Unzipping the Law Deuteronomy Annotated

Unzipping the Law Deuteronomy Annotated

by Booker T Jones Jr


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The Unzipping the Law series cover the Saga of the sons of Israel's last days of Egyptian bondage to their event filled arrival at the borders of the "Promised Land".

Deuteronomy begins in the fortieth year on the first day of the eleventh month after Israel's departure from Egypt.

The Wilderness years have come to a close and Moses speaks to the sons of Israel, according to all that the Lord had commanded him to give to them.

Moses undertook to expound where the sons of Israel have been and what lies before them. The blessings if you keep God's commandments and the curses of disobedience.

Divorce, cross dressing, first fruits, tithes, blessings and curses, distribution of the land, and Moses's successor are laid to rest here.

Some scholars site this book as the "Second giving of the Law", I would like to think this book reviews what has already been given, a "bring to your remembrance" as you were, begin to receive the promise made to your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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