Up Your GPA: How Language Works and What to do About It

Up Your GPA: How Language Works and What to do About It

by Edward L. Putman


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In this book Mr. Putman presents for the first time his theory of semantics or, in the vernacular, "How language works".
Other theories abound. Frege, Russell, Strawson, Donnellan are some of the famous philosophers of the past who's semantic theories are in print.
Until now, few of us cared which theory of semantics is correct. We know language works and we use it.
But the theory presented in this book is different. It has a practical bent. Once you understand Putman's "Distinctive Semantics" from Chapter 1 of this book, you can make use of it whenever you read or write.
Just how to make use of it comprises the other four chapters of his book.

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About the Author

Edward L. Putman delved into semantic theory in 1984. As an IT consultant Putman had received a query from a research physician related to electronically merging different documents on the same subject. The purpose was to remove duplicate information and thus simplify the study time for researchers.
Mr. Putman concluded that semantic theory lacked the footing that would be required for the suggested task. The task was dropped, but it planted a seed of curiosity in the mind of Mr. Putman, and many years later it flowered into his distinctive semantic theory and its application that is presented in this book.

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