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Up and Away with the Little Witch!

Up and Away with the Little Witch!

by Lieve Baeten

When Trixie comes to visit, Lizzy, the Little Witch, decides to conjure up a magic carpet for them.




When Trixie comes to visit, Lizzy, the Little Witch, decides to conjure up a magic carpet for them.

                                    “Abracadabra, abracaduss,

                                    Carpet, oh, carpet,

                                    Fly away with us!”

she chants, and PRESTO! they’re up and away on an all-night adventure!


Fly with Lizzy and Trixie as they visit the Caravan Witch, the Boat Witch, and, most fantastic of all, the Balloon Witch.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
In her second adventure featuring Lizzy, the Little Witch, the late Belgian author/illustrator fills her pages with quirky details and eccentric characters that are revealed via flaps. Lizzy takes her friend Trixie, the Witch Princess, on a nighttime carpet ride, and they visit three other witches. The Caravan Witch pulls a wagon filled with a hodgepodge of musical instruments, a cactus, and performing creatures that resemble meerkats. A pit stop at the Boat Witch's pedal-propelled abode results in a soggy mishap, and a striking surprise foldout reveals the Balloon Witch, who gives the tired girls a ride home. It's a softly spooky diversion for Halloween or any witching hour. Ages 4–up. (May)
From the Publisher
Kirkus Reviews on The Curious Little Witch:

"Lizzy is a curious little witch, so when she is out flying one night, she can’t resist peeking through the open window of a peculiar little house. Into the attic she tumbles, breaking her broom. She follows the sounds of music downstairs, where she finds the Music Witch. “I can't fix broomsticks, I'm afraid,” says the Music Witch, so Lizzy follows her nose into the next room, where she finds the Kitchen Witch. This repetitive story is enlivened by three-quarter page-flaps readers can turn to advance the story and see two views of each remarkable room. It will surprise no one but satisfy all when Lizzy finds the Tinkering Witch in the basement and is finally able to leave “on her brand-new, rocket-powered broomstick.” A sweet import, ideal for budding architects."

Children's Literature - Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
Young Trixie has come to spend the night with Lizzy, the Little Witch heroine of The Curious Little Witch. After reading her a fairy tale, Lizzy decides to conjure up a flying carpet for Trixie as a Witch Princess. On it they fly high up into the night. Feeling hungry, Lizzy decides to investigate a light below. Turning a short cut page reveals the Caravan Witch and her loaded cart. She welcomes them with a performance. Flying away again, they spot another light, as Trixie "needs to pee." On another cut page they land at the Boat Witch, who has a "pretty potty" for the Princess. After a tumble into the river, the witches dry off and take off. When they fear they are lost, they are saved by the Balloon Witch who, on a large foldout, takes them home in time for bed. Sketchy, detailed, light-hearted colored drawings of the appealing heroines on the jacket and title page introduce the fairytale adventure. The end pages provide a monochrome green bird's-eye view of the tale's landscape. The habitats of each of the visited witches are filled with fascinating items; vignettes help depict some of the action. The vertical foldout makes a fitting climax to this imaginative romp. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
School Library Journal
K-Gr 2—Little Witch is back, and this time she has her young friend Trixie (the Witch Princess) for company. Inspired by a bedtime story, they head off on a flying carpet with her cat in tow, but become lost. They encounter Caravan Witch, who provides snacks and a show; Boat Witch, who provides a potty, a dunk in the river, and a warm, drying fire; and finally Balloon Witch, who helps them get safely home. The text tends to be a little wordy; it is the meticulous illustrations that steal the show. Baeten's highly detailed work supplies a cornucopia of things to look at while managing not to be overwhelming. Be warned that the Balloon Witch encounter is depicted in an appropriate foldout (up, actually) that could easily be torn if not reinforced. A good companion to The Curious Little Witch (NorthSouth, 2010) for one-on-one sharing.—Catherine Callegari, Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH
Kirkus Reviews

In a follow-up to The Curious Little Witch (2010), Lizzy, the titular Little Witch, continues her adventures with a new young friend, Trixie.

Inspired by a fairy-tale book, Trixie wants Lizzy to make her a Witch Princess and conjure up a flying magic carpet. Lizzy works her magic, and they are off. The softly hued illustrations lend sweet child appeal, but Baetan's text rambles somewhat. As with the earlier book, partial page turns provide changing views, here of the pair's journey and various fantastical modes of transportation. A touch of hunger leads them to meet the Caravan Witch, whose well-intentioned performance for them goes awry. Off they fly until Trixie "needs to pee," and they encounter the Boat Witch. She has "an especially pretty potty for a Witch Princess," but a frog surprises Trixie, and she slips overboard. Once dry, the duo takes to the air again only to realize they may be lost. From up above comes the welcome voice of the Balloon Witch, who is appropriately revealed in a vertical fold-out accommodating the fantastical aerial transport. Balloon Witch is honored to help them get back to their humble home "just in time, right before the sun rose"—which is, of course, "bedtime for little witches."

Fans of the first book will cheer the return of its winsome protagonist, but they will miss its architectural unity; ultimately, there is little here to make it rise above the witchy multitude. (Picture book. 4-8)

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NorthSouth Books
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
8.60(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
4 - 7 Years

Meet the Author


Lieve Baeten was born in Belgium in 1954. She gained international acclaim and numerous awards for books about the Little Witch. She died tragically in a car accident in 2001.

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