U.S. Diplomacy in Israel-Palestine Conflict

U.S. Diplomacy in Israel-Palestine Conflict

by Samuel Jacob Kuruvilla


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ISBN-13: 9788177083972
Publisher: New Century Publications
Publication date: 01/23/2015
Pages: 384
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Table of Contents

About the Book vii

About the Author viii

Preface xiv-xix

Abbreviations/Acronyms xx

1 Early American Involvement in Arab-Israeli Conflict 1-29

Diplomacy and Negotiation Defined

Palestine Issue and United Nations

American Perspectives on Zionism and Palestine

First World War and After

Second World War and After

Proposal for Partition and After

US Recognition of Israel

Factors Leading to US Recognition of Israel

Suez War of 1956

America Against the Suez War

Rise of Palestinian Nationalism

American Attitudes towards PLO till the 1970s

1967 War and After

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 242

US Position (1967-1973)

2 Carter, Begin, Sadat and Camp David-I 30-49

Prelude to the Accords

Arab Oil Embargo

Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) in the 1970s

Sadat, Egypt and the United States

Carter and the Arab-Israeli Dispute

Begin and the Palestinian Issue

Sadat's Attitude towards Israel

American Mediation in the Camp David Peace Process

Camp David: Course of the Negotiations

Egyptian Gains and Losses

Israeli Gains and Losses

Camp David Accords and the PLO

3 Reagan, Clinton and the Oslo Accords 50-69

Reagan Era

Reagan Plan

Fahd Plan

Fez Charter

Hussein-Arafat Accord

Start of First Intifada

Shultz Plan

Israeli Peace Initiative

Madrid Peace Conference

Oslo Accords

US Role in the Oslo

Palestinian Statehood and the Oslo Accords

Cairo Agreement

Clinton and the Arab-Israeli Peace Process

The Syrian Angle

Oslo II Accord

Arrival of Binyamin Netanyahu

Hebron Protocol or Oslo III

Wye River Memorandum (Oslo IV)

4 Clinton, Barak, Arafat and Camp David-II 70-96

Victory of Ehud Barak

Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum (Wye-II Accord)

Camp David-II Summit

Prelude to the Summit

Clinton's Gamble at High Wire Summitry

Ehud Barak's Role in the Arab-Israeli Peace Process

Final Status Issues on Jerusalem

Settlements and Borders


Camp David-II Venue and Conditions

Camp David-II Summit: Proceedings on a day-today Basis

Camp David-II Summit Failure

Clinton's Role at the Camp David-II Summit

5 Camp David-ii Dilemma 97-114

US Presidency and Arab-Israeli Relations

Palestinian Experience

Barak's Dilemmas at Camp David

Clinton's Choice

American Diplomatic Priorities

Barak's Failures

Palestinian Negotiation Positions

American Role at Camp David

6 Palestinian Politics in Historical Perspective 115-132

Arab Nationalism

Muslim Brotherhood

Brotherhood in Palestine

International Jihad

Hamas and Islamic Jihad

Hamas and Palestinian Christians

Politics of Hamas

7 Clinton Parameters and the Road Map to Peace 133-156

Clinton Parameters




Acceptance of the Parameters

Taba Talks

Gaza Strip


Mitchell Report

Sharon as Prime Minister of Israel

Arab Peace Plan

Road Map for Palestinian-Israeli Peace

Acceptance of the Road Map by the Parties Concerned

Post-Road Map Developments

8 Annapolis Conference and the Obama Era 157-180

Post-Sharon Situation

Annapolis Conference

2008 Gaza War

Obama Era

Netanyahu 'Peace Process'

Palestinian Counter Steps

New Israeli Peace Offers

Palestinian Responses

Secretary of State John Kerry's Initiatives

Deadlock in the Peace Process

9 US Presidency, Obama and Israel-Palestine Peace Process 181-190

Appendices Containing Documents

Document I Text of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution: A/Res/181(11), November 29, 1947: Future Government of Palestine 191-222

Document II Text of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution: 194 (III), December 11, 1948, Palestine: Progress Report of the United Nations Mediator 223-227

Document III Text of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (1967), November 22, 1967 228-229

Document IV Camp David Accords Framework for Peace in the Middle East 230-238

Document V Hamas Covenant 1988: The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement, August 18, 1988 239-267

Document VI Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (Also Known as the Oslo Accords), September 13, 1993 268-274

Document VII Trilateral Statement on the Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David, July 25, 2000 275

Document VIII Clinton's Speech on Mideast Peace Parameters, January 8, 2001 276-292

Document IX Obama's Speech in Cairo, The New York Times, June 4, 2009 293-309

Document X Netanyahu's Foreign Policy Speech at Barllan, June 14, 2009 310-318

Document XI Obama's Speech in Israel, March 21, 2013 319-336

Bibliography 337-360

Index 361-366

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