Urban Operations - (ATP 3-06); (MCTP 12-10B) - December 2017 Edition

Urban Operations - (ATP 3-06); (MCTP 12-10B) - December 2017 Edition

by Department of the Army


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ATP 3-06/MCTP 12-10B provides commanders and staffs specific information they will need to plan and conduct urban operations. Second, the manual provides multiple templates and examples of products that are routinely used in the conduct of operations. Readers of this publication use ADRP 6-0 and MCDP 6 for discussions concerning roles and responsibilities Soldiers/Marines use to facilitate ease of communication among various members of different organizations. It should be noted that commanders may modify products as necessary to meet mission requirements. Local standard operating procedures (Army)/standing operating procedures (Marine Corps) (SOPs) may also provide examples of products more suitable to specific situations. The chapters are organized by topic and have been updated to reflect changes to both Army/Marine Corps doctrine. Specific to Army readers, this publication reflects changes in ADP 3-0, ADRP 3-0, ADP 5-0, ADRP 5-0, and ADP 6-0 and ADRP 6-0.

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