Unusual Attitudes- Flight Instructors Memoirs of the Canal Zone, part 1 rev

Unusual Attitudes- Flight Instructors Memoirs of the Canal Zone, part 1 rev

by Edwin Armbruster


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What makes this book unique, is the places and countries where these stories take place. A pilot or person with limited knowledge of planes will enjoy this the most. For a person not familiar with the intricate working of an airplane, I give a limited description with the express purpose of presenting a cursory overview of certain flight instruments, flight controls and pilots actions in critical situations. All the stories are true and wherever possible, with their permission, I provide the name or names of persons that were involved with few obvious exceptions. It is not my intent to embarrass or malign anyone, here again with obvious exceptions. I have received lots of help from fellow pilots and friends whom I want to thank.

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ISBN-13: 9781543957020
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 02/18/2019
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

"Captain Ed" Edwin Armbruster Brief BioEdwin was born just before the outbreak of WW2 in Washington D.C. He grew up in Arlington, Virginia; attended Washington and Lee High school. His family moved to New Port Richey, FL., where Ed finished High School at Gulf High in 1954. Ed met his wife Jean in High School and was married a year later. He enlisted in the USAF in Feb 1957 and after a year of Tech school at Keesler AFB, Biloxi MS., was deployed to Clark AFB, Philippines for 2 years. Fishing his last year back at Keesler, was discharged and returned to Florida finding a job at Cape Canaveral. He was employed by the Martin Marietta Company.In May, 1963, he volunteered to join a group of engineers and technicians to conduct tropical tests on the Pershing Missile system in the Canal Zone in Panama. After the 4 month program was completed, Ed applied for a job with the Panama Canal Company and returned to Panama in October 1964 to accept a position as an Electronics Technician. He later transferred to the Engineering Division,, Hydrological/Meteorological Branch working as a Hydrographic Technician (earth science) until he retired in 1985 While working for the Panama Canal Company, he learned to fly. Over a period of four years and while on vacation in Florida, Ed took flight training to become a certified flight instructor also acquired a Multi Engine Airplane rating and a Helicopter Pilot rating by the end of 1968. He was hired to instruct at Albrook AFB in the Canal Zone and later formed an Aero Club in the small Canal Zone community of GamboaBeside his interesting job, he was active in his church serving in leadership positions, Explorer Scout adviser and in his community where he served two years as a mayor of a large American community. His wife, Jean, was employed by the US Army as a political analyst, 193rd Infantry Brigade at Ft Clayton and Ft Amador. They have four children, one of which was born in the Canal Zone.The family departed the Canal Zone in October 1989 after Jean got a transfer to Ft Bragg, Fayetteville, NC. She was a staff office in Special Operations Command, retiring 1999. Ed was a private investigator and also active in the Civil Air Patrol. He became a Travel Agent and organized and conducted group travel throughout the world. In 1999 Ed and Jean moved to Niceville, FL. Ed immediately got a job as Flight Instructor both at the Eglin AFB Aero Club and Destin Airport.In 2011, Ed and Jean served a six month "service mission" for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the Traingle Ranch, Paducah, Texas.In November Ed and Jean moved to Ocala, FL to a retirement community. Ed and Jean have travelled extensively. They have their own business "Jattravel" home based travel agency specializing in cruising. Ed still occasionally instructs flying.

Table of Contents

Preface 6

Dedication 9

Acknowledgements 10

Chapter 1 Introductions 13

Chapter 2 In The Beginning 17

Chapter 3 The Epic Journey 32

Chapter 4 October 14th The Dawn of a New Era 59

Chapter 5 A new Home-A new Job- Anew Adventure 67

Chapter 6 Life in the Canal Zone 101 BC (before Carter) 85

Chapter 7 Shop Foreman, Friend & Flight Instructor John Daily 104

Chapter 8 You Be The Judge 114

Chapter 9 I Must Be Seeing Things 124

Chapter 10 The Garden of Eden 137

Chapter 11 A New Beginning 149

Chapter 12 We Are Going To Fry This Gringo 162

Chapter 13 Zarpe, Zarpe, Who Has The Zarpe 169

Chapter 14 When Engine Fails, Land As Soon As Possible 179

Chapter 15 The Coup 186

Chapter 16 Pilot Down 193

Chapter 17 Double Exposure 207

Chapter 18 Happy Hour At The Gamboa Clubhouse 214

Chapter 19 Captain, I Feel Sic 224

Chapter 20 Lobster Bust 231

Chapter 21 "20/15" 237

Chapter 22 Photo Pages 240

Chapter 23 Aircraft Down 249

Chapter 24 A Family Affair 252

Chapter 25 Bearing The System 263

Chapter 26 Elvis And The Bermuda Triangle 265

Chapter 27 Magnum "44" 283

Chapter 28 Close Encounter With A "UFO" 292

Chapter 29 La Ventana Cririca (the critical window) 304

Chapter 30 Black Sunday-September 30, 1979 311

Chapter 31 Post Mortem 323

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