Up! The Psycho Mellow

Up! The Psycho Mellow




This compilation from Schema Records collects a handful of French and Italian lounge tracks with a strong soulful or jazzy vibe. Compilations like these are often weighed down by easy listening dross, but Up! The Psycho Mellow manages to be an exception to this rule because it is nicely programmed and benefits from a consistent feel throughout. Standouts in the jazz vein include the Paris Studio Sound's "Cha Ba Da Ba Da," a furiously-paced slice of jazz that is paced by a vivacious female scat vocal, and Vocal Shades and Tones' "Hot Heels," which highlights an elegantly jazzy choral arrangement over a slick, piano-driven rhythm section. The big highlight for soul fans is Psycheground Group's "Easy," which starts with a slowly-paced but hard-hitting drum groove, then layers on an array of soulful organ and guitar licks. Soul fans will no doubt be amused by Reddy Bobbio's "Neutral," which is virtually a note-for-note knock-off of the Temptations' classic hit "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone." However, the most noteworthy tracks on Up! The Psycho Mellow are the two performed by a studio outfit called Expo 80: "Rolling Space" mixes scat vocals, a funky groove, and slithery synthesizer riffs to spacey effect, and "Una Neguinho" mixes guitar-driven Latin rock á la Santana with Sergio Mendes-style bossa nova, then tops it off with a dash of otherworldly synthesizer. The resulting tracks sound like a Latin-influenced version of Air. All in all, the diverse tracks that are joined together on Up! The Psycho Mellow make it one of the more rewarding European lounge compilations.

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Release Date: 05/01/1998
Label: Schema
UPC: 8018344029047
catalogNumber: 904

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