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Now entering its third decade, 311 has cemented its status as a muscled touring machine, capable of selling out venues across the country without the assistance of high-charting singles or current albums. Uplifter, the band's ninth studio release (and first album in nearly four years), is streamlined accordingly, wielding a polished mix of tour-worthy anthems and lighter-hoisting ballads that seem destined to fare better in concert than on record. This is standard 311 fare, stuffed with the requisite flourishes of alternative rock, reggae, and frat boy funk that made the band popular some 15 years prior. Bob Rock produces the rock numbers with a beefy hand -- 311 has rarely sounded so heavy before -- while allowing the band to retain its sonic calling cards: the heavy chorus effect on Nick Hexum and S.A. Martinez's harmonies, the watery strum of Tim Mahoney's guitar, and the crispness of Chad Sexton's snare drum. Uplifter may be better suited to a concert set list than a stereo, as some of these songs lose their vitality on record. Even so, the album is strong enough to keep the flames fanned, and returning 311 fans should be pleased.

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Release Date: 06/02/2009
Label: Jive
UPC: 0886974809111
catalogNumber: 748091

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Uplifter 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
speppi311 More than 1 year ago
311 just keeps getting better and better. This album doesn't have as many of the rock songs, but it does not disapoint. Nick Hexum is in love and it's obvious in the lyrics from this album.
JacksWeather More than 1 year ago
Great album. Upbeat and meaningful. Made a 5 hour drive pass in no time. Can hear the 311 style from other albums, but at same time they have many different songs evolving into new directions. I feel its like a great movie, few upbeat songs that are like rising action, few slower ones that add onto the feature, climaxes with Jackpot, imo, and that has a falling actoin and conclusion that makes you ready for it to start over again with Hey You. This album is about Unity, music and love.
AyeshaFL More than 1 year ago
A very much anticipated album from 311. The fact that it was produced by the legendary Bob Rock shows with the strong guitar intros and smooth transitions throughout the songs. One of the best tracks on this album that makes your day a bit better is "Never-ending Summer" The intro with the famous "3 11, 3,3, 11" chant is a great way to lift your spirits. Songs like "Daisy Cutter" and "Jackpot" are a new style for 311 that really gets the crowds going and makes drives around town more enjoyable. The more mellow songs, "Two drops in the ocean" and "My heart sings" are filled with light guitar and sweet little phrases that would make it perfect for a Valentine's day mix tape :)