Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness

by Henry Grayson Ph. D.
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Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness by Henry Grayson Ph. D.

Psychologist Henry Grayson has found that everybody desires a healthy and happy life, yet virtually everyone subconsciously feels they don’t deserve it. This unconscious mindset has a direct negative impact on our ability to prevent and overcome ongoing illnesses and unhappiness.

Combining quantum physics, neuropsychology, world wide spiritual wisdom, and scientific research, he has been able to release the effects of negative beliefs, various types of remembered and unremembered traumas and our unconscious downloads which result in keeping us unhappy and sick.

Dr. Grayson has developed a step-by-step formula to identify barriers (mostly limbic system imprints) and remove them. You will become aware of and learn ways to:

-Stop the repetitive, destructive and unproductive thought and behavior patterns

-Clear unconscious, yet common obstacles to healing, health and happiness

-Understand why simply removing SYMPTOMS with drugs, and external solutions rarely eliminate the causes of illnesses so that recurrences are more likely

-How to embrace your infinite power for self healing so that you don’t have to rely on physicians or drugs each and every time you have a symptom

-Incorporate subtle energetic tools to re-program your mind so that you can stop emotional and physical stress in its tracks and begin to heal immediately

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ISBN-13: 9781452545011
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/28/2012
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

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Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind

Revolutionary Methods to Release All Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness 6
By Henry Grayson

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Henry Grayson, Ph.D.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4501-1

Chapter One

Re-covery or Dis-covery?

Most of us say we want to be healthy and live happy, loving, and productive lives. Yet, in spite of this desire, most of us continue to suffer from innumerable ailments. The average person contracts a virus or cold several times a year, costing about $35 billion in lost work and irrelevant doctor visits for antibiotics which are of no help with viruses. We suffer from digestive problems, feel anxious or depressed, suffer from headaches, incapacitating back problems, depression, anxiety, or have chronic fatigue, just to name a few. Others of us suffer from more serious and life-threatening ailments, many of which can be prevented or healed, even some that are labeled incurable.

And further, doctors have been writing articles in their medical journals for decades about how to get patient compliance—that is how to get their patients to do what they need to do to stay healthy or heal. Doctors have told me that only a small percentage actually follow their advice for healing and health.

I have been working with patients in my offices in New York and Connecticut, traveling across the country giving seminars, and expanding my workshops to offer people a set of mindbody tools, techniques, and new ways of thinking that can literally restore your health, reverse many common ailments, and offer you a way to take back your power to keep physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. And would you like joyful, too?

Let me share a brief story about a discovery I made that brought these healing perspectives together into the shape of this book. I was about to begin a training seminar to a group of psychotherapists and healthcare professionals in Boston, when I made the intuitive decision to open the seminar by asking the audience the question: "How many of you would like to have a totally happy and healthy life?" Every hand went up instantly, agreeing that this is indeed what they want. I then said, "and with your permission, I would like to muscle test each of your arms to see if there are any barriers to having a happy and healthy life."

In my practice, I have been working with muscle testing for a number of years as a way to help my patients identify emotional and psychological blockages to healing, health, happiness and success in order to release them. Thinking of the philosopher Nietzsche's words, "the person we lie to most is our self," I had a hunch that even though the crowd of professionals before me thought they wanted to be healthy, that it was probably not true for a number of them. Indeed, in spite of our consciously saying we want a certain outcome in our lives, including health, happiness, love and success, we are continually manifesting the opposite. Muscle testing is a system that originated in the field of applied kinesiology (AK), is quite useful in getting past the lies we tell ourselves, to our inner truth or sense of deep true knowingness. We all have an inner knowingness or wisdom which knows what is true or false for us, and it shows up in our muscles becoming strong if we know a statement to be true, and becoming weak if we know a statement to be false.

Muscle testing was originally developed by Dr. George Goodheart and further developed by John Diamond, M.D. in the 1970's. Nutritionists use it to determine what vitamins or minerals you might need or foods which are harmful or good for you. And it is sometimes used by chiropractors who identify the disturbed organ by a particular muscle weakness. The practice has been verified by literally millions of muscle tests with people from most continents in diverse situations.

This is how I use it, which is a bit different from both nutritionists and chiropractors. I ask a client or participant to extend his or her strongest arm (one without any injury or shoulder problem) and ask him or her to resist me pushing it down as I press down on the arm at the wrist. I most often find the arm to be quite strong, especially if the individual is resisting as much as he can. Then I ask the person to make a statement that is obviously true, such as, "I am wearing a blue sweater" or "my name is Susan," and then press down on the arm again, finding the arm to be as strong or stronger in its resistance. Next, I ask the participant to make an obviously false statement, such as: "I am wearing a red sweater" or stating an inaccurate name. When the person knowingly or unknowingly does not state the truth, there is no resistance in the arm, no power, no strength in spite of their trying hard to keep the arm strong. When their inner knowingness knows a statement to be true, the arm becomes quite strong by comparison.

Every person in the workshop agreed to let me test their arms quickly on the two following positive and negative statements:

I deserve to have a fully happy and healthy life. vs. I don't deserve to have a fully happy and healthy life, and

It's safe to have a fully happy and healthy life vs. It's not safe to have a fully happy and healthy life.

The results were quite startling for all of us. I had expected that perhaps 35-40% might have one or both of these barriers to a happy and healthy life. But astonishingly, without exception, 100% of the people in the audience had at least one of the two barriers and over 80% had both barriers to having a happy and healthy life! That is, their arms were all strong on either or both negative statements: "I don't deserve ..." and/or "It's not safe to have a fully happy and healthy life" and their arms were weak on the positive statements, such as "I deserve...." and/or "It's safe to have a healthy and happy life." What does the muscle testing reveal in this situation? That the great majority of self aware people in the room unknowingly had two very rigid, implacable barriers in the way of their having a fully happy and healthy life. In other words, despite their consciously declaring they "deserved a healthy and happy life" and it was "safe to have a healthy and happy life," their unconscious self strongly believed the opposite.

And these two barriers are only the tip of the iceberg. As you will soon see in the pages ahead, we all have multiple levels of hidden barriers that prevent us from getting well, staying well, and being happy. These barriers live in our thoughts, belief systems, traumas, emotions, and our bodies. The good news is that now we have the tools to identify and clear these largely unconscious barriers, which will reverse illnesses, energize our bodies and our minds to resist illness, and not feel at the mercy of physical symptoms or our out of control thoughts.

When I turned back to my group of participants, I asked them, "How many of you are fully healthy and happy almost all the time?" Only about 2-3% of the hands went up, which is the obvious confirmation of what the muscle testing had revealed.

This experience catapulted me on a quest to further explore if this was simply a curious isolated incident, or if I had inadvertently discovered an important clue as to why so many of us get sick or don't heal. I decided to repeat the impromptu survey when I was teaching a seminar in New York City. I wanted to make sure that my finding was not just limited to people from New England.

I was amazed to get the same result from New Yorkers: 100% had one or both barriers and 82% had both hidden barriers to having a happy and healthy life. This corroborated what I have found in my decades of clinical practice. When I also asked, "How many of you have healthy and happy lives most of the time?" only a handful of hands went up, giving further corroboration that they had barriers that were not conscious.

I decided to test this out again in other geographic regions away from the Northeast. A few weeks later when I was teaching seminars in North Carolina and in San Francisco, I got exactly the same results with Southerners and Californians, and then also those in Chicago and Austin, Texas. Finding that 100% of the people in all six samples in different geographic areas gave the same result, I concluded that we are dealing not just with a skewed population of people, but rather something that is part of the human condition, at least in the United States. The fact that we unconsciously do not deserve and that it is not safe to be totally healthy and happy is not so much psychopathology, but part of who we think we are. That day in my Boston seminar, I discovered just how pervasive and common these barriers to health and healing truly are. But even before, my clinical findings were in accordance with these polls, confirming that we all have multiple barriers to total health, healing, and happiness. So what's the problem?

We all know a huge amount about what to do to stay healthy given the hundreds of books, magazine articles, and thousands of doctors giving us helpful information about nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. The big question is: why don't we do it? How many of us have vowed that we will go to the gym and exercise regularly, but then do not? And how many of us actually think that it is necessary to go to the gym in order to exercise, which often "takes too much time"? For others it is, "I can't do it on my own. I have to be with others doing it." Why? How many of us have said we want to stop smoking, eating unhealthily, and drinking to excess, but do not? How many times have we vowed to get adequate sleep, but continue to be sleep deprived?

Even though both doctors and patients both know that regular exercise is an important part of cardiac rehabilitation, only about one third of patients continue to exercise in the long run. And even though it is clearly established that stress is a major contributor to most illnesses, and that meditation is a very effective tool for reducing stress, very few people take the time to learn it, and then only about 5% of those who learn to meditate continue to practice it on a regular basis. Many vow that they will talk in a more peaceful way to their spouse, children, or coworkers, but at the slightest provocation they lose it, reverting to their old unproductive patterns of communication. Many say they want a healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship, but keep picking partners who are emotionally empty or abusive, or they unconsciously provoke conflicts or create distance with their partners. Most people complain about the stress in their lives, but choose to do little to reduce the stress, internally or externally. There is something that is much more than a lack of willpower in this problem.

And yes, thousands of self-help books have been written about how to heal and be happy, and many of these books offer wonderful truths and exercises. These self- help books promise a return to a healthy body and mind, tell us what herbs or vitamins will make us healthy, what medical interventions (conventional and alternative) will bring healing, what lifestyle is healthy, and what practices to use. There is no shortage of information about the positive, self-empowering changes we can make. Deeper questions remain: Why does this practical advice sometimes not achieve our intentions, no matter how hard we try? And, equally important, why do we not use the wealth of information available to us? Why do we not follow through on our commitments?

Films such as: What the Bleep Do We Know? And The Secret suggest the kind of thoughts we should think, the beliefs and images that would be good to hold, behaviors we need to change all in an attempt to heal our inner selves and achieve happiness. Approaches such as the Law of Attraction offer encouragement, inspiration, and profound new ways to envision our power, but they are missing a most crucial piece of the puzzle: They do not identify or deal with the barriers which keep us from using their insightful advice to heal emotionally and physically.

I've realized that there is a gap between what these spiritually well-intentioned viewpoints promise, and the barriers we all have to achieving this promise.

We are now asking several questions:

• Why don't we follow all the advice?

• Why do the health-enhancing exercises often not work even when we carry out the rituals designed to create success, such as creative visualizations, affirmations, diet and exercise?

• And further, why do many of our physical symptoms or some of our emotional problems seem intractable, even after years of talking in therapy or taking medications?

The intention of USE YOUR BODY TO HEAL YOUR MIND is to address these life-saving questions. Over the past number of years, research has mounted in different areas of science; in physics, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, biology, genetics, and mindbody medicine as well as in spirituality, and it has revealed the high correlation between developmental and adult traumas and the onset of illnesses, both physical and emotional. These discoveries have also pointed to the network of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and even downloads of family patterns that underlie illness, stress responses, and the continuation of health-degrading behaviors. In short, if we do not identify and clear our barriers, many of which are not conscious, then thinking positive thoughts, holding positive images, and taking the right medications or supplements may be much like taking sailing instruction where you are taught about the angle of the sails in relation to the wind, the proper position of the tiller, and how it makes the boat move. But if no one ever explains that you need to hoist or cut loose the anchor(s) in order for the boat to move, you may not even be aware that one or more anchors are attached to the boat, keeping it from moving. In your ignorance, you keep trying and trying to get the boat to move, doing all the right things with the sails full of wind and the tiller pointed in the right direction, but still the boat does not move.

Forget Re-covery; Choose Dis-covery

We do not need to re-cover that which made us sick. Instead, we must dis-cover or remove the covering from as many of those issues as possible. As much as we declare our desire to be healthy, most of us have unconscious (though sometimes conscious, too), opposing forces or beliefs deep inside us, which fuel our need to hold on to our symptoms. Unfortunately, rational solutions and more information will not touch many of these hidden dimensions, which are embedded in memory cells from early childhood or even earlier. Cumulative traumatic or other painful developmental experiences as well as adult traumas are stored in the survival brain, the limbic system, as information and capture much of our energy, resulting in a reduced immune response. Numerous studies now show that there is a stunning connection between uncleared past traumas and current illnesses. This book will present a number of practical, effective and revolutionary methods for identifying and clearing out the effects of these painful imprints which will in turn free up energy necessary for healing and sustaining health.

When we get sick, we tend to blame something outside ourselves, such as "I caught that bug that is going around." Or we will project the power in our minds and give the power and intention to some part of our bodies, as in the statements we often hear: "my back is killing me," or "my stomach has been bothering me." Then, out of this false belief of a lack of power, we tend to run to the doctor to get the latest magic pill which we hope will cure us. Growing numbers of self healers have demonstrated that this is just not necessary and nor are so many of our more serious and even life-threatening illnesses inevitable. We do not have to live in the illusion of powerlessness. But then, as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, "people only see what they are prepared to see." We hope that this book will aid in your preparation to see your greater potentiality.

From our childhood and adult pains and traumas, we might have drawn conclusions about ourselves, particularly about what we do or do not deserve and what is safe or dangerous. If, for example, we have concluded that "I do not deserve a healthy life," no amount of medicines can change that at the core level. The software, or underlying story or events that helped shape such a belief must be changed in order to give our cells different messages. If the belief is not changed, we will continue to have difficulty getting away from unhealthy life style habits or sustain healthy habits of exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, and constructive thought patterns. Consciously, most of us would say that we deserve a healthy life. However, as I discovered in my practice and in polls around the country that most people who have ongoing ailments carry not just one, but often numerous opposing beliefs as well as uncleared traumas at an unconscious level. I also discovered it by looking inside myself. Unless these beliefs and traumas are cleared, one's overall state of illness is unlikely to change in an ongoing way. This book will show easy and effective, but uncommon means by which we can identify whether we carry such unconscious traumas and beliefs, and offer simple and powerful tools which can be used for changing that internal software so we can have healthier and happier lives.


Excerpted from Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind by Henry Grayson Copyright © 2012 by Henry Grayson, Ph.D.. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Re-covery or Dis-covery?....................1
Chapter 2 Stop The Flat Earth, I Want To Get Off and Heal....................15
Chapter 3 Do You Really Want Abundant Health?....................36
Chapter 4 Our Barriers to Healing and Health....................73
Chapter 5 Uncleared Traumas: A Major Barrier to Health and Happiness....................101
Chapter 6 Beliefs That Make Us Sick Or Well....................149
Chapter 7 There Are No Idle Thoughts....................198
Chapter 8 Emotions in Sickness and in Health....................229
Chapter 9 Becoming Mindful of Body Sensations and Thoughts....................254
Chapter 10 Rituals for Self Healing....................269
Chapter 11 Healing the Illusion of Separateness: A Lifestyle of Love, Forgiveness and Miracles....................288

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