Urban Crime, Criminals, and Victims: The Swedish Experience in an Anglo-American Comparative Perspective

Urban Crime, Criminals, and Victims: The Swedish Experience in an Anglo-American Comparative Perspective


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ISBN-13: 9780387974057
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 12/28/1990
Series: Research in Criminology Series
Edition description: 1991
Pages: 271
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction.- Scope and Aim of Study.- Some Brief Notes on Swedish Society and Its Crime.- 2 The Rate, Structure, and Trends in Urban Crime.- The Rate of Crime.- Trends in Crime.- Explaining the Difference.- 3 The Urban Offender.- Offenders in Urban Crime.- Crime and Its Development in the Urban Population.- The Distribution of Crime in the Urban Population.- Specialization and Versatility in Crime.- Age Patterns.- 4 The Social Contexts of Urban Crime.- Contextual Crime Analysis.- Urban Violence.- Urban Vandalism.- Urban Serious Theft.- Conclusion.- 5 The Urban Victim.- The Victimological Approach.- 6 Stockholm: Its Crime and Urban Structure.- The Research Area.- Crime Rates and Crime Trends in the City of Stockholm.- The Basic Units of Analysis.- The Inner- and Outer-City Areas.- Housing in Stockholm.- The Factorial Social Ecology of Stockholm.- Grouping Wards to Major Types of Urban Environments.- 7 Housing, Population Composition, and Offending.- The Offender Residential Distribution.- The Offender Rate Distributions.- Age Structure and Offender Rates.- The Individual-Level Relationship Between Housing and Offending in Childhood and Youth.- Zero-Order Correlations.- Population Composition and Offending.- Familism, SES, Social Problem Households, and Offending.- Population Composition and Offending Within Different Types of Housing.- Housing, Population Composition, and Offending: An Integrated Model.- 8 Routine Activities, Area Crime, and Victimization Patterns.- The Crime Area Distribution.- The Area Crime Rate Distributions.- Crime and Distance.- Explaining Area Crime Distribution.- The Area Distribution of Victims of Personal Crime.- 9 Integration and Discussion of Findings.- Urbanization and Crime.- The Urban Offender.- The Urban Victim.- City Structure and the Rate and Structure of Crime.- References.- Appendix A The Stockholm 1982 Crime Survey.- Appendix B Legal Definitions of Crimes Included in the Stockholm 1982 Crime Survey.- Appendix C Definitions of Variables Used in the Factor Analysis of Stockholm Urban Structure.

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