Using Actionscript 2.0 Components with Macromedia Flash 8

Using Actionscript 2.0 Components with Macromedia Flash 8


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ISBN-13: 9780321395399
Publisher: Macromedia Press
Publication date: 10/28/2005
Pages: 1726
Product dimensions: 7.04(w) x 9.00(h) x 2.39(d)

About the Author

Bob Berry, Jen deHaan, Peter deHaan, David Jacowitz, and Wade Pickett are members of the staff of the Instructional Media Development team at Macromedia. The Macromedia Instructional Media Development (IMD) team is a group of technical writers, editors, and production engineers who create the technical documentation for all Macromedia products and technologies. Each product has a team of dedicated writers who document the help systems, feature descriptions, and learning paths that Macromedia customers use. Through their years of insider, hands-on product experience, the IMD team is uniquely qualified to bring you these official Macromedia-branded documentation reference guides.

Table of Contents

Intended audience8
System requirements8
About the documentation8
Typographical conventions9
Terms used in this manual9
Additional resources9
Chapter 1About Components11
Installing components12
Where component files are stored14
Modifying the component files15
Benefits of using components16
Component categories16
About version 2 component architecture17
Version 2 component features18
About compiled clips and SWC files19
Accessibility and components20
Chapter 2Creating an Application with Components (Flash Professional Only)21
About the Fix Your Mistake tutorial21
Build the main page23
Bind data components to display gift ideas29
Display gift details33
Create the checkout screen38
Test the application46
Viewing the completed application46
Chapter 3Working with Components47
The Components panel48
Adding components to Flash documents48
Components in the Library panel52
Setting component parameters53
Sizing components54
Deleting components from Flash documents55
Using code hints56
Creating custom focus navigation56
Managing component depth in a document57
Components in Live Preview58
Using a preloader with components58
About loading components60
Upgrading version 1 components to version 2 architecture60
Chapter 4Handling Component Events61
Using listeners to handle events62
Delegating events70
About the event object73
Using the on() event handler74
Chapter 5Customizing Components77
Using styles to customize component color and text78
About skinning components91
About themes103
Combining skinning and styles to customize a component113
Chapter 6Creating Components119
Component source files119
Overview of component structure120
Building your first component121
Selecting a parent class130
Creating a component movie clip132
Creating the ActionScript class file137
Incorporating existing components within your component166
Exporting and distributing a component175
Final steps in component development178
Chapter 7Collection Properties181
Defining a collection property183
Simple collection example184
Defining the class for a collection item186
Accessing collection information programmatically186
Exporting components that have collections to SWC files189
Using a component that has a collection property190

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