US Army Physician Assistant Handbook

US Army Physician Assistant Handbook

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The Army physician assistant (PA) has an important role throughout Army medicine. This handbook will describe the myriad positions and organizations in which PAs play leadership roles in management and patient care. Chapters also cover PA education, certification, continuing training, and career progression. Topics include the Interservice PA Program, assignments at the White House and the Old Guard (3d US Infantry Regiment), and roles in research and recruiting, as well as the PA’s role in emergency medicine, aeromedical evacuation, clinical care, surgery, and occupational health.

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ISBN-13: 9780160949456
Publisher: United States Dept. of Defense
Publication date: 09/10/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 334
Sales rank: 108,633
File size: 10 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author


The Army Medical Department has been training military physician assistants since 1973. Currently over 800 Army PA are stationed globally, serving as force multipliers throughout military medicine to ensure force health protection. Army PAs receive the same education as civilian PAs and are fully certified and recognized by the PA professional associations.

Table of Contents

Contributors xi
Foreword xv
Section 1. The Army Physician Assistant Profession 1
1. From Vietnam to Afghanistan: The History of the Army
Physician Assistant 3
2. The Four Pillars of the Physician Assistant Profession 33
3. Role of the Physician Assistant Section Chief, Consultant,
and Army Medical Specialist Corps Office 43
4. Special Pay for Army Physician Assistants 53
5. The Future of the Army Physician Assistant 57
Section 2. Training, Certification, and Career Management 59
6. Licensure, Credentialing, and Granting of Clinical
Privileges 61
7. Continuing Medical Education 71
8. The Interservice Physician Assistant Program 79
9. Additional Training for Physician Assistants 103
10. Attending Resident Intermediate Level Education 127
11. Senior Service College 135
12. Career Management 139
Section 3. Physician Assistant Positions and Roles 171
13. Role of the Battalion Physician Assistant 173
14. Role of the Special Operations Forces Physician Assistant 223
15. Role of the Guantanamo Bay Physician Assistant 239
16. Role of the Aeromedical Physician Assistant 243
17. Role of the 3d US Infantry Regiment Physician Assistant 253
18. Role of the White House Physician Assistant (Tactical
Medical Officer)
19. Role of the Captains Career Course Physician Assistant
Small Group Leader 263
20. Role of the Office Program Manager–Saudi Arabian
National Guard Medical Education Training Advisor for
Health Affairs 269
21. Physician Assistants in Combat Medicine Training
Programs 273
22. Role of the Human Resources Command Assignment
Officer 281
23. Role of the Division Senior Physician Assistant 287
24. Role of the Corps Senior Physician Assistant 297
25. Role of the Clinic Officer-in-Charge 303
26 Role of the Combat Training Center Command Surgeon 313
27. Role of the Defense Health Agency Medical Logistics
Division 321
28. Role of the US Army Center for Initial Military Training Physician Assistant 325
29. Role of the Medical Command Staff Officer and Deputy
to the Physician Assistant Consultant 329
30. Role of the Capabilities Development Integration
Directorate Physician Assistant 333
31. The Army Orthopedic Physician Assistant 337
32. The Army Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant 349
33. The Army General Surgery/Intensivist Physician
Assistant 365
34. Role of the Physician Assistant in Occupational Medicine 373
35. Role of the Physician Assistant in Research 383
36. Role of the Physician Assistant in Army Medical
Recruiting 395
37. Role as a Commander 399
38. Role of the Inspector General 419
39. Role of the Physician Assistant in the Integrated Disability
Evaluation System 427
Abbreviations and Acronyms xvii
Index xxi


This reference work may appeal to military physician assistants, military and civilian medical providers and first responders.  Professional Medical Education (PME) providers that oversee  and are responsible for the credentialing and licensing for the continuing medical education program for clinical and professional educational activity programs of physician assistants, clinicians, and others within the healthcare/ patient-care field may also be interested in this work.

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