacked he can’t understand why she was in the jungle by herself; a jungle that is filled with danger.  Gorillas don’t just attack at random, but if provoked, few survive an attack.  Then there are the poachers who shoot first, and ask questions later.  The rival poaching gangs are extremely territorial and don’t tolerate anyone who encroaches.  There is too much money in the black market sale of gorilla meat and fur.  And Jospin knows this all too well.  He is the son and heir of the leader of the jungles most powerful poaching pack.   Raven has no love for the gorillas her father worked so hard to save, and has so much resentment for the place that kept her father from her and her mother for most of her life.  We get flashes of memories - times when the family was together in Michigan, and it was clear her father loved her and her mother, but his work always came first.  As she recovers from the injuries that have left her arm covered in deep scars she finds herself face to face with a handsome stranger who has weapons and knows how to wield them.  The habitat doesn’t allow weapons, but the thought of having them comforts her.  The stranger agrees to help her learn to throw a knife and tells her he can teach her to make weapons.  They only share names and his is Jospin.   As the story continues to build, so does a relationship between Raven and Jospin.   I feel like their relationship and the way it develops was wonderfully written.  I love everything about these two.  Both have flaws and strengths and they keep so many secrets from each other, but somehow an honest love grows between them.   The way the story builds and Raven learns to deal with the gorillas, what her father hoped she could help him with, and how his death has affected her, kept me completely engrossed.  As secrets are revealed and lives are threatened the story comes to a dramatic conclusion that is definitely a cliff hanger.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book.   I know this story may not appeal to all readers.  The departure from college life, bars and parties, that are so common in New Adult may not be for everyone.  Maybe the theme of conservation and poaching is too serious for some.  In my opinion, taking a girl completely out of her environment and making her face her life head on, including her biggest fears, is what New Adult is all about.  Finding love in the last place you expect, and in the “wrong” person is also part of what I love about this sub-genre.  I am so happy I gave this a try and I hope it finds a big audience.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
A great story and a refreshing NA twist being away from a college campus and deep in the wilds of Africa. The relationship between Raven and Jospin is unlikely but inevitable none the less. There are secrets being kept and as the truth begins to unravel their relationship is put to the test. This fabulously written story is one you want to read. It's very descriptive and transports you to Africa from the very beginning. I recommend this one!