Uriel's Machine: The Ancient Origins of Science

Uriel's Machine: The Ancient Origins of Science

by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
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Uriel's Machine: The Ancient Origins of Science by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas

What was the true purpose of the great megalithic sites in Western Europe? In this international bestseller, the authors question the standard views of history and the development of science. They show how, in megalithic times, a civilization emerged able to build an international network of sophisticated astronomical observatories. Further, they show that recently revealed Dead Sea Scroll texts contain precise details on the building of a machine in the reconstruction of a shattered world.

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ISBN-13: 9780099281825
Publisher: Random House of Canada, Limited
Publication date: 01/23/2001
Pages: 496

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Uriel's Machine 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
TrueStories More than 1 year ago
We are like children who insist in believing in Santa Claus instead of Saint Christopher. The myth is very compelling but useless to adults. Here in this book one of the many cracks in the historical facade we believe about prehistory is opened wide to prove that ancient man was intellignet and capabile of building precise machines to discover the nature of the solar system as well as prediction of the seasons. This is what makes this book such compelling reading. Let's stop telling the lie that ancient man couldn't travel across contintents and oceans. Let's stop listening to the Egyptian council of antiquities who say that ancient man picked berries in season and couldn't stack three stones on top of each other. And lets find out what happend eight to sixteen thousand years ago on this planet. Let's really find out where the megalithic measurement system came from and let's rediscover the kind of world spanning civilization that actually existed long ago. I am currently building into modern computers various programs that divide the circle of the sky into 360 parts. I am glad to know that the anciens knew as I do that the world is a sphere and that you can use any convenient system of numbering to determine the future time in which the year will repeat, the seasons change, storms restart and an ice-age to reappear. Here is the truth about the mind of ancient man, it was as capable and intricate as ours. And whereever he could grasp the details of the universe, he made a machine to work for all seasons to aid his life and protect his future. This book was well organized and kept me reading it late into the night for a week. My congratulations to the author for digging into this old information and raising speculation to a science.
BroJamesFDavis More than 1 year ago
I personally have read "The Hiram Key" and "Turning the Hiram Key". When I read the book "The Hiram Key" by these same authors. I thought that the book was seeking sensationalism. I even wrote as much in my Lodge's TrestleBoard. I have since gained so much more respect for these Masonic Authors. I must admit I was a novice at Masonry when I wrote that review. (2005) The book: Uriel's Machine, as it is titled, is a misnomer. The true subject of the book is Enoch. The Jewish Patriarch of Old Testament fame. It tells of how Enoch travels to what is now Great Britain. Learns astrology and to predict the movement of the constellations. Enoch leaves Great Britain and returns to the "near east" Noah receives the information, that there has been a flood before. To prepare for the coming of the next deluge. This book has been well researched and covers Megalithic and Neolithic History. As it pertains to operative Masonic History. It is all of course, before the coming of the Druid Priests. You shall find included many footnotes and research points included, these should reduce any skepticism. All in all, you should find this book a very good read. My only regret in purchasing this book, is this: I wish I had purchased it sooner. The only copy that was available new, was paperback. As a Masonic Historian, I truly do prefer hardbound copy's...so that I may share my research materials. My private library contains mostly hard bindings. To Chris Knight, may the Great Architect of the Universe grant you peace while resting from your labors. To Robert Lomas, may the the Supreme Grand Ruler guide your pen, while writing your next book. Signed, Brother James Davis, 32nd degree Noble, A.A.O.M.S. Member, O.E.S. P.M.C. Order of DeMolay, International