Urban Bikers' Tricks and Tips: Low-Tech and No-Tech Ways to Find, Ride, and Keep a Bicycle

Urban Bikers' Tricks and Tips: Low-Tech and No-Tech Ways to Find, Ride, and Keep a Bicycle


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ISBN-13: 9780965172813
Publisher: Wordspace Press
Publication date: 03/01/2004
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Dave Glowacz, known worldwide as Mr. Bike, is a certified bike instructor with the League of American Bicyclists. He is the director of education for the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. He lives in Chicago.

Table of Contents

A Message from Mr. Bike1
Chapter 1Choosing a Bike3
Choosing a bike type4
Spending money on a bike6
Making your current bike fit you8
Buying a new bike12
What accessories do you need?14
Handlebar accessories15
Baggage accessories16
Quick-release accessories18
Power accessories19
Why have gears?20
Bike storage24
Chapter 2Maintenance Basics25
Maintenance quick check26
How to patch a flat tire28
How to remove a wheel30
Preventing flats31
Finding a bike shop34
Do it yourself34
Chapter 3Avoiding Rip-Off35
How to uglify your bike36
I.D.ing your bike pre-theft39
Registering your bike40
Insuring your bike43
Recovering your stolen bike44
Where to park your bike46
How to lock48
How to make your U lock better50
How much to spend on a lock52
Buying a new frame lock54
Padlocks, chains, & cables56
Armored cables59
Chapter 4Getting Through Traffic61
Sly biking62
Ped Mode63
Getting comfortable with traffic64
Looking techniques66
Using body language69
Reading vehicles' body language72
When & how to make noise76
Lanes & turns79
Passing on a narrow street80
Multi-lane intersections82
The basic left turn84
The box left turn85
The impatient left turn86
The shortcut left turn87
Special left-turn cases88
Bike lanes90
Bus traffic93
Entrance & exit ramps98
Timing traffic lights101
Going through yellow lights103
Red lights104
The 3-street run-around106
Making traffic lights turn green108
Timing pavement detectors112
Riding in the door zone114
Traffic jams117
Riding under elevated tracks120
Short attention span safety guide122
Chapter 5Trouble Situations125
When a motorist hits you126
Asking for money after a crash130
How to prevent attacks132
What to do when attacked134
Using pepper spray136
Conflicts with motorists & peds138
Fighting back140
Emergency moves146
How to turn fast147
How to treat a bad scrape150
Chapter 6Special Techniques153
Using gears154
How hand shifters change gears156
How to shift158
Bumps & ruts159
Catching a ride from a vehicle162
Using sidewalks164
Carrying bikes on stairs166
Getting on elevators166
Bikes on escalators168
Riding on stairs170
Choosing your route172
Choosing street maps173
Chapter 7Buses, Trains, & Planes175
Bikes on buses: basics176
Loading a front bus rack178
Bikes inside buses183
Subways & light rail184
Commuter trains: basics190
Timing your commute194
Traveling between cities195
Bikes on airplanes196
Riding in and out of airports200
Packing your bike into a box202
Bikes in cars206
Chapter 8Night & Bad Weather207
Riding at night208
Choosing reflective material208
Tips for buying headlights210
A homemade headlight system212
On-street tips for night riding213
Rain, cold, & snow214
Dressing for cold214
Dressing for rain216
Equipping your bike217
Riding in snow218
Riding in rain219
Fender options220
Chapter 9Avoiding Hat Head & Sweat221
Dealing with helmets and wind222
Fixing your hair after a bike commute223
Three basic hair styles223
Helmet features224
When to replace a helmet225
Helmet cost227
Handling clothes & sweat228
How to pack wrinkle-free228
Bags for carrying clothes229
Riding to work230
Cleaning up at work230
Work clothes to bike in231
Skirts and dresses232
Appendix AResource Guide233
National Advocacy groups233
Local advocacy groups234
World Wide Web sites236
Bicycle touring236
Bike maintenance books236
Bike safety booklets236
Appendix BSupplier Directory237
Can't find it?237
Bells, whistles, & gadgets238
Bungee cords239
Handlebar parts239
Locks & accessories240
Pepper spray240
Rain gear241
Registries, national241

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